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  1. Ya, but that doesn't do anything for the tank. We were 0 for 5. on the PP.
  2. You can't make this stuff up. Trudeau actually flew in an Indian chef from Vancouver to prepare authentic Indian meals so an exclusive Indian themed meal could be made for the Trudeau family. Apparently, it's hard to find an authentic Indian chef in India.
  3. Am I EVER glad you opened this thread.
  4. Ya know, I love reading editorials on Trudeau, and tonight I read one in the NP. re Trudeau's costumes in India. I especially enjoy reading the comments after the commentary. Some people are geniuses with their comments. Here's just one, commenting on the Trudeau family dress in India: " Rumour is next month Modi (PM of India) is coming to Canada and will attend the welcoming ceremony in hockey gear followed by a selection of Celine Dion outfits and finally to recognize the Trudeau government philosophy he will dress as an environmentally friendly completely gender neutral beaver with a feminist perspective." Brackets are mine.
  5. I like this one. "For a man once convicted of trying to kill a politician, Jaspal Atwal seems to have had little trouble getting his picture taken with MPs, cabinet ministers and Liberal party leaders, including Justin Trudeau.
  6. I had them both on. The ski cross was more entertaining.
  7. Juulsen,,,, +2, 2 SOG, 4 hits, 1 BLKS, 2 GVAs.
  8. There ya go. Dam,,, kicked in. Hmmmmmmm,,, kicked to his stick and then in.
  9. Canadian women get gold and silver in women's ski-cross. WTG girls!!!!
  10. Maybe I should get out the Voodoo doll.