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  1. Not necessarily, we all have some questions on how a "new" player will play on our team. We all have different questions surrounding him.
  2. Yup, your name is pretty much self explanatory, and welcome to the club. The "Bold" is a lot like our members, addicts.
  3. ^^^^^ , All good ones, 52.
  4. I guess we "could" call it the "gossip" Thread.
  5. Actually his injuries have just been bad this past year when he missed 20 games. Prior to last season, he only missed 7 games in the previous 5 years
  6. Since it's just our opinions, then I will offer mine. IMO, he's a Weber <2, not as big, not a really hard shot, but, he hits, and blocks shots, and he stands up for his teammates, annnnnnd , he will want to endear himself to the Habs fanbase. IMO, he's 28 and will be looking for long term for his next contract.
  7. Hey, 52, maybe you should not have edited it and went with your 1st choice.
  8. The 28-year-old has 64 points (12 goals, 52 assists) in 305 career regular-season games, all with Winnipeg. He has three assists in 24 career playoff games. "(Chiarot) is a very reliable defenceman and a solid player who will fill a need for our club," Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin said in a statement. "He is the type of player who can play some big minutes and be used in different situations. We are convinced he will improve our defensive group." Here's his stats.
  9. Another good contract.
  10. Cheapskate, I had thought you'd be good for at least 5.