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  1. If we could acquire 23yo Chychrun for two 1sts, Kulak (1.85-1) & Byron (3.4-2), wow that would really solidify the backend. I'd trade any 2 of our remaining 3 first round picks to do that (draft in Montreal next year or not). Edmundson (3.5-3)-Petry (6.25-4) Chychrun(4.6-4)-Savard (3.5-4) Chiarot(3.5-1)-Romanov(0.894-1)
  2. Just for fun: Caufield-Suzuki-Toffoli Poehling-Dvorak-Gallagher Hoffman-Drouin-Anderson Lehkonen-Evans-Armia
  3. At least the bomb from the point won't be the default
  4. Our powerplay really should be alot better this year with these new acquisitions.
  5. Looks like a well managed and reasonably competitive forward group to me. Top paid forward is Gallagher at 6.5m, lots of guys in their prime, lots of room for younger players to grow.
  6. 1) Judging by Carolina's offersheet structure to KK, its obvious that MB's offersheet to Aho impacted Carolina HARD. 2) You 100% can't blame KK for taking the money. 3) You can't blame Habs fans for making KK's life as miserable as they can from now on, Hab, Cane, or wherever else he ends up down the road. 4) Montreal's personnel deployment during the playoffs was good enough to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Sitting a 20yo for a more experienced veteran from time to time happens. 5) Thankfully we didn't re-sign Danault, so we have the ability to keep KK if MB can't find a suitable alternative. 6) My preferences in order: a) KK leaves and we somehow get Petterrson b) KK leaves and we somehow get Eichel c) KK stays at $6.1m d) KK leaves and we do the best patch job possible 7) To maas_art, nice quote find! That's MB for you, changing hearts and minds 8) The Canes lineup with KK in it, doesn't look that impressive. The problem is Brind'Amour is a stud coach and can get everything and more out of that lineup. I expect Carolina's 1st round pick to be around 14-18. All in all, if MB can do better than KK, he's trying to now. If he can't, I think he should sign KK to $6.1m vs. take the picks.
  7. Can't blame KK. $6m is his first big contract. Congratulations to KK. MB will have known this offer sheet was coming since Waddell would have been offering him low ball offers for KK saying, take it, or I'll offer sheet him. Likely something MB did to Waddell a few years ago with Aho. I think we should match the offer. Yes, its an overpayment by about double for this year and next. Yes, its a bad precedent for other young players on the team (don't want to have this go the way of Toronto). But I think $6.1m is manageable.
  8. I think there's room for both the guy who did something illegal at one point and has learned his lessons, and law abiding idiots.
  9. I don't think MB hurt us during UFA, as per usual. He has chips available if a trade makes sense (roster players, picks, prospects), and if not, he's got a solid opening night lineup. We do know that he's open to big trades, and he usually does well more times than not imo. We really need to make the playoffs, and not take that for granted. Then if we make the playoffs, Weber may be able to play.
  10. Yes...I think if we have Eichel and Suzuki as our one two, they can insulate Poehling and Evans.
  11. Also Poehling looks like he's ready to make the jump this year
  12. That said, I suspect we're trying to trade for a well known center, and it will cost us one of our LW amongst other assets.
  13. Potentially Hoffman...I believe he can also play center (prefers LW)
  14. Right now we've got 13.3m open in cap, and after signing Lehks and KK we'll still have a nice big chunk of cap available. I think plan #1 is an Eichel trade after the UFA period settles down and the market softens Buffalo's asking price. Eichel helps us make the playoffs, then we bring a healthy Weber back in for another playoff run and we learn just how important Danault was or was not.
  15. Pretty sure this is our D for the regular season: Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-Savard Romanov-Wideman/Kulak and IF, big IF, we make the playoffs, our D for the playoffs will be: Romanov-Weber Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-Savard
  16. I think its also a good sign that he wanted to resign and stay in Montreal
  17. Just a prediction on next year's defensive pairings: Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-Savard Romanov-Wideman
  18. Fair contract, don't see any obvious problems, he is top 9 worthy
  19. Completely agree with all of this, I think there's more opportunity and good news in all of this. Probably where we disagree would be that I think MB will do well with this situation Its going to be a dog fight to get into the playoffs next year.
  20. Eichel-Suzuki-Evans-Poehling down the middle next year works for me (assuming JK plus gets that trade done). That gives us a real #1 C, a real #2 C, a good enough #3 C (I wouldn't pay Danault what he's likely looking for), and Poehling is due to come up and would be either a good 4C or 4L to start. Toffoli-Eichel-Anderson (Its TEA time!) Caufield-Suzuki-Gallagher Byron-Evans-Lehkonen (this line seemed like a good shut down line) UFA-Poehling-Perry
  21. I like Bieksa's comments as well. That faceoff point is good, another good point he made last night was that in a split on the road, you'd rather win the second game so you can carry momentum into the next game. Seems obvious, but it means something when he says it since he's got relatively recent NHL playoff experience (vs. Elliotte, Cassie, Ron, for example).
  22. Fully agree, thought it was going to be 2-3.
  23. We're in the Final 9 ;) Colorado - Vegas - Boston - NYI - Carolina - Tampa - Winnipeg - Montreal & Toronto still alive!
  24. I guess its about our odds of winning the Cup. I think at best, we have about a 60% chance at getting into the playoffs, and then from there at best a 1/16 shot at winning the playoffs...so 3-4% chance (0.6*0.0625). Whereas a team like Buffalo has a 0% chance to win the Cup (0%*0.0625) and a team like Tampa Bay now has around a 12-13% chance to win the Cup (100%*0.125%). Some benefits of this: 1) All regular season games are worth watching because we need every point we can get 2) If we do get in to the playoffs, you better watch because we may not be here next year and hey, they do work hard these guys, they might just pull off an upset or two But that's where we're at as far as I can tell...Price keeps us from bottoming out, and Price ALONE (without other superstars) keeps our odds of winning the Cup alive, but low.
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