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  1. I'm all for giving people second chances and I'm perfectly okay with any other GM's drafting him. But I am not absolutely NOT okay with Bergevin drafting him. Just think about all the people he drove out of town for far less infractions, how they don't have character. How do you now get on a podium now to announce that pick after what he did? Methinks Bergevin is full of the brown stuff.
  2. Agreed generally on Drouin probably having more value Sergachev at the point, though I think it's necessary to point out one caveat. We just lost our Norris winning top RD in Subban and Andrei Markov. Then we trade off the projected "next Andrei Markov?" Yes I know projections and all that, but I think strong skating puck moving D has more value than skilled wingers. On top of that Drouin was on the outs in Tampa. Also, we supposedly traded away plenty of skilled players for character issues. Subban, Galchenyuk, Semin, Kassian, Tinordi, now apparently Domi (even though I think health issues is a legitimate concern in the bubble), but we traded for a malcontent hold-out like Drouin? Not only that, we didn't offer him a bridge contract when we tried to stiff Subban with a bridge then of course having to overpay later, then of course whining non-stop about "overpaying" even though we did it to ourselves. What's the logic there? Anyways, end rant, see you guys next year.
  3. Not quite haha. A year ago I made the conscious decision to not watch the habs until Bergevin gets fired. That changed in the playoffs because I always watch the playoffs regardless of team. So this is my annual blowing off steam rant. We had Sergachev, we're not getting him back, but boy does he look like what we need right about now. I said at the onset we lost that trade. That seems to be a trend with Bergevin. Lose value with every trade. Subban for Webber (nothing against Webber, he was nothing but professional); destroying Galchenyuk's confidence and more importantly value then trade for Domi when it should have been Domi + pick (in retrospect it's fine, results-wise, but should have been Domi + pick); now destroying Domi's value then trading for Anderson and we gave up the pick. Look, I like Anderson in isolation, but he just had a major injury. I as a casual fan wouldn't have done that trade for Drouin, so why does Bergevin still have a job.
  4. What the hell are you talking about? Let's do a full PBP of the play then. Admittedly I'm no familiar with Hathaway but I have him ZERO benefit of the doubt. When I first saw the play I saw Hathaway trying to hit Domi, who stepped out of the way. Then Hathaway's arms came up. At that point I thought it was a reflex. But as I've said, I gave didn't give him any benefit of the doubt. I said he "maybe threw an elbow." On the other hand, I said Domi had an interference hit and a sucker punch. I've made no mention of the fact even that he blind sided somebody, he elbowed somebody, he targeted somebody's head. So I'm wondering how on earth you're keeping a straight face while pretending poor Domi somehow was the victim here. Also, the glove DIDN'T come off at the same time. Domi leveled Hathaway who pushed Domi's knee as reaction. That's when Domi's gloves came off. To say Domi somehow didn't throw the first punch, you're outright lying. Hathaway's gloves came off at 1:14 in the video AFTER Domi grabbed him by the face and started throwing punches at 1:13. Domi got two shots in before Hathaway was even on his feet. And Garbutt's hit being blindside? Are you even serious? So every hit when somebody's back was to the boards is a blindside? It was a clean hit. Nobody should be expected to answer the bell on a clean hit. Garbutt saw it coming because Duclair cross-checked him. Otherwise Domi might have caught him with a sucker punch just like Bertuzzi did to Moore. The consequences wasn't as severe fortunately, but let's not pretend it wasn't a goon move.
  5. What's done's done. Like maas_art said, I'm just hoping Julien get make him realize (aside from cleaning up the antics) that if he is one of our top 6 forwards, we don't need our top 6 forwards and first rounders fighting. We need him scoring goals, setting up plays and generally playing hockey.
  6. I'll also say this about the Hathaway hit. When Domi retaliated, he also threw an elbow. Not only that, if you take a close look at it, it was an elbow, a blindside hit and most importantly, the primary point of contact was Hathaway's HEAD. So since we're apparently keeping scores here that's at least 6 offenses: retaliation, interference, elbow, blindside hit, targeting the head and sucker punch.
  7. In the Hathaway hit, Hathaway threw an elbow, which missed. Then Domi leveled him which as I said, also got Arizona down a man. The revenge happened. At worst that should have been it. You got your pound of flesh. Then while Hathaway is down and with his gloves on, Domi started throwing punches. Didn't even properly challenge the guy. So good on him for being a goon? The Garbutt hit is garbage how? Elbows in, shoulder to chest, not late, player was playing the puck. How's it a garbage hit? Because it was on OEL? Oh and once again, Domi didn't even challenge the guy, just started throwing sucker punches. Real good of him there. I'm guessing you'd defend Bertuzzi here too. For Ekblad, at least you admit he did nothing to deserve the punch. But as I've said, it's not one punch. Domi sucker punched at last 3 different guys in 3 different seasons. Sure it's one punch if we just ignore the others. Where did I said just because you're team Canada you can do this. No, if he's on team Canada it's still not acceptable. The real difference is whether we keep/trade for a player who has such issues. With a guy like Marchand we say he don't condone what he does but he can actually play hockey. We'll try to get him to play hockey instead of act like a goon. We spend more effort changing his behaviour. With somebody who doesn't have such talent, you still try, but at some time you cut your losses, especially since you got rid of multiple players because of alleged CHARACTER ISSUES. Also, like I said, Domi committed what I consider comparable to two of the post egregious offenses in the modern era so let's not pretend it's not worse than slashes and elbows. Also, in those 3 instances I mentioned, only 1 was Domi actually "defending" a teammate. And that was on a clean hit. He did them for HIM, not his team. That Ekblad punch end up costing us a goal. We're glad it occurred in the preseason
  8. I'll just make one more post before I stop on this subject (because I know I'm probably starting to get annoying on this). Why do I consider these incidents especially bad. In the Hathaway incident, sure I think Hathaway might have thrown an elbow, but then Domi threw a blatant interference hit which puts his team down a man, showing lack of discipline. Then he goes on and sucker punches a guy who's down on the ice who still had his glove on. In the case of Garbutt (I never thought I'd defend Garbutt or Ekblad). But Garbutt threw a clean hit (if late, by a fraction of a second at most) then got assaulted. He was actually lucky there because he got (as I mentioned) a stick and a crosscheck from Duclair so he knew somebody was coming after him. When Bertuzzi assault Moore, the latter had little warning that a punch was coming and was knocked out before he even hit his head on the ice where his neck snapped backwards. Had it not been Duclair's stick, would Garbutt have prepared for the sucker punch? Lastly, I don't like Ekblad and it might be a bad angle (maybe Ekblad chopped at Domi, I don't know), but it was far from the worst thing he did and was a hockey play. Then Domi outright sucker punched him. That's well, Domi on Samuelsson stuff right there. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I consider the Moore and Samuelsson incidents among the most egregious incidents in the modern era. So when you have a guy who's barely 3 years into the league doing that in the more "disciplined" era, that's straight up thuggish. Most importantly though, these incidents happened two, three years apart when you're supposed to be older and more mature now. That's not young and dumb, that's right and wrong difference. I don't know what Julien can do to fix it. What Andrew Shaw did is nothing by comparison.
  9. Except it's not the first incident. Far from it. Aside from the Garnet Hathaway incident I posted above there is this little gem involving Ryan Garbutt. Some would call that a sucker punching history. Now, no love lost here for either Ekblad or Garbutt, but I do agree with one of the comments on the video, "reminds me of Bertuzzi." That's exactly what it reminds me of, Bertuzzi, just without the stick. We give Marchand, Lucic and Chara crap for sucker punching (as we should) so we do we put up with crap here? Also, I would pretend I wouldn't be tempted in having Marchand on the team, but here's an idea, how about Max Domi come within sniffing distance of first line on team Canada before we see how much of a hypocrite I am hmmm?
  10. Now that I've given myself the one week cool down period from the incident, I'l say that Domi is a five letter word that begins with mo and ends with ron. Reminds me of this incident. It's blatantly obvious that he's learnt absolutely nothing three years into the league.
  11. In the case of Babcock, I believe he's arguably one of the best in the game today and I'd rank him not so marginally ahead of Julien. For one thing, I find Julien coaches the Julien system. Sure, every coach has his preferred system, but I find Julien more so. If he has plays who can play the Julien roles then he does better. But that's the thing, even NHL 18 doesn't let you pick your whole team. I think Babcock is better in that regards. Also I think Babcock is better at adapting to plays from the other team. Which is not to say Julien is not a top coach. Just that I find Babcock better (my personal opinion, I could be wrong) and I wish we had him. Yet we didn't consider him. But the other thing I probably didn't make clear is this. It's not that there aren't bad Angelophone coaches or all Francophone coaches are bad. It's that we're limiting the pool. Julien wasn't available at the time. Neither was Boucher (whom I also like) or Vigneault. Ducharme as you mentioned was in the minors. I find it highly problematic that we didn't even consider Babcock. It's one thing to say there are no good available coaching candidates available, let's train Ducharme and see how that works. It's quite another when a coach of such pedigree was available and might be interest, that we didn't even consider him. Not to mention, as I said, we had Therrien at the time. You also mentioned us retreading on Carbonneau, but that's exactly what we did with Julien and Therrien. Lastly but certainly not the least, I find it highly problematic when a team (politics aside) deciding and saying outright that it is okay to accept an inferior product. I do understand your point, politically. But I find it unacceptable.
  12. I don't disagree that there is a lot of politics embedded in sports, but I strongly disagree with having a French coach. First of all, I think Babcock is a better coach than Julien. You may say that's marginal. But you know what, if the whole organization fills up with marginally inferior products at key positions all the way to the minors, it adds up. Secondly, as Ted said, you're limiting your pool. In this case it isn't even a Babcock/Julien comparison. It's a Babcock/Therrien comparison. And Babcock is WAY better than Therrien so the difference wasn't even marginal. We artificially limited our selection process to a small fraction of the pool that when Babcock wasn't even considered (when he's shown at least minor interest no less). At the time, Julien wasn't available, so we went with crap. We're really lucky Julien became available, what if he didn't? Right now we're not even sure Brisbois is available. So that's that then? Every time we select an inferior product?
  13. See, the most frustrating part of all this is not only that none of them are top 2 line centres, but more importantly, why the hell did we sign Deslauriers mid-season? Was Bergevin pretending we were never gonna resign Plekanec or what? The move by itself doesn't really cost us much, but it clearly shows the lack of anything thinking. It's so damn point less.
  14. By the same token then Galchenyuk had a strike shortened season and two injury shortened seasons. Also, as mentioned, he was centred by offensive juggernauts like Steve Ott, Jacob De La Rose, Brian Flynn and Mike McCarron. I must also admit I'm also not understanding the 222 vs. 418 games logic here. There is a one year difference between Domi and Galchenyuk in age. Given that the strike shortened the first season to 48 games, why didn't Domi play give or take 370 games (adjusted for injuries)? Simple. Because Galchenyuk was better earlier on. It's not like they said let's play him and see where it gets us. It's because he was good early on and got to play early on. It's not a chicken and egg problem. Domi didn't get to play early on because he wasn't good enough. To say they both produced 0.61 points is to say a 21 year old produced the same as an 18 year old Galchenyuk and so on. I wouldn't exactly view that in a positive light. But no, Domi is not a bad players. You'll excuse me, I'm rather frustrated these days and might be taking it out on him.
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