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  1. Romanov will there next year .What other changes are in store for the habs ?
  2. need to chash their net, where is phoeling .
  3. I think a better trade would be with Colorado or Vancouver , Montreal could get prospects coming back the other way instead of just draft picks . Seattle being a new team would not have prospects in the pipeline.
  4. Getting Lafreniere would definitely be a game changer !
  5. I would like to see them draft a forward with their first pick ,and then make a trade for another first rounder and get Branden Snieder.
  6. Just in regards to the team WHY ,SHOULD WE HAVE ANY CONCERNS ?
  7. They will sneak into the playoffs ,lose the lottery pick but will win the Stanley Cup .
  8. The Oilers are in the playoffs now ,not like before .
  9. A trade with Oilers is what I'm hoping for . Something like Petry ,Kovochuk for Evan Bouchard ,Pujarvi and their 1st rounder
  10. me too ,would have a full bingo card if somebody would have taken mattews head off with their stick.oh well we can't have that
  11. Montreal player hauled down just before that near the blueline.the referee lose their whistle ?
  12. C'mon we are sitting with our fingers up our ass . Garner and Lee are still there .
  13. Bergervin goes and gets Wayne Simmons and when we meet in the playoffs Simmons knocks Hyman on his ass and the habs don't look back and go on to win the cup!
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