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  1. how much will Duclair cost ?
  2. I wonder if Bergevin is done .Puljarvi would be a nice addition .
  3. And maybe not
  4. Montreal could of traded up traded up and nabbed Anthony Mantha in his draft year . They could of traded up and drafted Miko Kiovu in his draft year as well .So if their is somebody their somebody they like ,then maybe they should trade up. I am hoping for Holloway .
  5. If we can't get Laine for the right price ,I would shift the focus onto Pujaruvi .
  6. I could'nt agree more !
  7. What would take to get Andstanieu and pujariev from Edmonton .sorry for the spelling .
  8. A trade with Edmonton could be intriguing .How about MTL. Gets Edm. 14th pick,Pulujarvi,and Bouchard.Edmonton gets MTL.16th pick or Ryan pheoeling ,Domi,Mete,and Juluson .MTL.could thow in one of their second rounders to get the deal done .
  9. How about Domi,our first rounder,and Mete for Paterick Laine .
  10. How about Domi,our first rounder,and Mete for Patrick Laine .
  11. rest in peace Hawerchuk
  12. a big hit from Cale Fleuy might change things .Oh hes not playing
  13. shutout again
  14. Romanov will there next year .What other changes are in store for the habs ?
  15. need to chash their net, where is phoeling .