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  1. Ditto, although methinks that Mete will get 5-6 "real" games in.
  2. Zack Redmond has been placed on waivers.
  3. Methinks that Mete will start with the Habs, (similar to Sergachev last year), but maybe only 5-6 games. I know the London Knights would love to have him back here. I'm guessing that we'll see some cuts soon,,,, maybe tomorrow.
  4. another penalty,,, .16 secs.. of 5 on 3 for NJ.
  5. Pk again,,, watch them score. After the PP but still.
  6. < looks behind chair > nope, it's not here.
  7. They shoulda just peppered him with SOG.
  8. PP +another ,,,, 5 on 3. And a bench minor at the same time.
  9. So much for 1-1,,,,,,,, now 2-1 NJ.
  10. Ya,,,'bout time we had one.
  11. Scorrrrrrreee, Gelinas 1-1.