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  1. I also think this belongs here. I went over to Colorado's forum and asked a simple question: What would it take for Montreal to land Duchene? I was curious to hear their thoughts. Two responses stood out...

    - Same ask as everyone else really. We'll want Sergachev, you won't want to deal him. So then you move to Juulsen + 1st + forward prospect and maybe +. The issue here is the Habs don't seem to have the forward prospect depth that we'd want to make the deal. And I'm pretty sure they don't want to move Galchenyuk. Even if Ottawa wouldn't move Chabot, the rumored package is still a better one than Montreal will put together


    - I mean, if MB called Sakic up tomorrow and said here's Galchenyuk + Juulsen + another prospect along the lines of, say, Scherbak and a pick I think you could get it done. Obviously, it would get done tomorrow if you went Sergachev + Galchenyuk, no picks or additions required. And that's a gamble you could make if you want to do the proverbial chips in the middle type move. The problem as I see it for you guys is simple really. Are you making a cup run over the next couple of years or not? If you are then Duchene helps you tremendously along that path. He's the only real 1C available. To what end does MB need a deep playoff run after already firing his coach to save his own job? Hard to say. I'm on the outside looking in on that one. I just don't know how much time you guys have left with Price before things get really crazy with the cap up there.

  2. 8 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    No. The problem is that as a GM, he's far too invested in Weber as being his stamp on the team.


    This. As much as I want to believe MB would pull the trigger on a trade involving Weber if it truly made sense for us, I just don't see that happening. Maybe CJ will be involved here before the deadline; he's all about what makes the TEAM better objectively. I have a feeling CJ will start barking now that he's got somewhat of a grip on his roster, I just hope somebody (MB) listens to him and acts on it. He's not invested or attached to anyone on this roster, and some fresh eyes evaluating could swing MB one way or the other. If there's any coach in the league with the stones to step up and make something happen with their GM, it's CJ.

    Think about it, if you're CJ and you just signed in Montreal for 5 years... when will it be easiest to make yourself look good? I actually believe the answer to that is this year or next.

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