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  1. I am predicting a 6-2 loss tonight but am hoping for a regulation win lol
  2. Would rather see if we could help them by taking Klefbom
  3. Analyzing this road trip against some of the best teams we can keep pace with them and expose them with our speed as long as we keep skating and don't turn over the puck in our end or the neutral zone too many times. We NEED Folin to replace Benn and to limit the 4th line to like 5-7 minutes a game or less.
  4. Totally LOL as long as the Oilers move to Tampa
  5. Also JK and JD seemed kind of invisible tonight.
  6. Saw the 4th line too many times bad giveaways and they stopped skating after the 2nd goal all reasons for the loss
  7. Screw it next 3 PP we play the 4th line all 2 minutes with Benn and Kulak at the points
  8. CJ has got to get away from the 4th line
  9. Our playoff position is slipping away fast. Well at least we get a PPP