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  1. I agree with this, no way you trade any of our top tier prospects or a first rounder. We are in a good position to have a really really good team in a couple of years. The only way I would even think of trading our first rounder if the trade meant we had to reach the semi finals. That way the pick is almost a second anyway. We could just as easily be out of the playoffs next week and looking at a lottery pick which could end up being a top ten. I would still take Duncan Keith for Hudon or Evans, Benn and a second rounder. Cap hit is not that bad.
  2. Tough to lose after such an entertaining game. Much like our first game against them, I thought we were the better team, but they have that star power just to get them over the top when there is lots of open ice. I think we have a really good team right now. With emphasis on team. I would like to play them in the playoffs and cannot wait for our next game against them.
  3. not happening - if you want Segachev your giving up a first and a roster player like Lekonen. Thats a minimum. It doesnt matter it doesnt matter that your taking Callahan. Your asking Tampa to give up a potential Norris type defenseman for 3 players not even capable of making Tampa. Sergachev is still getting third most minutes behind Hedman and MCdonough, on pace for more than 30 points , 6.3 215 and a tremdous skater who can throw a heavy hit also..and is only 20 years old
  4. Not even close to any of these players. He is top 30 assists among deeman, he is top 40 among deeman in points. He still plays over 22 minutes a game. He has always been a very good skater which adds longevity to their game. All the while playing on a really bad team. No he is not the Duncan Keith of 5 years ago if he was it would cost you multiple first round picks. But he is still better then anything we have on the left side. And would be a perfect stop gap for a couple of years while our kids develop. I have seen members wanting to throw top end prospects and players for Ghost yet he plays less minutes then keith, has less points then keith and a worse plus minus then keith. We were upset when we did not resign Markov at 38. Keith is 35 plays a really controlled game like Markov, makes a really good first pass. And all the while still one of the better skating deeman in the game. If we could get him for a offer of Hudon, Evans and a second i would take that in a heart beat.
  5. IF we are going to throw picks just for Bouwmeester. I would be more interested in reaching out to Chicago for Duncan Keith. I am sure you could get another 2 or 3 solid seasons out of Keith playing alongside Weber. Keith was always a great skater. Now I would not be willing to give up alot, but I would certainly give up a second, hudon and one of Ikonen, evans etc if the want another lower end prospect like MCcarron well they can have that also.
  6. Juulsen has had a tough year injury wise... he started really good this season and can easily become a top 4 pairing and maybe even a top 2 pairing deeman, health is more important though and I hope he has a full recovery so he can return wearing a Habs Jersey for the next 10 plus years....Here's to your health Noah.
  7. I would love to get Schenn also. How about Schenn and Bouwmeister for Danualt, Hudon, and a second.
  8. Actually he is a risk, and he is NOT 24, he will be 26 in 3 months, he is brutal in his own end, lacks any kind of size... I do however like his skating and offensive vision. I like Petry more though, more size and more physical, and has really found his game. Petry will be a good for at least the next 4 or 5 years or even longer because he is an excellent skater. If your going to trade to Strengthen the left side why would you weaken the right side ??? Why take a step forward and two steps backward. Brooks Julsen etc are fine looking prospects but not guarantees yet and none of them are even close to Petry at this stage in their carreers. Don't give away one of your best positional players for a player... Trade from strength, we have an abundance of wingers, if we can package wingers with draft picks for GHOST or Fowler etc then yes.
  9. I will tell you why, Julien favours bigger, stronger, more physical, defensive, responible forwards on his 4th line. And because we have 3 lines capable of scoring that is not a bad thing. He wants them to be heavy on the puck exert physical play all over the ice for 45 seconds and not give up a goal. Hudon although better skilled player, is not that great defensively, does not have great size and is more a perimeter type player. So unless he can beat out one of the top 9 he will not likely get much time with the 4th line.
  10. I have to disagree with that . Matt Duchene same draft spot number 3, probably on one of the worst teams in the league 42 point 37 games, Barkov 44 points in 45 games Florida. Ryan O'Reilly 45 and 45... and these players are much much much better defensively Not every team has great players and I agree they help pad points for some players. But every team has some really good players. I am not even sure Galchenyk is a B player offensively he looks like he could be! BUT over 300 minutes this season points per 60 minutes is 1.41..that means there are 200 plus forwards providing more pts per 60 minutes 5 on 5 this season not because he is on a bad team. Ottawa has 9 forwards with more points per 60 minutes. NJ 6 forwards with more Florida 6 forwards with more Galchenyk CORSI +- is minus 52, there are over 270 forwards with a better corsi plus minus. Its the overall package. I stand by what I said before he needs 80 just to have good value. He is lucky to get 55 points and you add his defensive horror show well..
  11. Agree 100%, for years now we have had passive players and been run into the ground and never responded. I am glad we have a player now who sticks up for himself. sometimes you cannot wait around for things to be made even you have to take action on your own. Love his tenacity.
  12. We have clearly won this trade …. Here is the thing with Glachenyk, with his skillset scoring should not be an issue, he has really good size, great shot, skates really well...Has all the tools to be a really really good player. But he doesn't realize there is an offensive and defensive zone in hockey. Last night was perfect example, he got two points pretty good eh!. Not really, he ended a minus one only played just over 10 minutes of 5 on 5. Domi had no points, ended up a plus one and played over 13 minutes of 5 n 5 He is certainly one player who cannot be measured on points alone. He is a defensive disaster. Why because he will not put in the work. He is really good on the PP because he doesn't have to work for the puck in all areas of the ice. So my point is if he is not scoring he has no value at all, so he needs to be getting 80 points a year. Where you can have other players getting 50 and sixty with far more value because you can play them in all situations. Not just an offensive zone start on the PP.
  13. News Flash Update Sherback gets 3.39 minutes of icetime Well i guess Dejardins does not like russians either Willie Desjardins said the fact Scherbak played just one shift over the first two periods, and five shifts total, was due to performance.
  14. So imagine your trying to sell the house and you had 30 different people look at it and keep giving you low ball offers, and you cannot understand why! Because you kept the paint up job, its looks pretty on the outside and you think its worth much much more. However your not very good at evaluating your own property because you didn't even realize the underlying issue is not how pretty it looks on the outside. The frame is rotten on the inside. So no matter how often you paint it it is still a shitty house that is rotting from the inside out.
  15. News Flash update on Nikita Sherback 1 goal and a -2 through 5 games. Ice time going down, only 8.33 minutes last game on one of the worst teams in the league. New Flash update on Daniel Carr Back in the AHL where he belongs.. ended his stint with the big boys, 1 goal and -1 in 6 games New Flash update on Alex Galchenyk 3 assists no goals and -5 in last 10 games How much assumed value did these guys have again? It looks like highway robbery getting Domi... Even if the trade was Domi for all 3 of the above.... Having skill is one thing, knowing how to bring it to the NHL on a regular basis is another.
  16. Did not know that. You are right though, He got torched again in the Carolina game as well. Caught flat footed. That happens all over the league though and even with the best deeman in the game. I seen a replay of Brent Burns a few games ago where a winger blew by him on the outside and scored as well. Stuff happens, No one is perfect. I still think Weber is a lot better then I gave him credit for becuase of how i felt about Subban. I think some of the mental mistakes happening over the last couple of games is the reality of not playing in over a year. It was all adrenaline when he came back. But as he settles in over the next 20 games I am sure his play will be better. I so Wish they would let Reilly play with Weber and Bring Mete back up and let him develop with Jullsen. Kulak, Benn, Schelmko with Petry in that order...
  17. Gte one thing straight I love Subban. In Fairness to Weber though, He does not get to play with the likes of Mattias Ekholm or Roman Josi, In all honesty, other then Weber, there is not one defensman on our team who could make the Nashville defense core maybe Petry but he would be behind Ellis and Subban. We have two old guys who should not be on the NHL, Benn and Schlemko,, we have two castoffs in Rielly and Kulak, We have two young guys in Mete and Jullsen that have promise but in Nashville would likely be trade chips or playing in the AHL. If you swap out Weber and Subban right now Subban would be getting torched most nights on the back end as well. Not because Subban or Weber is bad. Its what they have to play with.
  18. Weber
  19. I was and still am a Subban Fan. I believe my take on Weber was a little clouded because of how much I loved PK. I was looking for everything wrong with Weber just to justify how silly the trade was. However now that Subban has been gone for over 2 seasons and the fact Weber has not played in over a year. Well watching Weber on the back end since his return is a thing of beauty. He can shoot a rocket, He is so strong on the wall, his skating is not Subban skating but he is a big man who can get to areas quicker than I gave him credit for. Even his passing is better then I remember when he first arrived. He also simplifies the plays which is a coaches dream. He is a true number one deeman and now not letting my love of PK get in the way. I can see why NHL coaches love this Player so much. I do wish he was only 28 or 29 though Oh bye the way I do still wish we had Subban as well
  20. The only players of any value that you mentioned are Subban, Patches and Galchenyk. The rest are AHL players, they are as interchangeable as using a twoonie for a tims coffee. So lets look at our assest... Weber, Domi, Suziki, Tatar... We got younger except for Weber. We got more scoring and we got way better defensively, we added Byron for nothing..we got Jeff Petry for a second and a conditional 5th, We got Danualt and a second for Weis and Fleischman It would be great to have a crystal ball to know when to trade a player and when not to, but Sam Pollock is not available anymore. You think Calgary would take back Byron? How many teams would like to have some of the players back that they gave away to Vegas for nothing?
  21. I know what your saying, but i think we overvalue our players, I am sure if they could have traded him they would have. And they could not move him last season we were in really bad shape, but with the trade for Domi and the emergence of of KotK the addition of Armia. He was outplayed and lost any chance he had to be on this team. So i don't think they wanted to move him last season. But things changed quickly this season and he did nothing to help himself or the Habs in moving him for another asset.
  22. Why is it poor asset management though, there was no place to play him...4 Seasons and nothing. I heard these songs with Galchenyk, post after 8 games about him playing as well as Domi. Where is he now. on the wing one or 2 points in teh last 10 games and a minus player. There were posts bragging up Carr and what a mistake that was. Whoo hoo he was top scorer in the AHL and look scored his first game with vegas.. Well guess what he has 1 goal in 6 games and a minus player. Sherback may get a hattie tonight, Lets see where he is after 20 plus games and then when can call it a mistake. Losing Eller and Subban were really the only fails i have seen so far. I thought Sergachev was a mistake also, but Droiun just may be finding his game..I think we can thank Domi for that. Domi brings energy and scoring and is seems to be filtering through the team.
  23. Could a Mete and Shaw bring you a possible top pairing LHD? under 27?
  24. I am not surprised at this at all. Its not just his defensive game, its his scoring, he doesn't do this enough to compensate for his HUGE defensive deficiencies. All i heard when the trade happened was he was our best scorer. To make up for his defense he would have to put up 90 points a season. I know if he was still with the hab's the excuses would be flying. They did not give him the best players to play with, not enough ice time, how can you really blame Galchenyk its only 19 games at center and on and on and on. I tracked this player for 6 seasons as a hab. And he looked as sweet as honey at times, but played as sour as a lemon. And those that supported him used every excuse they could come up with. 3 coaches later 7 NHL season and he is back on the wing why is this a suprise?
  25. IF Sherback was fast and skilled and played the game that way then you would be right. But he didn't. When he is not scoring he is a huge huge huge liability. The same way Galchenyk was. Sherback has had 4 years to bring his game to the NHL level and he hasnt, not even close. Players like Delauriers, Chaput, Agostino are always going to be 4 lines players who can give you 8 to 10 minutes a game. Sherback is either a top 6 forward or a bust because he cannot handle the physical play or defensive responsibilty part of the game to play in the bottom 6. Charles Hudon if the perfect example this year, if he is not adding anything offensively you cannot rely on him to give you 8 or 10 minutes without hurting your teams