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  1. I want to see if Jeremiah Addison will make an impact in the bottom lines this year after training camp.
  2. I really think that Julien will make defense will be better. I think they are going to have a good system that allows Price to see the puck and make saves that slow the game. With the type of defensive players they have and the speed up front, it's going to be a neutral trap and counter attack system. I think this complements the type of players on the team. I think we could all agree that the penalty kill has the potential to be in the top 5.
  3. I think they will be really good next year. I think we fans undervalue some of the players on the team and what they can contribute. I really only see one glaring hole and that's at centre. We still have to remember that Galchenyuk is still young and he may still be the centre the team needs. The forward group just got a big boost with Drouin and a depth role with Hemsky. It looks like guys like Lekonen and Hudon will have a fair shake and they show great promise to be plus 20 goal scorers. Defensively, IMO, we look very scary to play against with Alzner, Benn and Weber manning separate pairings. Petry and Schlemko can move the puck. Davidson played well into the end of the year last year. Jerbak has shown he can move the puck in Europe and we have some reliable (for the most part) bottom d men. We have an above average goalie tandem and a valuable starter for a long time. The team isn't getting a #1 left d to play with Weber. We will get Markov back or stand pat. Its either Galchenyuk or some other medicore centre like Anisimov. Relax everyone.
  4. So many negative posts on here. I really think we need to see how this team looks on the ice.
  5. Rumour out there is Galchenyuk for Anisimov. Anisimov is a decent centre that has scored 20 three times. I really hope they don't trade for him and keep Gelchenyuk.
  6. I'd take a shot at trading Galchenyuk and a pick (we have 2 2nd and 3rd rounders in Chicago) for one of the young, locked up centres in Florida. They are absolutely stacked at centre with Trochek, Barkov, Huberdeau and Bjugstad. Galchenyuk (as a winger) would compliment any of those guys and this team needs a centre. I would prefer Bjugstad as he would probably be a straight up trade because of the year he had last year and he gives much needed size down the middle to the Habs. With Bjugstad, Plekanec/Danualt and McCarron/Mitchell I think that is certainly an upgrade down the middle. Then re-sign Radulov and you've got a pretty solid forward group to compete in the division. And the defence, IMO, is basically the same as last year but a slight upgrade in puck movement. Schlemko and Jerabek are faster and a better puck movers then Emelin and we know that the right side is set with some pretty strong players slotting in at their pairing. Davidson outplayed Beaulieu at the end of the year. If this team can get Markov at a cheap deal for both term and cost it's a no brainer. Marco Scandella would look great with Weber for sure but it makes more sense that you either keep Galchenyuk on the team to add to an already nice looking forward group or trade him for the most glaring need which is a centre. Jerabek/Markov - Weber Shlemko - Petry Davidson - Benn Redmond, Lernout
  7. I'm using players as they stand today for forwards only. Drouin - Galchenyuk - Paciorietty Lehkonen - Plekanec - Gallagher Shaw - Danault - Byron Martinsen - BOYLE (UFA Signing) - McCarron Carr, Hudon, etc.
  8. I wasn't ok with this trade when I heard it. I've watched Sergachev before live and the guy is going to be a beast. But then I realized a couple things: 1) When this team is winning they are all skating super fast in transition. Drouin only complements this. 2) The main reason Pittsburgh has won cups two years in a row is solid goaltending and consistent goal scoring. If this team could score consistently they would have beat the Rangers. The main reason they lose is because of a lack of goal scoring. The team now has a an elite level producer that can drive play. I'm ok with it now.
  9. My case for Duchene is as follows... Galchenyuk face off percentage on a team that won a division 2016/2017 - 42.7%, 2015/2016 - 47.9%, 2014/2015 - 47.1% Duchene face off percentage on a team that was last in a division: 2016/2017 - 62.6%, 2015/2016 - 57.9%, 2015/2015 - 52.2% Duchene is a five time 20 goal scorer in 8 seasons on a bad team. His cap hit is reasonable. Galchenyuk is a two time 20 goal scorer in 5 seasons on a better team. His cap hit is undetermined. Habs need scoring. Habs need to be way better on face-offs especially when it matters. We cant rely on Mitchell to win draws every time. Why would any GM pay a center that has poor production on face offs? They wouldn't. The Habs need to package Galchenyuk as a winger for Mackinnon and swap Plekanec and Soderberg as a cap dumps. Both teams get what they need. And MMW Rads will not be a Hab next year. He's going to the highest bidder with the longest contract. He will probably end up on the leafs and have 40 goals playing along side Matthews. They need to spend smarter down the middle.
  10. So it looks like the team has a good defensive core especially with young players like Sergachev, Juulsen and Lernout. Davidson, Beaulieu and Benn can round out the bottom pairing. Petry, and Emelin seem to be a good fit for the 3-4. But who plays with Weber? That is a huge issue because Markov shouldn't be back if Price is to get an extension. I hope the management look at RFA defenseman. It will never happen because of the Russian defenseman they just signed, but I think Orlov from Washington would be a great fit for this team (as he skates and carries the puck well out of the defensive end) and could play with Weber - if Washington wants to keep Shattenkirk and Alzner it might be a possibility. Weber - Orlov Petry - Emelin Benn- Davidson Beaulieu, Sergachev, Juulsen, Lernout, Nesterov (hopefully they trade his rights for anything) Forwards need a skilled, fast centre who can win draws and then another guy who is big and can win draws more than half the time. The only team you get this from is Colorado. Here is what I would propose as COL has only just under a million in cap space and Soderberg has been a huge negative there so far. TO COL - Tomas Plekanec, Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan Beaulieu, 1st round pick this year, 2nd round pick next year TO MTL - Matt Duchene, Carl Soderberg. MTL has approximately 23.148 coming off the cap in roster players this year. Taking the contracts of Soderberg and Duchene take up 12 million on cap space which leave just under 12 for this team to re-sign Price for future years. We get rid of Plekanec, but give them a roster player for the year (as Plekanec is a centre and is only signed another year) to replace Soderberg as they have the same cap hit. Re-sign Martinsen because he is fast and hits. Radulov would be great and all but this team has been garbage down the middle for so many years. I would rather see them spend down the middle this summer than spend on wingers. That gives the team four centers who are all capable of playing well where they are supposed to. And as an added plus Julien coached Soderberg when he was at his best in Boston. Gallagher - Duchene - Paciorietty Byron - Danualt - Lehkonen Shaw - Soderberg - Mitchell Carr - McCarron - Martinsen
  11. Honestly I am happy that MB addressed a need on this team and got bigger for the stretch run. In years before playoffs have been a rough go for the smaller players on this roster like Plekanec, Byron and Gally. There are now great options on both the back end and up front for Julien to run with. King and Martinsen are great pick ups and will do mean things for this team. They are going to be very hard to play against.
  12. Trading for Duchene makes sense because he is a top line centre and is locked up for next two years. This team hasn't had a a guy who can put up points, win faceoffs, and is responsible in the defensive end in a long time. Apart from expendable parts and minor additions going forward, the core of this team would be excellent with Duchene, Paciorietty, Galchenyuk, Danault and Shaw up front. Weber, Petry, Benn and Sergachev on the rear. And the goalies, obviously, get it done. And we just acquired Dwight king from LA
  13. I'm hoping that we can get Duchene. What do people think of Duchene for a 1st this year, Gallagher and Beaulieu? I think that would get the job done. Centre looks pretty good for the playoffs with Duchene, Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Mcarron/Mitchell. I think we could part with Beaulieu with the prospects of Juulsen/Sergahev as well as the addition of Benn. I think Gallagher could use a fresh start and could be a valuable piece as part of a package.
  14. If I were GM I would be looking at ways to upgrade secondary scoring immediately. I think a guy like Patrick Sharp would be easy to scoop at a low low price and may provide some punch on the PP (because the PP sucks so damn bad). A rental with some leadership and scoring ability (Doan, Iginla) would be all he team needs if they wanted to make a push. If they suck after the deadline, they suck, and there are pieces to move in the off season. One thing that interests me though is the abundance of young defence on Carolina and the lack of centers they have. I wonder about a trade like Noah Hanifan or Jaccob Slavin for Alex Galchenyuk would even be considered in this market as it would help both teams. Sure the Habs need a centre, but Galchenyuk doesn't seem to be cutting it. The kid cant win a draw and constantly makes bad decisions that frequently turn into low percentage plays with the puck. This is why Danault works so well with Pacthes and Radulov, as he makes simple plays to gain possession of the puck. This team needs help getting out of their own end and doesn't look to shabby: Hanifin/Slavin - Weber Emelin - Petry Beaulieu/Pateryn - Markov Nesterov - Redmond Juulsen - Sergachev I feel like there are some good pieces then to acquire a top line center by trade like Duchene.
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