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  1. Ok, I've seen enough, enjoy that weird football played with hands...I'm off to bed...
  2. Et le buuuuuut!!
  3. Oh my....what I am looking at?
  4. What happened to him? I only saw him walk away angry... I'm writing too I know
  5. Never heard of him
  6. Too bad...I thought Ovie would be hungry for some goals...
  7. Oh yes..he's a true hero
  8. They're for us...we want some live NHL action too
  9. Will we see a Mtl PP goal today? It seems to me that the Habs are too polite and they think it's unfair to score with an extra man.
  10. Well...see ya tomorrow, time to bed...enjoy your evening...
  11. ...I'll have a whiskey shot flush the sadness...
  12. As Germans say, beer after wine is for pigs...whiskey is an option....if we win