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  1. Certainly looks that way.
  2. For those that plan on going to a game. If season ticket holders want a paper ticket, it will cost them an extra $150, + taxes + $100 admin fee + taxes. For someone owning two tickets that’s $477.14 before the actual cost of the seats are factored in.
  3. If we don't, then we lose another year.
  4. If it costs us Chuck and parts to get JT, then I'm all for it. We need to win now and JT would be perfect for our top center.
  5. I clicked on the link but it only lists the Yotes, Jets, Canes, Bolts and Flyers,, what gives?
  6. I consider it similar to "Mission Impossible".
  7. I detect a covert operation to oust me.
  8. Great,,, nice to see someone getting around too.
  9. Have you got another name picked out for me?
  10. You are correct, sir, of course you "could" have googled it.
  11. This is the only marine railway in Canada.
  12. "Gotcha".