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  1. kinot-2

    Your Rant.

    And in 2 more years we'll have another election.
  2. kinot-2

    Your Rant.

    "Our new double-smoked, plant-based Signature Stadium Dog is the rookie of the year! Now available in a Sobeys near you." A HUGE pass on that one.
  3. kinot-2

    Your Rant.

    Well, I'm going with the "Woke" crowd and say that the "Man in The Moon" should be changed to "The Person in The Moon".
  4. kinot-2

    Pay Pal ?

    Don't have it, won't use it.
  5. Former Bruins Fred Stanfield has died of cancer at the age of 77.
  6. Just testing your memory. You passed.
  7. True story, you can't make this stuff up. Back in 05-06, my wife and I wintered in Arizona,and as my wife and I were returning to On. in Apr. We decided to return via N.M, TX, La., and so on. We picked a State Pk, (Brazos Bend State Pk.), in Texas to stay at because it had alligators, deer, wild pigs and so on. Whe we pulled up to the station pulling a 32' 5th wheel. We went in to ask if they had a spot for us. The ranger said (I'll never forget this), "I"ll have to call Austin " (the capital of Texas). I asked him "why do you have to call Austin, don't you know if you have a space?" He said "Yes we do, but, it's the rules, they have to tell us if we have a space for you". Austin is 162 miles away from Brazos Bend State Pk. Cue the looney wagon.
  8. Just give up, You ain't gonna win.
  9. ya know, Truedeau is often quoted as saying "I am a Quebecer". He is not, he was born in Otttawa. Another lie.
  10. Sometimes (often) you just gotta shake your head. On the news (Kitchener), they said thyat horse medicine will not cure covid. Who are these ppl who believe that? Cue the twilght theme.
  11. Ya know. they are saying (CTV) that 1 in 10 are undecided. Where the heck have they been these last 6 years? In the ebate tonight, trudeau said the *80% of Canadians have been fully vaccinated. Get your facts straight, 77% have been vaccinated. I really hate liars.
  12. But when you get into the POS, anything can happen.
  13. I want to make this clear right now, before there's any mmisunderstanding. I DID NOT throw any gravel at Trudeau.
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