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  1. Yeah probably I forgot they just got Niskinen
  2. Thread for now might as well give the GM until July 15th before making a final decision on him cause he earned a little bit of a reprieve last year. But if he does nothing or one thing stupid he would be gone IMO
  3. If Philly is looking to bolster their lineup and their Dvwith toughness they would also they probably feel to getting Weber is worth Ghost who they don't value and probably Konecny so if you have to send back a B level prospect to get the 11th pick they would probably see that as fair value for Weber
  4. Ok so if we could sign Karlsson at 9-10 Mil then trade Weber and Alzner to Philly for Ghost + Konecny + 11 OVA + a late round pick say 4th or 5th round I think Philly might take that deal even with having to take Alzner maybe you throw in a B level prospect as well or the 15 OVA (prefer to keep that though)
  5. It was actually Del Zotto made a mistake when typing lol but yeah totally
  6. How do you think Del Zotto feels right about now traded from Vancouver to the Ducks then St. Louis all this year then wins the cup
  7. Bozak gets traded from the Leafs only to win the cup in the year that was supposed to be the Leafs winning go figure lmao
  8. I was just going to say that lol.
  9. ROR either one would have been a good pick but I still would have chosen Binnington congrats to ROR though
  10. Yeah but He was still the most valuable player in the playoffs even if you exclude his season he gave the Blues the stability and big games they needed to win
  11. I would vote Binnington cause he is the one that turned the St. Louis season around
  12. Cause he is an idiot lmao he forgot he was wearing a full face shield
  13. Nice to see the refs just run put the clock there instead of blowing down the icing
  14. I don't think they will even shoot for it
  15. Bring out the cup