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  1. I am sick to death of the ridiculous calls on goalie interference. They need to move it out of Toronto’s hands or let the refs do the job they are paid to do and call it as they see it
  2. I can’t remember how many were in a row all I know is after awhile I started hoping for overtime
  3. I live in Medicine Hat and watched shinkaruk play for the tigers ... enough skill but not enough go
  4. Having not read the first page... does anyone think galchenyuk may have asked for a trade?
  5. We don’t but it would be great to get the tenth overall pick to go with number 3
  6. Just saw him listed as c/lw... I would not rule the habs out of taking him... just a feeling I have is all
  7. Does anyone know how much time Tkachuk has spent at the Center position?
  8. Even the last couple games I have noticed him and not in a bad way
  9. Nobody except Gallagher works as hard as this guy
  10. I so hate the way we seem to live or die with price but I’m so happy he’s back ...
  11. Say what you want but he has been playing hard and I think is exactly what the fourth line needed ... up tempo in your face hockey
  12. On most nights he is a non factor at best and a give away machine the rest of the time... because the team can’t hold a lead we need to trade him before the rest of the league figures out that his goals stats have been padded by empty netters, without those he is really only a 25ish goal scorer which is still good but not the class everyone thinks he is... just my two cents
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