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  1. Any d zone faceoff weber mete or Petry Reilly should b out there
  2. Get burned on a horrible line change...I'm so sick of benn why throw out your 3rd d pairing
  3. We need a center and a scoring winger...acquiring a d-man is only worth it if benn is the defenseman who loses his roster spot...but I believe mike Reilly loses his spot if we add a defenseman...rumor has it MB doesnt wanna ruin the teams chemistry...wish he felt that way b4 he added ott Mortensen king and fired terrian while we held top spot in the Atlantic and got bounced outta the playoffs in 6games vs rangers
  4. There goalie looks pretty shaky
  5. Another back to back who makes the schedule
  6. This period seems like it's been 3hrs long
  7. Someone put some vodka in Niemi's water bottle that might calm the nerves
  8. We gotta keep pushing cant sit back vs this team
  9. What a difference schelmko being outta the lineup makes lol
  10. Benn playing with the edge hes upset that his brother got called out
  11. Woohoo benn with a Bobby orr like slap pass
  12. Benn is to reckless out there hes all over the place...they can't continue to play weber with benn
  13. Schelmko played ok but mete clearly made the difference...mete deserves to play every night
  14. Hes made huge saves at the right times...keeping us in games