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  1. Hah! Was going to post the same thing. I be following AG closely.
  2. Yup! Surely, Molson isn't blind enough to miss that!?
  3. Kuznetsov? (Revenge is a dish best served cold.)
  4. Quick reply! Usually it's been the Knights doing this.
  5. That's nasty, ...................BUT NOT NASTY ENOUGH!!!
  6. So J Neal gets the stickboy (?) to kiss his stick - and if that doesn't work ...?
  7. "... curtain hanger" - not familiar with that one. ?
  8. Game's also on NBC if you want to get away from "the Noisy One".
  9. 1st order of business: YEAAAAAA 2ND oob: "Is Huala's nick name Hoop? " You're wearin' me down, man.
  10. Didn't think the Caps looked sharp in the 1st period.
  11. YEAAAAAAA Just an "innocent" question RBL FIFY
  12. Careful not to get the first letters mixed up.
  13. Insert your own punchline here:
  14. Expansion talk - they should tell the truth: No Canadian city is ever getting a new franchise!
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