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  1. Being 11 goals back at this point is about equal to 20 goals back at the end of a normal season, although he is having pretty good season.
  2. With one proviso: That they develop those picks and/or prospects before sending them to the Habs.
  3. Oh oh. Again? The story thus far: TB 2-0 CBJ 4-2 Now 4-4 OT, and these guys know how to do it. (Damn - and I haven't done my Xmas shopping yet.)
  4. One advantage to putting Weber in front of the the net is that he wouldn't have to worry about, well... Weber shooting at him.
  5. kinot knot knut Knute (Rockne) Go man, go!
  6. What happened to Mrazek? I say the 'Canes play David Ayres next game.
  7. In case anyone doesn't already know: Habs game tomorrow (Friday) starts at 3 PM ET.
  8. Yes, and we may be watching the Habs at this time tomorrow.
  9. So, what's the over/under for the Isles-Caps start time?
  10. I have Newfie blood in me. I'm sure there are many more of that type, but it sounds like you want us to scale it back a bit. (I guess they can trade Weal now - we no longer need him.)
  11. I think it comes down to this: Can the Habs eke out another win or 2 before the Pens' skilled guys shake off the rust.
  12. From another Habs forum: "I can't even imagine what it feels like to be Carey Price right now. If he goes postal and wipes out the whole team. There's not a jury in the world that will convict him."
  13. Or as Harry Neale once said while coaching the Canucks during a slump: "We can't win at home; we can't win on the road; my only failure as a coach is that I can't figure out where else we can play"
  14. From an article dated Jan. 20, 2020: "The Penguins started the 2019-20 campaign with an incredible plague of injuries — according to the site Man-Games Lost, Pittsburgh has been the most injured team in the league,1 including a absences of 28 games for Crosby, 14 for winger Bryan Rust and 13 for Malkin, and a recent injury to forward Jake Guentzel."
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