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  1. I feel that PK did donate 10 million ...in future raised money. Great PR... He had said before about growing the brand... this was all apart of it. Yes it's great what he has given back and the fans love him for it. It's the fans who buy products and PK will grow his brand. The problem with management was, they saw what could the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL do for PK's brand. And not enough what can PK do for the team and the NHL.
  2. I said a while ago Gallagher or Shaw Plus pieces... to Edmonton for RNH ...but now move RNH along with Patches to the Islanders for Johnny T.
  3. that is a lot for JT...we have to give too much and would still need pieces..... like Radulov who was the reason both Galchenyuk and Patches played like stars when they were with him. But they played a different style and the trio never clicked. Early on when Rads and Galchenyuk were free wheeling,,,, but we let him walk big mistake. Getting JT now and giving up on Gally 1 and 2 plus our next #1 goalie if we ever want or need to move Price...Hmmmm one step forward two steps back.
  4. Thank you Mr.Markov for playing for the Montreal Canadiens. You played with class and worn the uniform proudly.I hope you stay fit play less heavy mins and bring it when the call comes. And win that gold metal with Russia... this will be your best chance. McDavid will have to wait.
  5. Don't want to say it but one thinks it's time to dangle Gallagher for a top D-man prospect ready to make the jump. Any Ideas ?
  6. I heard Hal Gill wants to make a come back....Please MB we need faster stronger smarter I don't see a fit.
  7. Yes I know, him not signing somewhere is unlikely. If we trade Galchenyuk + parts for JT. We then have to dump Weber for sure. Patches is going to get a raise...how much?Travares how much?And if we sell off Weber whats left on D. Of corse we ask for a young D-man back, but is he a # 1. Ok say we get JT for Galchenyuk + draft pick ,maybe takes a #1. We need to trade Weber to Edmonton for Nurse and RNH. We then move RNH to the Jets for Trubba. We could stand pact, but would have to win the cup this year. With Weber, Price, Patches, and Travaris all making 8 plus something has to give.
  8. Yes not strong enough to take the cup without him. But we need to add to the offence.Trading Galchenyuk now will be a mistake.Our window is closing and dare I say Toronto and Edmonton's is now ajar.McDavid will carry his team on his back. We will need JT,Galchenyuk, Patches and Drouin to compete with them in the next few years.
  9. If the Islanders are talking with us about Travares .... to me that means they can't sign him, and he's going to walk next year. We should be in a better bargaining position.But what if their price is Patches? I can see why JT would want to play with Price and Weber. So maybe if we don't see him this year he signs next year and we lose no one.
  10. I like what Weber brought to the team this year. 17G 25A +20 38 PIM. Don't get me wrong I loved Subban and the excitement he brought but at a risk. Weber could be one of those D-man that plays at a high level till his late 30s. Yes I wish we could have them both but I would still take a Robinson Type Player over an Orr (no disrespect to either)
  11. Come on Markov sign already. We need to still have you but not at 6 million for 2 years. Your still a big part of this team..lets finish the job you started. Bring back the CUP !!
  12. Drouin has the his future set in front of him. A french Canadian kid playing in front of a hometown crowd... the skies the limit and is his to grab.If Drouin can feed of the fans and handle the pressure of playing for le Canadien, I see a great fit for years to come. I know we gave up maybe a #1D-man but I think it was a fair trade... not another Scott Gomez/ Ryan McDonagh blunder. Go Habs Go the bell centre needs another banner
  13. Not a job I would want... To bad we messed up not giving Scotty Bowman the job way back in the day. How many more cups would we have? 10 or more. He would have drafted Dennis Savard. Flower and Savard together, wow another 60 plus goals for Guy for sure. Maybe he gets to 600. Then a few years later Scotty trades them both to Pittsburg who really needs some star players for their number 1 pick. Montreal gets Mario ....... oh what a dream. How big would that have been if 66 played for the Habs.How many more cups... I miss the glory days. Come on MB make us great again.
  14. I was hoping they still owed us one and that they would be good trading partners Carr and Shaw and a second round for Duclair.
  15. As it stands, looks like we are going to give some young guys a chance. And maybe they can step up and become the players we need to fill out those rolls.Still trying to figure out what we got for Tinordi ... was it really only John Scott? I know the NHL tried to burry him but what did we really get for Tinordi was a draft pick involved? Yes Tinordi was a bust but John Scott allstar MVP who played one game.
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