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  1. Pure speculation by a writer. ... who also added: " That could leave Drouin playing third line centre on a purely offensive line with Mike Hoffman and Josh Anderson." Since when is the 3rd line a "purely offensive" one? These writers - I don't know ...
  2. Sorry about that. Wonder where all the talk comes from?
  3. Jonathan Drouin said he expects to play center for the Montreal Canadiens this season. "It looks that way for sure," Drouin told the Montreal Gazette for a story published Monday. "I don't make those decisions, but that's where I played last year and I feel comfortable coming in this year and knowing that I'm playing center." article: https://www.nhl.com/news/jonathan-drouin-prepared-to-play-center-for-canadiens/c-299691190 Did he actually play much center last season - or does he still have "issues"?
  4. Yeah, there's usually (always?) a week between them. Cam (Levins) just dropped off the lead pack - hopefully he's saving something to pick off others toward the end.
  5. The way they've been talking about the Canuck women all day, I'd say they do! Right back atcha!
  6. Elmore 9th and Wodak 13th Not bad for a 41 year old and 39 year old!
  7. A lot of them probably do their first run of the day around then.
  8. TSN4 or https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1921672259526
  9. Sorry - women's marathon starts in a few minutes - 5 pm eastern (right?)
  10. Women's marathon start time changed to an hr. earlier - now 7 PM eastern time tonight.
  11. Canada ties it up 1-1 against Sweden. 20 minutes left.
  12. Women tonight; men tomorrow night (same time).
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