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  1. Why are Niemi and Lindgren playing well with the same weak defence that Price had this year?
  2. What he has accomplished to worth it? Vezina & Hart the same year? Theodore did it too. With a losing record in the playoffs i don't see how he's worth it. Anyway, 10 millions for a goaltender is just insane, i don't care who he is. Great goaltending by Lindgren. I know it's really soon to talk about it but maybe Lindgren is the Hamburglar of the Habs. It's not like his performance came out of nowhere, he had potential.
  3. Price is a very good goaltender but he's not close to have the competitive spirit of Patrick Roy and at 10 millions per year, i expect him to be on that level. He still has never proved anything in the Playoffs and with the start that he have this season with this insane contract, yeah he deserve the criticism. Montoya played decently in the last game. He may not be the best goalie in the world, but at least he will give the team a chance to win. Maybe Lindgren can play on Sunday.
  4. Pacioretty is a good player but he's a follower, not a leader. I think the next captain should be a player from the future draft, but drafting a Toews or a McDavid is not that easy. I just don't see a long term captain on this team right now.
  5. This may be the worst collapse of any Habs team in their 108 year history. The offense is nearly non-existent. The defense looks pathetic. Everyone on the team seems lost. The 10 millions $ goaltender look like he's from an amateur league. Julien is mixing up the lines using trial and error to try to find something that works. Anytime the team builds up any momentum it is lost by the goalie letting in 3-4 goals within a two minute span. It does not seem that this team can maintain a lead long enough to win within regulation.
  6. I want a rebuild. Problem is, Timmins still there.
  7. This is what happens to a team when they simply build around a goalie that has not proved anything at all.
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