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  1. Good match. I don't know, if it's allowed here, but I wanted Finns to win. I usually support the underdogs...
  2. No medal, once again . Shootout loss. This time wife's innocent, she wasn't looking.
  3. Congrats... The score was a bit cruel for the Czechs, I guess. The difference was in execution of scoring chances...And my wife also played her part in it. The moment she left the TV in the 3rd, we scored. Then she came back...
  4. Thanks. It will surely be needed .
  5. Next up, on saturday, it's Canada vs Czechia... Voráček will hopefully light up Murray
  6. Canada squeezed past Swiss to semifinal and no word here... You guys really don't care about IIHF hockey ... Even if it was a real nail-biter...
  7. It looks like Czechia will face Germany in the quarterfinal... And the Red Machine is destroying Sweden...
  8. That was close ... What a match... 6-5
  9. Seems like we're not finished... 5-5...
  10. Ok, back to normal... 2-2
  11. 1-0 Slovakia
  12. Cze-Rus was a waste of time to watch . Hopefully Can-Svk will be more interesting...
  13. And 8-0...double digits approaching GB switched goalies...