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  1. According to one well placed source at least, the Habs have been discussing a "Big buy that would rival the newsworthiness of the PK Subban trade. A deal that would be aimed at separating them from the rest of the pack in the East." Source - latest article from Eklund on HockeyBuzz, take it for what it's worth.
  2. Vancouver @ Philadelphia Pittsburgh @ Ottawa Buffalo @ Tampa Bay Boston @ Nashville Montreal @ Minnesota Detroit @ Dallas New Jersey @ Edmonton Anaheim @ Colorado St. Louis @ LA Kings
  3. Price just casually flicks pick right into ref's hand halfway down the ice... lol
  4. My brother is a die hard leafs fan, texting me "Toronto will still win 5-4"...
  5. Kadri just made himself look so bad. Wow. Falls on his [edit], holds his face, asks for a call, skates away from his position to crosscheck Radulov and... goal. Lol
  6. Loved that opening on CBC - great story behind those paintings.
  7. Philadelphia Winnipeg New York Rangers Florida Montreal Washington Edmonton Islanders San Jose
  8. Apparently, which is actually pretty interesting. I used this tool to try and throw some other trades together and all of the outcomes were surprisingly realistic. Obviously, there are some other not so tangible factors that this tool probably doesn't account for (trade deadline, trade blocks, team desperateness, rebuilds, etc. Fun to play with, though.
  9. Hmmmmmm wonder how accurate this site is hahaha
  10. So I was traded in my mens league to a team called the "Hab Haters" um
  11. Honestly mostly crap calls, Habs aren't playing stupid. I'd rather them keep up the intensity and maybe kill a couple more penalties than play scared of the Pens PP all night
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