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  1. New coach. New attitude? Same number of GP, but we're 1 PT. back. GF exactly the same. GA we have 3 more GA. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10GP. We are 4-4-2. Watch out for Nathan Beaulieu.
  2. I tried Youtube but it's not there. It might be later tho. The presser is about 1:15 mins. long, so not sure if you can find it all.
  3. Ya, numerous times they had a safe outlet, but just kept doing the same things.
  4. TSN 690 said earlier that some media reached out to Patrick to see if he was interested and he said he was.
  5. I'd love to know what the players are thinking.
  6. These firings should have been done last week when Ducharme and Burrows would have a chance to run practices.
  7. TSN 690 is saying that there "should" be a presser around 3 PM today after they get into Winnipeg, and will carry it live.
  8. Just didn't think MB would have the cajones to do it this soon.
  9. Carolina vs Tampa Bay: Tie Dallas vs Florida: Dallas NY Rangers vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto
  10. Ya, read it but didn't think it would actually happen.
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