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  1. Confirmed: NS and MMcC called up. Hope NS gets to play with Hudon - they created some magic in St. John's last year, but perhaps CJ won't play 2 rookies together. NIKITA SCHERBAK RW Games Played : 6 Goals : 1 Assits : 8 Points : 9
  2. On another Habs forum there were rave reviews of Ikonen! There's hope!!
  3. Given that last paragraph (which I agree with), I don't know why Carey would hitch his Stanley Cup hopes entirely to the habs, which he seems to have done. I thought he was smarter than that - unless I'm missing something. If he ends up requesting a trade (to a team with a better chance at the Cup), that cap hit could be a problem, no? I used to call Scott Gomez: Gainey's albatross; hope I don't end up calling Price: MB's albatross.
  4. Could be interesting to see how Beaulieu does under Phil Housley.
  5. Perhaps you won't mind if we await further evidence?
  6. Same here. That makes at least 3 of us - such is the life of a Habs fan under MB!?
  7. Was very impressed with Drouin whenever I saw him last season, but I don't know why the big contract. Seems a bit over the top after one good / very good season at 53 points (what's that in Habspeak? 43?) in 73 games. Could turn out alright, ... or not.
  8. The habs would be worth watching with all that skill up front (depending who they would lose).
  9. Does his contract ($33M / 6yrs) affect the Habs' ability to sign Radulov?
  10. And Bure. The Habs have got this strategy nailed!
  11. I think it would be a mistake to trade AG now - we have to see what he can do, now that he's out from under the shadow of you-know-who.
  12. Hi BigTed3, I'm new here and don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I've been following this forum for a year (more, actually) and I've found myself agreeing with the vast majority of your posts. I guess my question here is: How reliable is Corsi as an indicator of possession? I've been wondering that for a while and thought that the above statement by Julien was an indication that he was kind of separating the two. Maybe your interpretation is right, but I'll still be wondering.
  13. I have no doubt that Corsi aligns with possession most of the time, but, I think, it can be misleading. Isn't that's why Julien says: " puck-possession time and it’s not necessarily about analytics "? I don't know why they don't track actual possession (like soccer does - I believe). Maybe it's too difficult to do.
  14. "It’s about puck-possession time" Yes - actual possession! Not just Corsi.
  15. Hey, it's nice to imagine acquiring a skilled, creative guy (Kuznetsov) without the thought of MT spoiling the party!
  16. - John Carlson and Kuznetsov for Weber That's the one I like the most (of the ones BT listed). But, of course, that's the one I think is least likely to happen - can't see the Caps going for it, but who knows?
  17. Joined shortly after the coaching change. Been following for about a year. Habs fan for 57 years, except for the later Pat Burns years, and this last year or so, starting with the middle of last year. Lived for 21 years in Ontario - Mississauga (Toronto) and Ottawa, so I've seen a few live NHL games (including a neutral site game in Hamilton between Vancouver and Buffalo) with the Habs playing the Sens once. Also saw a couple of Canada Cup games here in Sydney (if you can believe that!) in 1987 - Czechoslovakia - U.S. & Finland-Sweden. Both those games were on the last day of the round robin with Canada-U.S.S.R on TV later. High Holy Days for a hokey fan!
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