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  1. Nah Nug is 6 in his own. If they can dump Lucic this is easily attainable if they wanted to make it work.
  2. I have a hard time finding a better trade proposal than Pacioretty for RNH. Makes a lot of sense for both teams.
  3. Chicago "Insider" John Jaeckel just tweeted: "Heard just now Hawks working on several trade scenarios. Pacioretty ("top priority"), Skinner, Faulk, also talking to Vegas and Vancouver (players unnamed but LIndberg and Gagner were mentioned to me last week). FWIW, none of the scenarios I heard about included Panarin." Ceiling has to be Schmaltz. Floor you'd think would be Beaudin ++. Please for the love of God no Anisimov
  4. Kind of funny. On the Blackhawks reddit, they seem to think a fair trade is Anisimov 1 for 1. Lmao
  5. What's it going to take to get Molson to move on from MB? What happens if Galchenyuk lights it up in AZ while Domi struggles here? How many more of these 1 for 1 trades are we going to live with here. I (sort of) understand wanting to stay with MB if he's 'the guy', as long as he's learning from his mistakes. He has made some decent moves in his tenure but damn man... how can we sit here as a bottom feeder after trading Subban, Sergachev, Galchenyuk, and now most likely Patches. When does the madness end?
  6. I am incredibly happy with JK. Happy MB had the stones to make that pick. Also glad we didn't do anything crazy, tells me our draft board is still in line and I'm hoping we stay the course with the second round. Come'on Timmins.
  7. Filip Zadina QMJHL \- Halifax Mooseheads: LW, 6'1, 192lbs. Zadina is one of the players from this draft that I can say with confidence he'll be in the NHL in 2019, this guy is beyond NHL ready. If his skating is just a lagging part of his game and he catches up with other players foot speed, he'll be the best forward coming out of this draft. He has the best shot and puck possession among all other players, his ability to stop up, deke, and shoot is unreal. I would be very ok with grabbing him at #3. Comparables: Artemi Panarin, Brock Boeser. Finding comparables for Zadina was a little difficult because he's a pretty unique player. Usually the problem for wingers with hands and a great shot is their hockey iq, but Zadina is a smart player who's only real weakness is speed. I find he makes plays and space like Panarin, and when it comes time to shoot he seems to be able to get a shot off with next to no room, similar to Brock Boeser.
  8. As awesome as that would be, I don't even think Chia is dumb enough to let Drai go
  9. All stats are dated back from 2011-Present 1.) Pacioretty is 5th in league scoring. Ovechkin(280) Stamkos(215) Tavares(201) Pavelski (199) Pacioretty (197). 2.) Pacioretty is 2nd in the league in GWG. Ovechkin (47) Pacioretty (42) 3.) Pacioretty is 2nd in the league in SOG. Ovechkin (2,175) Pacioretty (1,729) 4.) Pacioretty is 2nd in the league in even-strength goals. Ovechkin (160) Pacioretty (147) 5.) Of Pacioretty's 197 goals, there were 335 associated teammate assists. Of those 335 assists, 228 of them (68%) came from a player who has since been traded away from MTL. 6.) Between 2011-2016, Pacioretty's shooting % was 11.9%. So far this season it is 5.8% 7.) Between 2011-2016, Pacioretty averaged 3.63 shots per game. So far this season his average is 4.03 shots per game. 8.) Combined, Pacioretty has averaged 3.66 shots per game, ranking 4th. Ovechkin(4.52) E.Kane (3.90) Kovalchuk (3.80) 9.) So far this season, two players on MTL have more than 1 assist to Pacioretty Weber (2) Petry (2). 10.) Of Pacioretty's 197 goals, only 6 of them have been unassisted. These statistics are extremely eye-opening to me. Pacioretty has been an absolute rock star for us for so long. He's been a lock for 30 goals a year and has put up numbers surpassing the likes of Crosby, Kane, Kessel, etc etc. These numbers tell me two important pieces of information. Pacioretty's helpers have not been there this season. As a result, the statistics show that he is trying to over-compensate by shooting more. This is just my opinion, but point #5 concerns me the most. We've completely stripped him of his support-cast, and are now left wondering why he isn't producing. He has a whopping 6 unassisted goals, it adds up imo; he needs those playmakers that can put him in a good scoring position. What are your thoughts? Is it his fault?
  10. Hey Ted. Trust me I'd loove it if this trade went through, I just don't see Calgary biting on it. First, they don't have a 1st round pick in the upcoming draft due to the Hamonic trade. They already have a bonafide #1 LW, Patches has two years left on his contract, Bennett is on a short but recent tear, Valimaki is an offensive beast, idk I just don't think they pull the trigger on that. I don't know if you partake on reddit much but I posted something earlier on the r/Habs page about Pacioretty. I'll head over to the Pacioretty player thread and plug it there, was curious what your thoughts are on it.
  11. I've watched all 82 this year. My entire family descended from Quebec, and my grandfather who was essentially my father figure growing up made sure I was a habs fan at a young age. I live in Maine so I'm mostly surrounded by Boston fans (more ugh). Anyway, my grandfather passed away back in 09' to lung cancer. It was always my dream as a kid to see a game with him at the Bell Centre. Although this never came true, I'm finally at a spot now in my life where I can afford to take some days off and see a playoff game. He passed down a custom, old school jersey to me with his #9 and last name "Morin" (super french, right?) on the back from his college years. I grew up in the town of Lewiston ME. Back in WWII, several French Canadian workers came here from Quebec to work in a local mill that prepared linens for the soldiers (Bates Mill). As a direct result, Lewiston became a booming hockey town. (You may have heard of the Lewiston Maineiacs, Halak and Bernier played there). Both my brother and I quit every sport to play hockey year round before the age of 10. My grandfather brought us to every game/practice from age 6-16. For 10 years straight, I took every word of his advice and got all too familiar to him sitting in the same seat of our oversized arena. No kidding, he'd be in my driveway at 3:45 am on high school mornings to bring me to morning practices. Even just typing this stuff out hits me right in the feels, man. I've got some pretty spectacular seats, a hotel walking distance from the rink with my brother, and my brother's Bachelor Party at a ski resort in Vermont (2-hour drive) on Saturday following the game. Should be one hell of a weekend. His signature drink was Jim Beam, so we'll be having a toast to him on Friday night during O Canada. My brother and I will be rolling into Montreal tomorrow around noon time. Staying at the downtown Marriot which seems to be walking distance from the Bell Centre. Any recommendations for lunch/bars before the game/bars after the game/strip clubs after the game/etc? I trust you guys/gals know more than me about the city than I do. Cheers & Go habs
  12. What do you guys think the odds are of us getting Shipachyov and Dadonov this offseason? I've seen them play quite a bit and my god with that be a deadly duo to bring into our lineup.
  13. Haha Sportsnet saying Miller made 367 saves. Great game, classic finish. 6 in a row! Thursday night in Calgary should be...interesting
  14. If anyone was wondering, Carey Price is still the best goalie in the world.
  15. I thought he looked solid out there tonight. Funny to see Rangers fans biggest complaint tonight is Ott, it's nice to be on the other side of that for once lol
  16. I love this guy. For real, what a game in NY.
  17. I think today went well, and I'm honestly comfortable going into the playoffs, assuming we keep playing with the same heart and determination we showcased last night against Columbus. I know everyone wanted a top 6 goal-scorer. So did I. Every team does. BUT, if you look at our lineup, the offensive firepower is there. We have the talent. We have the coach. We have the goaltending and the leadership in the room. Players like Ott, King, and Benn will make us extremely annoying to play against. My opinion is, once we continue to gain confidence and our players are thinking less about what's the right "new" thing to do from Claude's system and it's just muscle memory, the goal scorers will relax a little bit and perform as they should. Pacioretty, Radulov, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Danault, and Lehkonen isn't a bad top 6. We now have one of the top bottom 6's in the league. I think we have some underperforming players right now (Gallagher/Pleks) so maybe this new light shed on our time will refocus them. I don't think some ridiculous trade shipping away a guy like Sergachev is the way to go. Cheers, and hopefully we can watch our habs form together and play more comfortably under Julien's system and seriously step up offensively.
  18. I actually really like the addition of Ott and King to our lineup. Makes us more annoying to play against IMO. Also tells me more is definitely coming.
  19. How is that not a penalty on Jenner? Literally face washing Emelin instead of playing the puck
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