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  1. Only thing MB should be doing now is driving a Molson beer truck up in Nunavut.
  2. Tim Peel must have called the bat phone and told CLee to smarten up with the Nashville penalties
  3. Love my habs, but wouldn't be upset with a Subby top cheddar to win the game.
  4. Maudi, I'll never understand the drop pass back to a rushing forward on the PP....while 4 guys stand at their blue line. Wasn t that the thing to do 2 years ago?
  5. Could you imagine having someone like PK and Markov on our PP I know I know, can't let it go, but will allow myself when watching Nashville.
  6. My lord Gally must sit in that hot tub in the room for hours after a game...the guy gets absolutely mugged.
  7. Funny you say that, several weeks ago with Chucky on the 4th they were one of the better lines. Not sure why they feel Des la Froese line could even be considered a 4th and not a 7th..
  8. Sad when one of the only best callups is Froese...a guy Leafs dumped when they were stil terrible. Always thought DLR would be a good replacement for turtleneck, but he really hasn't shown much over the the last few years.
  9. For Bergevin to want Suuby back, Subby would have to get demoted to the Nashville farm team, turn into a #8 defensemen in the AHL...Only then would MB offer Price, Drouin and Gallagher
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