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  1. NHL to allow teams to reopen training facilities on June 8.
  2. Even All Sharpton pick up on Trudeau's "pregnant pause", saying "The time has made the moment of change in America. And I'm going to express that in my eulogy. And since you're from Canada, I won't have a 21-second gap before I say what I have to say."
  3. Tonite on the news, they showed a peacfull protest. There was one sign that said "ABOLISH THE POLICE". Oh, ya, that'll work.
  4. Ya know, when I interact with people, they have just one chance to impress me as a good person (as I do with them). When I used (prior to lock-down), to go into a convenience store to buy lottery tickets, I would always say, " Hi, how ya doin.". I expect them to be somewhat cheerfull in their reply. Here's an example. I live within walking distance of a convenience store, and I walked in there to buy tickets, and said "Hi, how ya doin". I got no reply. I haven't been in there since. I do, however, drive a mile away to buy them soley because the clerks are cheerfull, friendly, and interact with me. The 1st store is run buy (what I think) is either a Indian or Pakistani person. The 2nd store is run by Asians, and I will continue to patronize that store. My hairdresser is either Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or other, but I don't care because she is good at what she does and is friendly. I don't patronize the 1st store because of their race, but, because of their attitude. True story. When My 2nd eldest daughter was about to remarry for the 2nd time, she brought her prospective husband over for the 1st time. I didn't like him from the get-go as he was and still is a bum. I didn't go to the wedding. They have since separated. He had his one chance and blew it. In short, we're all friends here, but I don't think I'd want to meet any of you . I did meet a member once, never met him again.
  5. Fair enough, but it still doesn't excuse the woman who allegedly drove into a group of police, or the cop who was shot in his head. Those 2 instances certainly got my attention.
  6. Ya know, I'm all for people that want to peacefull protest, but, I'm not in favour of rioting. MLK must be rolling in his grave. I would always advise my children/grandchild to never go to a protest. IMO, it might not turn out well.
  7. Trudeau actually said this on racism in the U.S.: Trudeau said anti-Black racism is a reality in Canada as well. “We need as a society to stand together, stand up against discrimination, be there for each other in respect but also understand that we have work to do as well in Canada,” he said. I wonder if he wore black-face.
  8. Thanks, Jed.
  9. Ya know, in Lapointe's 1st full season with the Habs, (78 gms), he scored 15G and 29A. If Romanov an score 1/2 that amount, then I'll be happy. Lapointe's era was very different tho.
  10. Buffalo management would be tearing their hair out if that happened.
  11. As I am over 65, I am still waiting for my $300.
  12. And get paid way less.
  13. Interesting, but it would cost a mint.
  14. Like Gally said on TSN radio today that it's not too much different than going on a 2 week road trip.
  15. That way it makes it fair to all.