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  1. Everyone keeps saying the habs don't have a #1 center. That's not true. Here's an outside the box idea. Play Galchenyuk as #1 with pacioretty on the left and Plekanec on the right. Plekanec can help the defensive side of the game. Then the lines could be. 

    Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Plekanec

    Droui - Danault - Gallagher

    Lehkonen -Hudon- Hemsky

    Byron Mitchell Shaw/Mccarron

  2. Bergevin seems to get and get rid of the players his coach wants. His major mistake, was hiring Therrien. Eller might still be here, and Pk would but that is done and over with. Crying over spilled milk doesn't clean up the mess. The defense he seems to be building is a defense that Julien wants; a 2011 bruins wall of defense. I'm of the mind that maybe he is holding out to let some of the young guns make the team (Hudon, Reway, Scherbak, Etc). Up front the scoring is Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty, Drouin, Lehkonen, "Plekanec" maybe Byron, and Hemsky will probably get 10 to 15. The other Forwards will probably get 1 lol. There are a lot of shot blockers to help Price. The real problem that created this quagmire are the politics and taxes in Quebec. I like to believe or pretend that Bergevin is doing what he can. 

  3. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/07/28/blockbuster-trade-between-the-habs-and-islanders-o/

    The departure of Andrei Markov keeps the Montreal Canadiens salary cap space at just under $9million.

    That seems to be the perfect amount for Marc Bergevin to hit a home run and JC Lajoie of 91.9 Sports has re-ignited the idea of what the Montreal Canadiens should offer the New York Islanders to land John Tavares.

    The name of Alex Galchenyuk has been linked to that of Tavares for several months, but Lajoie believes that the Habs would have to add nothing less than Brendan Gallagher, Charlie Lindgren as well as a first-round pick to get their hands on the Islanders captain.

    The Hab's first line could be completely unstoppable with Max Pacioretty, John Tavares and Jonathan Drouin, but the price to pay is quite hefty and it would not solve any perceived problems on the blueline.

    Tavares put up 28 goals and 38 assists for 66 points in 77 games last season, but he will be an unrestricted free agent next year and several experts are questioning his intention to return to New York.

    Would you be willing to offer Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher, Charlie Lindgren and a first-round pick for John Tavares? The  lines could be. 






  4. MArkov is one of the best hab defensemen in a long time; however,at 38 years old a GM has to be VERY Careful in signing a player... Markov said he would play for no other NHL Team than the Habs And said that due to family reasons he is going back to RUSSIA... l was it because the Habs did not want to give him 5 to 6M ... perhaps and if it's the case MB's #1 priority is NOT ONE player.... it's the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION.

    Please look at it this way: 

    He signs MArkov at $6M he is pretty much done and that is our team for this year. 

    HE lets MArkov Go And he has 8.4M to acquire a 1C via trade/acquisition or acquire a Dman + a 1/2C....via trade.... 

    8.4M + let's say Gallagher or Shaw in a trade equals $12M in Cap space! The Plekanec drop next year takes care of the Price increase + most of Pacioretty raise.
    Markov won't be back... the sky isn't falling. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. At this point in Markov's career and his age it would be insane to give him what he wanted. Personally, I think good on Berg for not budging. I still believe Jerabek can replace Markov too.  
  5. 5 minutes ago, eldag said:

    Say like ...... a Sergachev?      (too soon?)    



    Would you happily give back Drouin for Sergachev? And then watch Sergachev rot in the Ohl or be forced to stay up like what's probably going to happen to Tampa all to keep a pick. Look to players like Latendresse to see what happens when the development is rushed.

  6. 1 hour ago, maas_art said:

    Apparently we've had talks with Stephane Da Costa

    For those that dont remember him, he played about 40 games with the senators over several years & then bolted for the KHL.  He had a monster year a couple of season ago (62pts in 46 games) but since then has been injured a bit & played limited games (last year he had 20 points in 24 khl games).

    If he came cheap he wouldnt be a horrible pickup (Radulov 2.0) but I dont know much about him beyond the score sheet since he hasnt played in North America in like 4 years.  He's 28, shoots right and plays all forward positions I believe.


    I also read, that Mcphee is also in on it and Bargin bin can lose him to Vegas. 

  7. 10 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    ^^ If they don't make a trade for a center and refuse to play both AG and JD down the middle, what does that leave you conceivably?





    It would be a really odd thing to put all your strength at wing and leave yourself really weak down the middle. That strategy has worked for no one in the past. It also leaves no real spot for Hudon in the top 9 this way.


    i read that there is a rumbling coming out of Edmonton that after the ridiculous contract Mcdavid got, they're probably likely to trade RNH. The article said Montreal and Edmonton are in talks about a Gallagher for RNH swap. The lines could be  





  8. 5 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    D right now:




    Jerabek, Morrow


    This is really bad. Of those players, how many D men are good puck-movers? I count one, and it's Petry. Weber is a good PP quarterback but he's not good at skating with the puck and he doesn't organize the breakout well. Alzner is a "shutdown defenceman" but he's probably more akin to Emelin or Gorges or Rivet than a top 4 guy. Alzner is a good 3rd pairing guy, but he's ideally not in your top 4, so we have the same problem we had trying to play Emelin with Weber and passing that off as acceptable. Benn, similarly, can play top 4 in a pinch but he's a 3rd pairing guy. Davidson, Schlemko, Morrow, and Jerabek are all 3rd pairing at best, and we don't have a single guy in the minors who projects as a top 4 defenceman in the next two years. So where is this defence going?

    Signing Markov was more of a priority than signing Alzner. Alzner does not replace Markov. He does not replace Beaulieu or Subban or Sergachev. He replaces Emelin, but we frankly didn't need to replace Emelin. We needed to go after Kulikov or Del Zotto or trade for an offensive D man. We did none of those things. So once again, MB has tried to stockpile depth but hasn't done anything to make his day-to-day product any better. Major fail yet again.

    How do we know? Maybe he did, but they said no. Can we fault Bergevin for players not wanting to be over-taxed and forced into the french/english politics? 

  9. http://www.nhltraderumors.me/2017/06/nhl-trade-rumors-alex-galchenyuk-to-new-york-islanders.html

    Trade rumors surround Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk. Several teams have expressed interest, including the New York Islanders.

    According to sources, the Islanders are offering defenseman Nick Leddy, and twenty-year-old forward Anthony Beauvillier to the Canadiens in exchange for Galchenyuk. This seems like a fair trade, which would benefit both teams.

  10. 13 minutes ago, maas_art said:

    According to a couple of sources including Eric Engels Radulov & MB are talking contract.  The rumor is 4-5 years at roughly $6m per.   I could probably live with that (i think the last couple of years will hurt but as discussed ad nauseam, our window is right now, its time to poop or get off the pot).  

    Obviously it would be nicer to have a handshake deal in place & then sign him after the ED but if MB is at all worried Radu may be enticed by LV then I get why he may want to get the deal done before saturday.  

    Apparently both Rad and Markov have agreed to contracts, but are probably waiting until after the draft to complete. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/06/14/according-to-a-919fm-radio-host-bergevin-already-h/

  11. I think it's safe to assume that the six forwards that will be protected are Max Pacioretty, Brendan Gallagher, Paul Byron, Phillip Danault, Andrew Shaw and Alex Galchenyuk . They can still protect one more. Who do ya'll think will be protected for the seventh spot?  Tomas Plekanec ($6 million cap hit for one more season), Charles Hudon, Daniel Carr or Jacob De la Rose. Probably the most likely will be Charles Hudon. On defense Jeff Petry and Shea Weber clearly will, so which player becomes the third defensemen? Nathan Beaulieu, Jordie Benn or Alexei Emelin. It's common sense to say that Emelin will be left exposed, but I don't think common sense is something Bergevin possesses. Even still which would ya'll protect Nathan Beaulieu, or Jordie Benn?

  12. 1 hour ago, NewfoundlandHab said:

    Neither of these last 2 proposals are eve close to enough. Gonna take more than that to pry a top 6 C, the 3rd overall and a good prospect. And a late first, a big question mark in Beaulieu and a 2nd for the 3rd overall and a solid prospect in Honka. No chance.


    I really think that our best option is to trade any prospect not name Sergachev, our first and probably another piece or 2 for Duchene. Give Duchene first line duties and commit to a full season of Galchenyuk at center. Im not really huge on Duchene, but he is much better than what we have now. Duchene-Galchenyuk-Danault is MILES better that what we iced at the start of the playoffs in Danault-Pleks-Shaw.

    Maybe or maybe not. I read that Dallas wants an impact defensemen for the 3rd OVA. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/05/24/elliotte-friedman-reveals-what-it-would-take-to-ge/  Anyone should be available not named Sergachev. Maybe Juulsen and Davison. 

  13. 2 hours ago, East_Coast_Juggalo_13 said:

    What if you work out a deal with Dallas for the 3rd ova pick that goes like this:

    To DAL: Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, 2nd rounder, 2018

    To MTL: Jason Spezza, Julius Honka, 1st 2017 (3rd OVA)


    Gives you a look up front of:

    Pacioretty, Spezza, Radulov

    Byron, Plekanec, Gallagher

    Lehkonen, Danault, Shaw

    Carr, McCarron, Mitchell

    Markov, Weber

    Jerebek, Petry

    Benn, Honka



    A former 3rd over all and a 17th ova is a bit much for 3 OVA in a weak draft year. Take Galchenyuk off and trade our 1st, beaulieu and that 2nd and leave Spezza out. Then draft GABRIEL VILARDI at 3rd. He's a big 6'3 203 lb center. He has a good 2 way game with offensive flair.  Find out some way to unload Plekanec move Danault to 2nd center Galchenyuk to 3rd center. 

  14. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/05/24/mathias-brunet-explains-how-pk-subban-will-put-his/

     i wonder if Bergevin could trade for him back (Poile retain some salary as that was a major factor he was traded) Maybe a swap of Emelin and Juulsen. That would be something that would loosen the noose on Bergevins neck, but it probably won't happen, It could kind of work salary wise. Then MB could take advantage of Chicagos salary situation and player protection problem by trading a player on the ELC or a prospect for Artem Anisimov. 

  15. We need to start thinking fourth dimensionally!  Sam Pollock said, "when we started winning, we worked even harder to keep winning."  Some of these moves prior to the draft, some after.  A few months ago there was an article that suggested Philly wanted to move in a new direction and the writer brought up the idea that Simmonds may be on the move and Bergevin should jump on it. Maybe they'd want Pacioretty. I like the idea mentioned about Gallagher to Edm for Eberle.  Pierre Lebrun brought up  that Kovelchuk could look at signing with the habs and Nj wants a 2nd + prospect to hand over his rights. If kovy signed here, we'd give Hudon + a 2nd. Figure out some way to unload Plekanec if not claimed then resign Rad after the draft, After camp keep Scherbak up and let CJ develop him. The loser in the ahl can't. And after all that is done, if there is space bring in Big Joe for his passing ability more than scoring. Lines could be. 

    1st Kovy- Big Joe - Rad

    2nd Simmonds - Danault - Eberle

    3rd Lehkonen - Galchenyuk - Scherbak/Byron    

    4th Martinsen/Shaw - Ott - Mccarron

    Spares (Byron, Shaw) 

    On defense I'm optomistic about Jerebek. He was a top pairing D man in the KHL. 

    Jerebek, Weber

    Emelin, Petry

    Beaulieu/Sergachev, Benn

    This would allow option 2 as per draft rules on player protection 4 forwards and 4 defensemen 1 goalie. I read something this morning that said Bergevin intends to protect Beaulieu rather than Benn because of his potential. That leaves players exposed  Plekanec, Byron, Shaw, Benn, Davidson, Danault. 

    Which player does anyone think Knights will Claim?

    Protected players Simmonds, Kovy, Eberle,Galchenyuk ( the others are either Ufa's or exempt)

    Defense Weber, Petry, Emelin, Beaulieu


  16. 15 minutes ago, Noob616 said:

    I"m really amazed at how much negativity there is about this guy. There's literally zero risk here, and 34P in 59GP in the 2nd best hockey league in the world is pretty impressive.

    I am of the opinion that even if this guy turns out to be the second coming of Pk, it wouldn't matter. Maybe... well this works with women sometimes. Perhaps this rose will convince them otherwise. ~~~~8~{<@                                                                                     LOL

  17. 15 hours ago, habs1952 said:

    Oh, c'mon now. If you wanted a player who could do pretty much all that stuff you'd have to find a player like PK Subban and they're not to esy to come by. :)

    The Habs new acquisition is described as a defenseman who likes to control the puck, has great skating ability and uses these skills to bring the puck into the offensive zone. Not the fastest player doesn't mean he's slow. It just means that. There are others who are faster. 

  18. He was IMO the best Czech Dman at Worlds last year. 
    Very smart player with an excellent first pass. He's a great passing PP QB, and responsible defensively; almost like a younger Markov.
    On the downside, he has rather average shot, doesn't shoot enough and isn't the fastest skater. 
    Also he isn't very physical player but when he has to he can hit people pretty hard.

    IMO he could end up being solid top 4 Off. D, PP specialist.




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