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  1. I think it might be easy for us to look at what we see on the ice and conclude that some of these other players were just as unproductive as Kotkaneimi. But maybe the difference was in the things we don’t see. Staal definitely had his bad moments and lulls in productivity. But maybe it was his effort, attitude and cognizance of these deficiencies, his attentiveness to the coaching he was receiving that saw him remain in the lineup. And visa versa for Kotkaneimi. Of course this is pure speculation, but from MB’s presser, it sounds like this was an area Kotkaneimi struggled with, so it might not be too far off base
  2. Oh wow, did he? I did not get that update lol. Way to go NHL.com … ah well, would have meant less opportunity for Poehling anyways
  3. I think if we were to take a chance on adding another forward on a low cost contract, Bozak makes the most sense. Even then I’m not sure it’s necessary, I think we’re pretty much set, but adding a face off specialist like Bozak would be more useful than Galcenyk.
  4. You make good points, it’s not like their 17. My concern is that Russia doesn’t seem to do much in the way of developing the offensive side of the game with their defensmen, and the opposite for Sweden (though not to the same extent). I don’t think it would do anything but benefit the both of them to spend a little time in Laval getting lots of minutes working on those areas . I’m not saying it has to be for the full season, but a couple of months wouldn’t hurt.
  5. Considering how all of this Kotkaneimi stuff went down, have we gone too far with Romanov to start him in Laval this season. I’d really like to see that before it’s too late. Do we have enough depth to fill out our D without having to rush Romanov or Norlinder in too quick?
  6. More importantly, who even cares? 2nd line center, 3rd line center? There’s zero difference between the quality of wingers we have for either of those lines. Assumedly Suzuki and Caufield are our “top line” but after that you got Toffoli, Gallagher, Drouin, Hoffman and Anderson. Lol pick your poison. Number them what you want, our top 9 is pretty balanced. What used to be our 3rd line is now our 4th, with some nice additions to it as well that will fight over playing time.
  7. I agree that Danault is the wrong comparison. We basically 3-way traded Kotkaneimi for Dvorak, so those are the comparable pieces. What I’ve never understood is where Kotkaneimi’s “high ceiling” projections came from. Like I remember when we drafted him and he came over hearing the media throw out comparisons like Kopitar, THN had his comparable as Jeff Carter. But those are just random names thrown out there, what basis of comparison were used? I haven’t seen any Kopitar or Carter’ like. Many draft eligibles ceilings are projected and given juicy comparisons. Very rarely are the accurate. For example, I was reading up on Joel Armia’s draft profile on THW. He was pegged as a pure goal scorer, possibly the best in the draft, a sniper. Ranked 13th by ISS, and funny enough, also had Jeff Carter as his best case comparison. I like Armia a lot, but clearly he’s no Jeff Carter. He does have a great shot though, but probably nowhere near the best pure goal scorer from his draft class. That doesn’t make him bad or a bust. It does highlight how little these “way too early” projection and comparisons are actually worth. We’ve seen plenty of Kotkaneimi over the last few years, and although he has looked good at times, I haven’t seen anything from him that suggests he will ever meet those early projections about what his ceiling might be. At this point I think it’s actually a safer bet that he caps out somewhere around where Armia is. But what do I know, he could surprise, but if he does it would be just that, a surprise. Again, to be clear, I’m not hating on Kotkaneimi, I think he will develop into a good middle 6 forward and have a long, productive career. I just don’t understand where or what was being looked at when his future was being projected that ever had anyone seeing a #1 center, and nor do I care. Those predictions were made when he was a 17 year old kid, playing in a league far away (and I’m pretty sure on LW a lot of the time) after only seeing him a handful of times. So I’m not too concerned about his potential ceiling, from once upon a time. What matters is how he projects now. And that goes for anyone, pre draft projections go out the window pretty quickly once the draft is done and over with.
  8. Basically agree here as well, basically. I like Hoffman-Dvorak-Gallagher, it just makes sense. Very similar to Tatar-Danault-Gallagher. Lehkonen, Perreault, Evans, Pacquette and Armia will likely rotate in and out of the 4th, so basically spot on there. I would like to see Drouin on the top line with Suzuki and Caufield, I think their skill should compliment one another’s nicely. But I also agree that if not, Toffoli is Drouin’s likely replacement. Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Dvorak-Gallagher Toffili-Poehling-Anderson Perrault-Evans-Armia Lehkonen-Pacquette The power play is where it gets interesting. I’d like to see us try and mimic Tampa’s set up. Caufield on the left half wall, Hoffman on the right half wall, Suzuki in the high slot, either feeding it right, left or taking the shot him self. I. The point, I don’t know, Petry for sure, Drouin on the left? We’ve had him there before, how did that work out? He’s got the vision to see the ice, is always a threat to skate in and take the shot. Defensively I’m not to sure, but then again, we did just go through the playoffs with Gus on our point, Drouin can’t be any worse defensively than that. There’s Romanov, but might be best to save him for the second unit
  9. Agreed, we had quite a long stretch where I was constantly scratching my head over our 1st round selections. A couple you have listed didn’t look bad, just didn’t work out. Beaulieu looked promising, just turned out he stunk. Juulsen looked promising, just took to many pucks to the face. I still think we overrate Sergachev because of the circumstances, and I understand that. Really wish we could have seen Drouin and him head to head in the finals, that would have been fun. But the last few years our picks seem to be looking better, with the exception of Kotkaneimi. Nothing against Kotkaneimi, I just never liked the selection. But Poehling, Caufield, Guhle, Maileaux (and from a a draft analysis perspective) Sergachev all look to be much better. As long as they are properly developed, not rushed into the league, given ice time in Laval, I think we’re looking pretty good. I actually wish we had a rule in place that no prospect gets a taste of pro, not preseason, no first 9 games of the regular season until they are eligible for Laval. And even then, we should really insist on a minimum time spent in Laval before being called up. A standard that’s regardless of whether your 3rd overall or a 3rd rounder. Scotty Bowman’s way. Yzerman seems to follow that strategy, and same goes for Briesbois in Tampa.
  10. I guess if you look at the whole thing as if we traded Kotkaneimi for Dvorak and a 2nd, it’s a pretty solid win. I don’t think before this you could have traded Kotkaneimi for Dvorak straight up, let alone getting that 2nd added. So from a trade perspective it’s a win. Not letting Carolina bully us into destroying our pay structure is a win. Win-win
  11. Really wanted two 1st round picks. But I’m pretty alright with this. So is the 1st conditional? I read something like they get whichever pick is the better of the two, except if it’s a top 10, is that correct?
  12. Phase one complete. Now, to hold on to that 1st round pick. Please, please, no desperate trade for a bandaid center. Hold the line MB!
  13. I suppose the question is whether it’s the hockey worlds place to dole out punishment, or is that what we have real world justice systems for?
  14. Agreed. How is the kid supposed to rehabilitate himself. Going to London was supposed to be good for him, help him grow into a better person. They have a good system there. What’s the end goal here? At his age he is very susceptible to going down an unhealthy path of drugs, alcohol and self hate. How does taking away hockey, the one healthy, structured distraction he has do any good for anyone.
  15. I guess a couple of questions is 1) who is locked in with Suzuki and Caufield? And 2) Has Drouin effectively shaken the cobwebs out of his head? I’d love to think that he’s had some sort of transitional turning point. Everything is sorted and in the right places. What could these lines look like? Toffoli - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - Drouin - Anderson Lehkonen - Evans - Gallagher Perreault - Pacquette - Armia But I also like Drouin - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - Evans - Gallagher Toffoli - Poehling - Anderson Lehkonen - Perreault - Armia Either way, I don’t think these look all that bad. Which plays a roll in why I not only hope we don’t match Carolina’s offer, but also hope we don’t rush out and waste the return assets out of desperation, because I really don’t think we’re anywhere near as desperate as it may seem.
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