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  1. We're on a 3 game winning streak.
  2. This museum has the only Challenger 3900 series steam locomotive on public display in the world. Number 3977 is not only on display, you can actually climb up and get the engineer’s view, which we did. In addition to the 3900 series is Unit 6922. The 6900 series diesel locomotives were the largest ever made.
  3. I would think that Babs has seen enough of old Sparky.
  4. It will be a nice change.
  5. WOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Toronto Sports Network,,, what do you expect?
  7. I've also noticed that they aren't standing behind the net very often when they have possession.
  8. I've noticed that the last few games too. More passing and no standing still.