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  1. Sharp vs. Vanek.... what're your thoughts?
  2. Feeling obligated to invite over the drunk girl who watched the game against NY with me, I think she's good luck. She kept randomly saying, "like what do they even think they're trying to do"... regardless of what was happening on the ice. Wish me luck.
  3. I've noticed Galchenyuk seems to be overly focused lately. He looks a little down, which is ironic given the big message from CJ so far is "Doing the right things on the ice, but having fun while doing it". Has anyone else noticed this? I've always watched Galchenyuk quite closely, his body language is usually extremely loose. Loves to joke around on the bench, always smiling and enjoying the game. Since bye week, he's seemed quite closed off almost like he's trying to pull off the Shea Weber - "game face". As much as I want him to succeed in that #1 C role, I'm hoping it's not stressing him out to the point where he's off his game worrying about a trade.
  4. That forehand-backhand-shelf shootout move of his is absolutely filthy.
  5. Seems like he's still got his head on his shoulders, staying positive and joking about it which is good. I wouldn't mind giving him another look.
  6. Nice words about Lehkonen by CJ last night.
  7. Claude is only relevant tonight for the hype. Excited to see him put this team to work.
  8. I wonder how many failed breakout attempts we've had this game.
  9. Seems like our defense are having an incredibly hard time leading/timing passes today. In all three zones.
  10. My 2 cents won't amount to much, when I play as General Manager on NHL 17 I end up trading away every single draft pick worth anything + old veterans for young bucks with potential and just rack up points and they all end up being Elite players with max trade value...also if it doesn't work out I just start fresh with a new season. However, last season my team won the cup and I didn't realize I had to manage the upkeep of the bathrooms so my "Fan Happiness" was 9/100 ... Just working my way up to being a GM baby, one step at a time.
  11. What do you guys think? Am I bergevin 2.0? (NHL 17 Ps4, played every single game to it's 20 min length) hahaha
  12. Is it just me or are we trying way too hard to force that left side breakout?
  13. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but... This is the statistical result of me playing every game at the FULL 20-minute length on "All-Star" in NHL 17. I also had "Auto Save" enabled so I couldn't close-application and restart any games. If you quit a game in process it automatically simulates the remainder and auto saves. A few notes... NHL has a "Potential System". This is affected by age, streaks, morale, contracts, and of course the pre-determined blanket calculation of the player's potential by EA. For Example, Sergachev jumped from a 77 to an 84 as an 18 year old in one season. Almost all player overall ratings increased +/- 2. Yeah, I know. I threw some picks away that I probably didn't have to. However, the level of play was much higher than I anticipated. I think I did alright, but some games were seriously nail-biters. Especially those Game 7's in the playoffs, holy shit. It took a long time, but it was actually a really thought provoking experience. I had to manage contracts, call-ups, call player meetings, meet with players individually, address morale issues, make a profit at home games and tend to the cleanliness of the rink as it directly effects "Fan Happiness", and much more. There were some cool cinematic moments throughout the season; such as individual player milestones and standing related bits from the commentators. I don't know haha I figured some of you guys would think this was interesting (more than my wife did, anyway). Lineup.pdf
  14. My honest take is we go all in for Duchene. Obviously discounting the "untouchables"... but our lineup right now + Duchene is actually pretty dang strong. We've stayed near the top of the standings all year with a handful of big injuries. Weber and Price aren't getting any younger. Sure we can make the playoffs and maybe make a push, but can we WIN? Can we outplay 7 games against Sid and Malkin? Stepan and Z? Backstrom and Kuznetsov? Is Duchene enough to answer "yes" to that question? I think it gives us a much, much better chance. An article I found on fansided proposes the following trade: To MTL: Matt Duchene To COL: Plekanec, Hudon. Sergachev, 2017 1st and 2nd. Yeah, I know. Holy. BUT, Duchene is the real deal. He's 26 years old. He's consistently 60% on faceoffs. The guy is a true competitor. He'd eat this Montreal limelight right up. I'm willing to bet his game would excel here for a contending team and would bring us 30 goals/year for years to come. I understand Sergachev has an incredibly high ceiling and could be an elite D for a decade. The big question is, will we be contenders then? He will be (in about two years) what Galchenyuk, Price, Pacioretty and Weber are for us right now. For MTL, would you make the trade? If you were Joe Sakic, would you sign?
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