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  1. Can someone explain why markov isn't getting a one year deal...our bozo gm signed mark striet and plekanec both to 1 year deals they didn't play 1 game...bergevin is a arrogant jerk...resigns Thompson signs nick cousins get real...markov deserves a try out at least or give him 1year 1.5mil with bonuses...hes played his whole career in Montreal he deserves a little more respect
  2. Marc bergevin and Geoff molson nvr were serious about signing aho otherwise they shoulda went to the nxt level...no way canes r letting aho walk for a 1st 2nd and 3rd round pick bergevin and molson trying to sell the fan base that there trying everything to improve our roster is a joke
  3. But according to sportsnet our last playoff series win was vs rangers in 2015 lol
  4. If u guys have the draft pvred rewind back to 6:41 and look for yourself our last playoff win I believe was vs Ottawa
  5. Did anyone notice durning our pick on the bottom ticker...they had Montreal canadeins have not won a playoff series since defeating rangers round 1 in 2015...I coulda swore we lost that series
  6. I just hope we let caufield focus on scoring...I hate when they try turning a offensive skilled player into 2way player
  7. We need goal scoring great pick
  8. What would it take to acquire gostisbehere?
  9. Price has the whole summer to rest up...he needs to play every game...if we wrap up the 1st wild card spot with a game or 2 remaining then rest price
  10. Price better get the start tomorrow cant afford to start neimi
  11. 11 goals in 2 games great time for the offense to get rolling
  12. Weber got away with one...claude being gentle with the ref after the shaw double minor paid off
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