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  1. I think a better trade would be with Colorado or Vancouver , Montreal could get prospects coming back the other way instead of just draft picks . Seattle being a new team would not have prospects in the pipeline.
  2. Getting Lafreniere would definitely be a game changer !
  3. I would like to see them draft a forward with their first pick ,and then make a trade for another first rounder and get Branden Snieder.
  4. What is a spleen injury?
  5. Just in regards to the team WHY ,SHOULD WE HAVE ANY CONCERNS ?
  6. They will sneak into the playoffs ,lose the lottery pick but will win the Stanley Cup .
  7. Edmonton
  8. Couldn't stop a beach ball if his life depended on it .
  9. The Oilers are in the playoffs now ,not like before .
  10. A trade with Oilers is what I'm hoping for . Something like Petry ,Kovochuk for Evan Bouchard ,Pujarvi and their 1st rounder
  11. Not as long ago win Toronto won the cup
  12. me too ,would have a full bingo card if somebody would have taken mattews head off with their stick.oh well we can't have that