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  1. I agree with this as well...if Carolina couldn't match, we would have gotten a very good player at an amazing price. Odds of it working out for us were low, but not zero. Worth the shot.
  2. I agree as well
  3. Interesting, makes some sense
  4. Drouin-McDavid-Byron Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Cousins-Kotkaniemi-Armia Peca-Thompson-Weal with Suzuki and Caufield still in development Chiarot-Petry Mete-Folin Kulak-Juulsen with Brook and Romanov still in development 12.5 to McDavid, but 3.150 Domi 2.400 Lehkonen 7.857 Weber, 0.925 the cap space is basically a wash Having the best player in the world (arguably) with the best goalie in the world (arguably) would be fun.
  5. I would do that deal as Montreal GM
  6. The folly of the "window" philosophy combined with homer simpson's "doe!".
  7. I value this guy's opinion about Jets players
  8. This really is the root of our UFA troubles imo.
  9. I'm so glad Kadri was ejected from the playoffs this year in particular, and the Leafs couldn't get out of the first round. Now they really are in cap hell, and have lost and will continue to lose quality assets before the start of next season. I hope they emerge with three big forward signings (Marner, Matthews and Tavares), have to trade Nylander, lose Gardiner, and then try to piece together the rest of it all. They've got 5 more kicks at the can until Matthews heads for the states.
  10. Perhaps: Kotkaniemi/Domi-Kotkaniemi/Domi-Laine Tatar-Daault-Gallagher Lehkonen-Poehling-Armia Byron-Thompson-Weal
  11. If Drouin left (no pun intended), we would still have these players as left wing options: Tatar Byron Lehkonen Poehling Cousins Weise ahem And possibly Domi if he's moved off C, and Kotkaniemi if he's moved off C I don't think MB is eager to get rid of Drouin, but if he's the main piece for Laine, then so be it.
  12. I think Chiarot will be a pleasant surprise to you guys...he will be an upgrade from Benn and I think will slot in higher than Kulak on the LD depp chart by Xmas.
  13. I hope so! Good luck tomorrow everyone!
  14. As of now: Drouin-Domi-Byron Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia Poehling-Thompson-Weal ~ Peca, Hudon, Weise Mete-Weber Kulak-Petry Reilly-Juulsen ~ Folin, Alzner Price-Lindgren Looking forward to tomorrow!
  15. Interesting that NSH sells PK after only 3 years. (read between... The return of NSH's PK sale, as it appeared during MTL's PK sale, again seems low. ...the lines) So you have an elite talent, moving again, for lower than expected returns, again.