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  1. 100% agree, highly unlikely. Also agree, in a heartbeat!
  2. Not actually a rumour, but... Leafs media seems pretty unhappy with Reilly. What are the odds do you think they would actually dare move him? I’d hate to see’em go, but would Domi plus... I don’t know, Chiarot be a reasonable starting point?
  3. Both can be true at the same time. Yes we’re missing a couple of contending pieces, but I think it is also true that we are on the right path. One good defensmen (maybe it’s Romanov) and one good forward (maybe it’s Caulfield) and wow, what a difference that would make. And their already in the system, toss in a big trade or FA signing in the off season, could make for a very interesting team next year.
  4. You know I actually dont mind Weal in the right circumstance. What i dislike is Julien's reliance on him. We acquired him & he scored at like a 60ppg pace so now thats all Claude seems to think about. That little stretch of games at the end of the season, what 2 years ago? He's a fine #11-14 forward but when Julien uses him on his PP constantly that concerns me. Much like wanting to trade DD to save Therrien from himself, Id like to sit Weal if only to force Julien to make better decisions. I agree, I don’t think he has much business on the power play either. But I like’em on the fourth line. Seems to be a smart player, usually in the right place at the right time. Good hockey iq with some offensive skills. Not bad on face offs either. I wouldn’t mind seeing Poehling sub in for Weise at some point though.
  5. Lol am I the only one that doesn’t dislike Weal? Last night I was a bit in the invisible side of things, but I thought he looked really good in game one.
  6. Agreed, I think the fear of him re-signing in Russia plays a big role here.
  7. Haha true enough!
  8. Lafreniere might not turn out to be a “generational” type player, but my bet is that he will most definitely be a legit 1st overall type. I saw someone make the point that with his size, skill set and physicality he might compare well with Peter Forsberg... wouldn’t that be something special! Now, Forsberg was a BEAST, so I don’t know... but watching some of the footage, I can kind of see it. He was certainly top of the class at these past WJC’s. At the very least, I have zero concerns of him being a bust.
  9. I’ll admit up front that I’m not a fan of the idea of adding Hall. I don’t love the money or the term it would likely cost to get’em, but all of that aside, I just don’t think he’d be a good fit. Personally, if we were to attempt a huge move along those lines, I’d much prefer to see us funnel our resources into Barzal. If we’re going to toss around 10mil with serous term, Barzal makes a lot more sense. And I’m not saying it’s a “must” or that we even should, but I’d rather make Barzal the highest paid player in the league and suffer the compensatory consequences than pay Hall $10 million x 6 or 8. With that said, if we were to go that route, I’d prefer to see us work out a trade then actually have to offer sheet the kid.
  10. Personally, the more I think about it, the more I like our position in all of this. If we lose to Pittsburgh (which most think we will) we’ve got a great shot at Lafreniere. I don’t remember what our odds were pre-COVID-19, but my guess is we now have a better chance of winning that pick more than at any other time this season. If we don’t win 1st overall, we’re still picking 9th, which is what we expected anyways. Or we beat Pittsburgh (which is absolutely a possibility), lose in one of the following matchups and wind up picking somewhere between 16th-24th. Although this is not an ideal drafting position, I’m really keen on Jeremy Poirier, and that seems like a nice window to snag’em. Bit of a “high risk/high reward” pick, but man, his skill set is hard to ignore. Or... we could just take advantage of abnormal circumstances and just WIN THE CUP!!! Statistically it’s a heck of a long shot, but honestly, I don’t think there is a team in the league that we can’t beat. All of these scenarios work for me, let’s get this party started already!
  11. I like the sounds of the single game elimination playoffs. Probably the best shot at salvaging the season. Take Detroit out of the equation (perhaps guarantee them 1st overall as a consolation), give the top team in each the East and West a first round bye, whoever can manage to win 5 straight lifts the cup. Something like that can be hammered out in a two week period, stick a bow on top and call it a year. At least then the league can move forward with the rest of the off-season in schedule. The only question would be how to sort out the rest of the draft order after Detroit...
  12. I think it’s because it’s his decision to make. Montreal can choose to assign him to Laval or bring him up or not to sign him at all, but whether or not he stays in school is entirely up to him.
  13. I also would like to see us make a move on Krug. But I also do think he most likely re-signs with Boston. Boston has a knack for keeping their players for less than the market price would suggest, and Boston is very good. They could make a legitimate run for the cup this year, and possibly for years to come. But Krug would definitely be a great addition to our blue line. What about Gryzlick (I probably misspelled that)? His numbers look... okay, what do you think his upside could be? I doubt he’s got the offence we’re looking for long term, but does he have enough to out produce Chairot? Chairot’s been okay, but I think he’d be better off on the second pairing.
  14. I mostly agree with everything you said here. I wasn’t aware Girard had already signed long term. It’s not a terrible contract all things considered, just bigger/longer than I anticipated. I also agree with you on Graves ( is he the real deal? Wouldn’t want to give up too much..) but for the right price, I’d consider taking a chance. Either way, mostly I was just making the case for exploring trade options before going the offer sheet rout.
  15. I’m generally not a big fan of the offer sheet. They almost never work, and the cost is set so high it’s rarely worth it. But there are exceptional circumstances. This one in particular that you have mentioned is a tough one. The compensation going back is tolerable, but that’s a hefty contract we’d have to commit to... I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, but I’d also take another hard look at the trade market. Colorado doesn’t seem to interested in moving Byram, but we might be able to wiggle Girard or Graves out of there. That also might be a suitable solution, Girard would be a particularly nice fit alongside Weber. Girard is basically everything we hoped Mete would be, and even if it cost is something similar to the offersheet compensation package, at least we wouldn’t be stuck with a long term $8 million contract.