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  1. It's official. Jakub Jerabek is signed. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-agree-to-terms-on-a-one-year-contract-with-jakub-jerabek/c-289199640
  2. If anyone wants to read more on the failure called Therrien. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/analysis/2017/4/27/15433540/montreal-canadiens-offence-quantifying-effects-of-the-blender-michel-therrien-galchenyuk-desharnais
  3. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/04/27/should-bergevin-sign-this-64-220lb-center-to-play-/ It's that time of the year, where every hockey expert is analyzing the Montreal Canadiens and the team's needs this summer, and the various experts are already starting to look at the players who could possibly help the Habs in the free agent market. Francois Gagnon of RDS has been everywhere over the last couple days and he mentioned that Marc Bergevin should target San Jose Sharks center and playmaker Joe Thornton. Jumbo Joe will be a free agent July 1st and Gagnon mentioned that he thinks "Max Pacioretty would score 50 goals with Thornton next to him next season." The big 6'4 and 220 pound center has slowed down in recent years with only putting up 7 goals last season, but he's always been recognized as being one of the best passers in the game. Alex Galchenyuk does not seem like he'll be playing on the first line next year and Thornton could be the perfect option to play with Max Pacioretty as well as Alex Radulov. Would you take a chance with the 37-year-old forward or do you think his best years are behind him, especially considering he just played the playoffs with a torn ACL & MCL?
  4. I think this goes here. Please move if it is in the wrong thread. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/latest-news/2017/4/26/15433468/montreal-canadiens-sign-former-khl-player-jakub-jerabek-habs-highlights-defenceman-rumor-habs-khl R-Sport, the sports section of RIA, one of two biggest news agencies in Russia, is reporting that Czech defender Jakub Jerabek will sign a contract with the Montreal Canadiens once his current contract in the KHL expires. “MOSCOW, April 26 - R-Sport. Czech defender of the Moscow region "Vityaz" Yakub Erzhabek will continue his career in the club of the National Hockey League (NHL) " Montreal ", a source close to the situation told R-Sport agency.” Jerabek has garnered interest from several clubs around the league. This would be the first time the Canadiens dipped into the KHL waters for a defenceman, after signing Jiri Sekac and Alexander Radulov in previous season. Of course, the Canadiens have been rumoured in the hunt for players like Vadim Shipachyov, and were in the race for another Czech D, Michal Kempny, before he signed with the Chicago Blackhawks. Jerabek is a left-handed shot, and a quick view of film will give you a slight Andrei Markovvibe. Jerabek, 25, had five goals and 29 assists (34 points) in 59 games for Vityaz Podolsk. He added a goal and an assist in four playoff games. It was his first season in the KHL. His 34 points were good for fifth among KHL defencemen. He has a solid all-around game, with the potential for offence and can run a power play. He had five assists in eight games at last year’s World Hockey Championship where Habs forward Tomas Plekanec was captain. Previous to that, he played in the Czech Extraliga, and had 99 points in 308 career games. Thanks to @The_HockeyNinja for additional information on Jerabek. And to Igor Eronko for confirming the source of the report. More From Eyes On The Prize
  5. Just going to put this here. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/04/25/doc-mailloux-makes-some-more-controversial-stateme/ When Doc Mailloux talks about hockey, he is known to give a very unique and colorful presentation and nothing changed when he recently talked about Alexander Radulov. Like the majority of fans, he appreciated what the Russian forward brought to the Montreal Canadiens roster this past season and wondered what is taking general manager Marc Bergevin so long to sign him to a long term contract extension. He also said that he would like to see the “C” taken off of Max Pacioretty’s sweater and added to Radulov’s number 47. He also thinks that Radulov deserves to be captain more than All-Star goaltender Carey Price because he has shown that he is a better leader on the ice. To justify his statements, Mailloux pointed out Pacioretty’s poor playoff performance and said that he is a bad leader. This is not the first time that he has gone after Pacioretty as he questioned he leadership and ability to be captain earlier in the season. You can follow this link to hear all of Doc Mailloux’s comments.
  6. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/04/23/the-hockey-news-writer-proposes-carey-price-trade/ Journalist Ken Campbell of The Hockey News has made the habit of making controversial statements and he made another crazy one over the past few hours regarding the Montreal Canadiens. Campbell said that if he was the Dallas Stars' GM, he would propose sending the Canadiens Tyler Seguin, Jamie Oleksiak and Kari Lehtonen for Carey Price. This trade would solve two big problems for the Habs by bringing in a real #1 center and bringing another great depth defenseman like Jordie Benn, but Marc Bergevin would get rid of his franchise goalie who is considered the best hockey player in the world for probably the most overpaid goalie in the NHL. This idea may sound crazy at first, but like CTV and TSN690's Sean Coleman mentioned earlier today that Habs fans had called all morning on the radio and they ALL wanted Bergevin to trade Price. Ken Campbell's Tweet has created a lot of talk over the past few hours on social media, Tyler Seguin has collected a minimum of 72 points in his last 4 seasons and it would be the perfect center to complete Max Pacioretty. Would you do this trade?
  7. I think Timons has done a good job, but Bergevin blew it by not firing that [edit] in St John who didn't develop them. As for player movement, it all depends on what is available. A plan should be put together and not a [edit] 5 year plan that didn't come to fruition. The team needs to get bigger and meaner, and crash the net. A garbage goal is as good as a fancy one. Being fast is good, but it didn't work. An entirely different direction needs to be made, because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
  8. What about if Price is traded for true goal scorers and maybe a few first round picks. Maybe Lingren can take over for him. Price didn't look spectacular at all. Something has to change. Fire MB, Sell the team Molson, sign rad, trade beaulieu, trade pacioretty, blow up the team and get players who can do it.
  9. I was thinking about a new discussion topic. I'm, not a mod so I can't create it, but would anyone else be interested in discussing "Would Roy be a good fit for Gm."
  10. Depending on the Ghost to show up isn't working. I'd demote him. and try these lines Lehkonen-Galchenyuk-GallagherByron-Plekanec-RadulovPacioretty-Danault-ShawOtt-Mitchell-McCarronon defense, I'd switch Beaulieu for Davidson.
  11. If the cap doesn't increase next season, and everything I've read says it won't, MB is stuck with spending 17 M on two players. Price should command 10, and pac man can easily ask for 7. One thing I've noticed in tonights game is Pacman has been basically non existent. Playoffs are what matters most, so If I'm the gm, I package Pacman with Beaulieu, to someone for something good. Ideally Dylan Strome. This would save one save spot for the upcoming draft and shore up money. I would like to see Scherbak called up and give time to develop under CJ. We know he has the Offensive skills and maybe could replace what Pac brings. Scherbak is a talent that is rotting in the ahl under that loser coach.
  12. My first thought was this is great and hopefully he'll be amazing. What if the reason for the call up is twofold. Allow him some Nhl time to see if he's ready and to also put pressure on Markov to lower contract demands, should they offer him a new one.
  13. An explanation why Jagr wasn't signed. Over the past few offseasons, Jaromir Jagr had been tied to the Montreal Canadiens while he was a free agent. The veteran forward he once said that would like to wear a Canadiens sweater before calls it a career. However, general manager Marc Bergevin never signed him to a deal even when he fit what the Habs were looking for on the market. There seems to be a very specific reason why a union between the two never occurred. Richard Labbé of La Presse was recently a guest on 98.1 FM CHOI and he revealed that Jagr and Bergevin did not get along at all when they were teammates on the Pittsburgh Penguins and there still could be some hard feelings between them. Labbé even mentioned that Jagr reached out to Bergevin in summer of 2013, but the Habs general manager never called him back. Jagr went on to sign with the New Jersey Devils and scored 24 goals and 67 points while playing in all 82 games. Jagr will be a free agent again this summer, but after hearing this story it is doubtful that he will sign in Montreal. http://www.gohabsgo.com/2017/03/26/the-real-reason-why-jaromir-jagr-has-never-signed-/
  14. MB's love for Therrien has really handicapped this team. Had Mt been fired last season, and even some interim coach was hired, Pk would still be here, and so would Eller
  15. All the mock expansion drafts I read say the knights will claim Plekanec. http://thehockeywriters.com/golden-knights-mock-expansion-draft-christmas-edition/
  16. Does anyone believe he could learn to play like John Leclaire?
  17. I was playin around with what players I'd protect. I would choose eight skaters and a goalie. Nhl.com refers to it as option B. The players I would protect are forwards: Pacioretty, Danault, Gallager, Galchenyuk. Defense: Weber, Petry, Davidson, and Benn. Obvious: Price. Julien really likes Davidson, so I think he's safe, and Benn is a big stay at home. Out of our forwards the only other I'd want to protect is Mccarron and Lenkonen, but they fall under first year pro and are exempt. I'd like to see Emelin or Plekanec claimed. Those are my thought. What are yours guys?
  18. Looks like it paid off and he's going to become a regular. "I think he's good enough to be in the lineup every day," praised Julien. "I know that we need him. He's a very physical player. It's tough to play against him. When I was in Boston, I told my assistants that as much as I didn't like playing against him, I'd love to have him on my team. Now, I do. We're hoping that we'll have him in the lineup on a regular basis, like it should be."
  19. An Edmonton Oilers fan on why Brandon Davidson is his favourite player: "Brandon Davidson is my favourite player, and I'll tell you why. Didn't get drafted into the WHL, and had to quit playing hockey because his parents couldn't afford the fees. Grinded it out in the leagues, and didn't even get into the WHL until he was draft eligible. Thought he was good enough to play in the WHL, and showed up at the Regina Pats camp. Made the team as a walk on. Quickly led them in plus-minus with a +15 on a -32 team. Worked like hell on the Pats, and was eventually named Captain. The Oilers drafted him with a spare pick in the bowels of the 2010 entry draft. After the WHL, he was sent down to the ECHL, where talent goes to die a miserable, bus haunting death. He excelled in the ECHL, impressing the coaches with his work effort and talent. Then...he got cancer. Testicular cancer. Lost a lot of playing time and a huge amount of conditioning and muscle. Most people would pack it up and go back to western Canada, maybe make some money on the rigs or help out on the farm. Not Davidson. He beat cancer, and worked his way back to the AHL Barons. Rode the bus, and impressed the coaches enough that he got his cup of coffee in the NHL. Long road from being too broke to play hockey and going undrafted in the 'Dub. Then the Oilers drafted Connor McDavid, and Katz cleared out the management - or at least re-shuffled some of the corpses. With his backers no longer (lordy lord Oilers fans hope) in power, many though Davidson's time in the NHL was done. Nope. He fought his way onto the squad, albeit a NHL-worst defense. He was waiver bait at the start of the year, but by the time days were short and the mercury was low he was playing 25 minutes a night, and excelling. The Oilers are not defensively sound, but many nights Brandon "Barely Drafted" Davidson was the best defenseman on the ice; and not just for the Oilers, for either team. Love this player." (Credit: u/DrMarxist via Reddit)
  20. Love the way Price went on strike to protest Therrien and have him removed, after the coach embarrassed him.
  21. What I've read about Ott is he's a good faceoff guy. Today at practice he was teaching Galchenyuk how to win a faceoff and there allegedly is a video of him telling the opposing guy in faceoff circle to check out his faceoff stats.
  22. Everybody's main concern is lack of scoring. The common thought was to get a goal scorer, but what if say that player was nabbed, and the problem for our habs was still they're too small, get boxed out, and knocked off the puck, etc? That player wouldn't be too effective. The habs are bigger; with cleared space, players won't have to work as hard to score from high percentage areas and they probably won't be forced to take perimeter shots. I wonder what the lines will look like now. This is what I would try. Pacioretty-Danault-Gallagher Martinsen-Galchenyuk-Radulov Lehkonen-Ott-Shaw King-Mitchell-McCarron
  23. I like the added size. Maybe we'll get more garbage goals. Won't be knocked around like against the jets. If hudon or scherbak is called up they should be exempt from the draft either bc ten game rule or rookie one. I'm not positive, but I believe they'd be free from the draft and theres extra scoring + big bodies for the playoffs. I got caught up in the hoop-la. Duchene is the avs top player and Beaulieu almost has as many points as he does. IMO we dodged a bullet.
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