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  1. The Pens had a bunch of key injuries; most, I believe, were early in the season. Games missed: Crosby ~ 28 (?) Malkin 13 Letang 13? Guentzel ? (He was a point-a-game guy at the time.) Others
  2. Probably an unnecessary correction by me - you would have figured it out by the crowd response ... errr, hang on now ...
  3. You've just blown your Lady Bing nomination.
  4. Yes. And that files very neatly under: "Anything can happen."
  5. Agree. "Everyone" would include many others besides players, which would amount to thousands of tests - those tests are needed elsewhere.
  6. We always like to see you ply your comedic skills.
  7. Hey gang, I'm talking about colourized (as in: "A colorized film is an old black and white film which has had colour added to it using a special technique.), not coloured.
  8. Are they (the dreams) available in colourized form?
  9. But those things only means to an end, the end being, of course, winning, and he hasn't done that - the team is worse than what he started with.
  10. And we thought Garry Kasparov playing 30 chess opponents at once was impressive!
  11. "Weber may or may not play and Druoin may or may not play." The Power may or may not Play.
  12. I think we're writing Suban off a bit too soon.
  13. Maybe he'll pull a 'Harry Neal' : "We can't win on the road; we can't win at home - my only failure as a coach is that I can't figure out where else we can play!"
  14. Wow - that's a vicious insult to either Habs' goaltending or Habs' non-Poehling goal scoring, or BOTH.
  15. Hey Jeff, you're a brave man posting this at the height of "Confirmation Bias Season". (although I mostly agree with you - shhhhh...)
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