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  1. Alex Galchenyuk with 10 points in his last 8 games.
  2. Some quotes from a Kings' forum: "Didn't see any glaring mistakes the kid (NS) made. Thought he had some nice games on the road trip too." " ... putting Scherbak on the 4th (from the 3rd) line....kid didn't do anything to deserve that, no glaring mistakes no defensive defeciencies, played an honest game etc." "The Scherbak move makes no sense when you see the minutes given to Carter and his results." "Look, if Scherbak was playing like LaDue, then I get the benching. But he was having a strong game against Pitt and was benched. Odd. Not a fan of WD." "WD is an awful coach." "How come Scherbak played less than 4 minutes last night ? Was he injured ?" "Probably because this coach is clueless." "How come Scherbak played less than 4 minutes last night ? Was he injured ?" "He hates Russians. He benched Kovalchuk as well when he was our best player. WD is a disgusting person and an even worse coach. " There are more. Not conclusive, but makes you wonder.
  3. He's been playing with Kempe and Toffoli.
  4. Scherbak ................................................................... ................................................................................... .................................................................................... SCORES!!! 1st period. 1st game.
  5. Visa hadn't cleared yet. It did yesterday - he's in today's line-up, although on left wing which is a mistake, IMO. Kings are on TV (SN1, SNE, SNO) on tuesday.
  6. The problem, IMO, is that the Habs never really gave Scherbak a chance to show what he could do. Throughout his time on this side of the pond, he's (Scherbak) put up twice as many assists compared to goals other than with the Habs. (see below). Why so different with the Habs? Because they almost never played him with other skilled guys. So they draft a guy because of his "mad skills" (Bobby Mac) and obvious fine playmaking, and then not even bother to follow up on that. Sorry, but this team is rudderless. Regular Season Playoffs Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM 2013-14 Saskatoon Blades WHL 65 28 50 78 46 -6 -- -- -- -- -- 2014-15 Everett Silvertips WHL 65 27 55 82 60 33 11 3 5 8 10 2015-16 St. John's IceCaps AHL 48 7 16 23 20 -26 -- -- -- -- -- 2016-17 St. John's IceCaps AHL 66 13 28 41 32 -2 4 1 1 2 4 2016-17 Montreal Canadiens NHL 3 1 0 1 0 1 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 Laval Rocket AHL 26 7 23 30 20 -2 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 Montreal Canadiens NHL 26 4 2 6 8 -5 -- -- -- --
  7. Anyone see Drouin turn over the puck while dipsy-doodling at the Habs' blueline, with an empty net and a minute (I think) to go. Imagine if Subban (or a few others) had done that.... but JD will continue to get the royal treatment. The double standard on this team sickening!
  8. Correct - Kings took him. The team with first shot at him - maybe says a lot. Glad for NS. Maybe he'll a real shot.
  9. So if he's already been claimed, it wouldn't be announced until noon ET today? And I've been checking the net every 5 minutes - D'OHHH!!!
  10. Remind us what H_T_L stands for, again.
  11. Just noticed this. They had him playing left wing - they might as well take his stick out of his hands. Yeah, he shoots left but his somewhat rare skillset requires that play on RW, IMO.
  12. Yes, and outshot them 66-6 (3 x 22-2), maybe would have gotten them to OT.
  13. I believe you are right, sir! (At least when you wrote this.)
  14. I believe the Habs are 1-2-2 in their last five games for 4 out of a possible 10 points. (9 points in their last 10 games.) Also, keep in mind that 82 points won't get a mid-pack finish - around 20th to 22nd.
  15. Vegas Knights have lost their bag of hockey pucks ...
  16. Missed everything after early in the 3rd last night. Just saw some highlights. Drouin on the OT goal (8:30) - pathetic. How can an NHLer not be aware that the 3rd opponent might be to his left on that play? It's 3 on 3 - how easy can it get?! Again, at this point it's on the Habs' coach, etc.: If you want to keep on getting what you're getting, keep on doing what you're doing - and Drouin continues to get royal treatment.
  17. Yeah, and not long after a shift where Kotka hit iron and set up the "goal". This is not just fans disagreeing with the coach - there's something fishy going on here.
  18. Agree with this. I think they're getting a little more consistent with the call, though.
  19. If they let that go, the players will be doing what Shaw did all the time and the game turns to crap.
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