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  1. Crap, 1-0 ruins,,,, a shorty
  2. Go Jackets.
  3. Not much to choose from, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Blues win it, after all, they've never won it.
  4. This has to be the dullest PO game I've watched.
  5. I picked the tie, on a whim.
  6. 1:30 left and both teams had too many men on the ice,,,,,,,,,,,no call.
  7. 3-3 now,,,, We got a game.
  8. Took me a bit,,,, but I did get it.
  9. Byronesque? 3-1 now
  10. Canes score a shorty, 2-1 now.
  11. Would that not mean that he was the problem? LOL
  12. Tie,,,,, Canes
  13. And Bergeron gets the buzzer beater. 19:59
  14. Just listening to laffs radio, I hope they have call-ins.