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  1. Price has the whole summer to rest up...he needs to play every game...if we wrap up the 1st wild card spot with a game or 2 remaining then rest price
  2. Price better get the start tomorrow cant afford to start neimi
  3. Domi Gallagher Danault My 3 stars
  4. 11 goals in 2 games great time for the offense to get rolling
  5. Tuna tartar!!! Big win!!!
  6. Weber got away with one...claude being gentle with the ref after the shaw double minor paid off
  7. Woooooooooo domi....hands down number 1 star tonight
  8. The ref took forever to make that call...he was holding him from the red line
  9. Buffalo back in it cause of that bs call...
  10. Claude being gentle with the refs hopefully they give us a makeup call
  11. Elbow to the head and now we down 4 mins ru kidding me!!
  12. Shaw got hog tied off the faceoff no call
  13. Huge let's get another 1
  14. Periods moving by let's get another goal and wrap this baby up!!