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  1. Exactly this imo as well.
  2. IF my math is correct, to finish the season with 97 points we need to get an additional 46 points in the 32 remaining games...1.43 points per game average...a record that looks something like 23-9-0, 22-8-2, 21-7-4. I'm loving what I'm seeing from Kovalchuk, and expect that we may be able to get something decent for him by the February 24th trade deadline. MB likely made an asset out of thin air on this one, nicely done, another little win by MB.
  3. It would be hilarious to see Galchenyuk on Domi's left wing. I suspect there is very little chance (though I don't know it for a fact) that Galchenyuk would ever want to come back to Montreal.
  4. I think they already payed out on the John Scott favour during the 2018 draft when we moved up from 4 to 3.
  5. Just some random thoughts: 1) We've let 6 more goals in than we've scored, and we're in 26th. That's crazy. 2) I think we're getting to watch some pretty good hockey AND we may just get a top 10 pick...that's not a bad outcome for this year actually. 3) I really think we need to move Weber while his value is high...some team will pay for him as they go all in for the Cup. 4) Hopefully we can move many of our expiring contracts for late picks / prospects: Kovalchuk, Thompson, Weise, Peca, maybe even Scandella and then resign him in the offseason as a UFA.
  6. Rumour is Galchenyuk can be had out of Pittsburgh (Insider Trading TSN)...any interest in getting Galchenyuk back cheaply (either now or in the summer as a UFA)?
  7. I think the Subban-Weber trade, on the balance is largely a push, and will be a push when its all said and done. I miss watching PK on the ice, but Weber does special things too, and he's well liked in the room and around the league, which does help his resale value should MB choose to sell Weber. My question to the community here though, knowing what we know now, what are MB's three worst moves in your opinions? Trading Eller for two second round picks? Acquiring Shaw for two second round picks? Signing Alzner? Trading Pacioretty? Swapping Sergachev for Drouin? Not getting more for Subban? Really, if that makes your top 3 list, I think that's a pretty good job well done by MB. Not being able to get more for Subban I put on Subban, not on MB. Nashville saw PK's undeniable talent and knowingly took the baggage with the deal. Weber was a fair and steady return as it turns out. Or is it more the moves he has been unable to make that bother people? Something else? Overall, in my opinion, MB's moves in aggregate have largely panned out, he has improved the team more than weakened it. Moves like Domi, Danault, Petry, Suzuki/Tatar, Armia all outweigh the worst three things he's done. And yet, we are not really any closer to a Cup. will be interesting to see what he does with our aging assets as the playoff picture becomes more clear.
  8. It looks to me like the wild card spots are going to go to the Metropolitan and that Washington, NYI, Philly, Pittsburgh and Carolina are all going to be in the playoffs (yes I know only 1/3 of the season has been played). With Boston at the top of the Atlantic, that leaves 2 Atlantic spots for: Florida Tampa Buffalo Montreal Toronto I believe Tampa will get one of those Atlantic spots, leaving one spot for: Florida Buffalo Montreal Toronto Its not looking good for Montreal. But can you imagine if Toronto misses the playoffs? A lot can happen in the last 2/3 of the season, but its looking like a dogfight to get that last spot or two, and I think we may just miss it again this year.
  9. Speaking of the nephew will be on the ice in a few minutes (go Vaughan Rangers!) with the Rocket and Marlies.
  10. I agree with all of this, good comparables and ideas of assessing trade value. I would add that I do know Hall is a real hockey player in the same way that Gallagher and Domi are, in that they live and breathe hockey and they want to win. IE Hall is not a money guy, a specific market guy, a pre-madonna, etc. he is of the same ilk to many players currently on the Habs, so in that sense he would likely be a good fit and extend upon our existing culture.
  11. Kyle's a nerd-weasel. It takes awhile for people to catch on to nerd-weasels because they think they're smart and know what they're doing. I'm so glad Boston knocked them out last year, that was a very nice setback.
  12. Yeah my mistake I'm sure DW and MB are pals. Maybe DW can do us a favour sometime.
  13. Fleury seems like he'd be a very nice pickup...might need a 3rd team involved though as I'm not sure Carolina is taking MB's calls.
  14. Any other questions just let me know... :)