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  1. One thing in the Habs' favour is that most of the Cats are not fighting for jobs and are probably not really going all out.
  2. Penalty Domi ... wonder how many empty net penalties he had last year.
  3. I guess Logan Shaw is not with the team this year. Too bad 'cause we could be saying: Once Bitten, twice Shaw.
  4. Be sure to take the Habs' "stay awake challenge".
  5. Nobody, just as they should have left it instead of going with MP a few years ago. There was nothing wrong with the 4 "A"s they had, along with the "understanding" that Price was the de facto captain. IMO, it just shows that MB and MT were out of touch with the room.
  6. Hey, maybe the Rocket and Habs could switch rinks.
  7. The fans' assignment then, should they choose to accept it, is to make it NOT GOOD for the shareholders.
  8. And if the Habs still had Radulov ... (and maybe Markov)? Stastny and who knows who else.
  9. Guess my point was that, just because he wasn't available then doesn't mean he isn't now. (There may be other reasons he's not available now - except that everyone is available for the right price.)
  10. Didn't RNH get injured in mid-season (maybe not long before the trade deadline)?
  11. Ordinarily this would be a joke, but not in Habsland.
  12. Good thing the habs didn't hire that bum Larry Robinson - we'd be stuck with him and miss out on this tremendous opportunity. Tremendous, I say!
  13. Great! Just what we need - another excuse for MB.
  14. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but nobody could be that dense.
  15. So Carr isn't good enough for the high scoring habs, but good enough for the lowly Knights - makes sense. (in lieu of head bashing into brick wall) I'm starting to think Molson has financial problems. Why else would he be hanging on to MB? And yes, add Carr's name to the growing list of ex-habs we'll be following and cheering for.
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