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  1. Yeah, IF that Kinot guy can do it I figure anyone can
  2. This is spot on, Julien has the luxury this year of not caring about matchups. Every line and D pairing is getting equal or close to equal time against all different levels of opponents.
  3. I had the kid pegged as being NHL ready going into the bubble and if he had been allowed to play think we would have been able to at least force game seven vs the Flyers. I also said he would\should be moved up within 10 games. The kid is legit, I can't wait for Norlinder, can you imagine that duo!
  4. Looking for a better officiated game tonight. Some of those calls were really really soft. Kulak's and KK's in particular were weak. I also would like to see us draw some more penalties, our PP has been great this year. Who knew adding some scorers to the lineup would improve the PP ?! I wonder how much of the penalties against are a result from Matthews and Tavares whining to the media?
  5. I will do a couple over the course of the year even if I can't get on for the actual game LOL.
  6. FFS CJ cost us that one too
  7. Yesss come on Price!!!
  8. Why is CJ not going with the hot shooters?
  9. And CJ costs us again!!!
  10. I don't think you can go wrong with that either
  11. Shooters for SO Toffoli Suzuki Anderson
  12. Send out Petry-Kotkaniemi-Toffoli to start
  13. That ties us for 1st with the Leafs let's go for the win now!!!