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  1. "Weber may or may not play and Druoin may or may not play." The Power may or may not Play.
  2. I think we're writing Suban off a bit too soon.
  3. Yup. I swear, some of these coaches are, at least, borderline OCD.
  4. Maybe he'll pull a 'Harry Neal' : "We can't win on the road; we can't win at home - my only failure as a coach is that I can't figure out where else we can play!"
  5. Does this mean we have to respond to both as well?
  6. Wow - that's a vicious insult to either Habs' goaltending or Habs' non-Poehling goal scoring, or BOTH.
  7. Bouncer?
  8. Hey Jeff, you're a brave man posting this at the height of "Confirmation Bias Season". (although I mostly agree with you - shhhhh...)
  9. Nah - he was thinking of Howie Meeker!
  10. Are you guys aware of the age difference? Domi is 24. Laine is 21.
  11. That's it - gotta keep those monitor-smashing-skills sharp. It's been a long off-season.
  12. 10 overtime time wins (0 OT losses) - so I'll guess: 10
  13. Dirty Dishes Done Dirt Cheap?
  14. He didn't seem to be worried in his conference. He didn't like the term (that would make Aho a UFA in 5 years) but thought the value was a bit low.