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  1. So exciting and so very satisfying. lots of Hab fans here in Fredericton but plenty of Laff fans to deride Friciin' AMAZING
  2. RIP Henri. Thanks for the memories and condolences to the Richard family.
  3. Well I may have to watch a movie tonight. Can't see anything worthwhile on Hockey Night in Canada
  4. I agree the anthem singer needs to be retired. Roger Doucet was rolling in his grave. The Habs looked their best tonight to date. Domi did not take the bait and played with great intensityl Great to Watch on a Saturday night. Canadiens Sont LA! Happy Thanksgiving to all
  5. Great Stuff! Caught the last period. You SHOULD laugh at yourself. Don't you remember the immortal words of Senator John Blutarsky? " Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?? It Ain't over 'til we SAY it's over. " Oh ye Puck Pundit of little faith. Great game for the HABS.
  6. Happy New Year to you All ! Great Start to 2019
  7. And it was great that the maligned Domi made two really great passes that helped Danult and Byron put it in the nets. An exciting game indeed. Thanks to all of you regulars who help me get the gist of the flow of the game when I cannot watch it through the season. Fortunately, I get TSN and they show EVERY game not covered by SPORTSNET and CBC and CITY. Anyway, Merry Christmas to ALL. I know that Santa has brought me a new Habs Jersey (I paid for it lol) No 4. And Beliveau on the back Candiens Sont La!
  8. Don't you feel that Jean and the Rocket must be rolling in their graves. Apparently the torch is on the dressing room floor. Too bad. I have all my sweaters lol. Nice that Willie O'Ree was honoured tonight. Nice man. Well liked here in Fredericton
  9. One of your excellent selection of platitudes gives me the immediate vision of Bluto in Animal House rousing the Deltas to do something and Otter offers the solution to do something futile and incredibly stupid. "And we're just the guys to do it!" " LET'S DO IT!"
  10. Seems about right. One game here or there. But here's hoping you are correct about taking out the Rangers in 5.
  11. Thanks boys for the fine game description. Had a real for the game. Good night to all
  12. Wow. Great finish apparently. I could not watch and so I am reading the forums game description. It sounded hopeless. All of sudden we are ahead and dominating and as someone above pointed out, it appears as if its and easily handled Carrey dominated Byron, clutch scoring. And.. Bob's your uncle , a road victory in regulation. Ho-hum eh? lol. Now go take your Pepto Bismol boys. Looking for forward to the next one. Thanks for play by play
  13. Thanks as always to all the "in HAB itants" here for providing the ongoing call of the game. And even better, another Victory! Huzzah!
  14. Wow reading this I was struck by all the negativity until the very end when happily and mostly for the regulars here, amazingly, the Habs fire up a regulation win. Interesting to watch it develop. I'm sure, if we go deep into the playoffs, some of you will have an ulcer burst. Thanks for a very interesting recounting. Bon Soir
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