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  1. I agree that the 1st, Roster Player and top prospect would be all that it will take. If I was MB I might start with 1st + Tatar + Struble then build from there
  2. Toronto vs Boston: Tie San Jose vs Buffalo: Buffalo Pittsburgh vs Florida: Pittsburgh Arizona vs New York Rangers: Tie Vancouver vs Detroit: Vancouver Washington vs Calgary: Washington
  3. Yeah I saw the article that said he was 30 too. He will be 28 in like 3 or 4 weeķs on Nov 14th though so saying he is 27 is technically right but not really accurate LOL. Doesn't really seam like any article can get it right.
  4. LOL yeah It took Eliot Friedman on sportcenter to point out that the ref in the corner had his hand in the air as the breakaway shot was taken and showing the video
  5. Was actually for Marners hook on the breakaway the refs hand was up for like 15 seconds before the puck was covered
  6. See and I would trade Juulsen over Fleury both play a similar style of game but Fleury seems to have a more offensive minded game than Juulsen. Both are big strong guys that win battles. I don't think you really lose no matter which player you decide to keep but my preference would be Fleury over Juulsen. Oh and by that I mean of you were making a trade that had to include one of the two.
  7. I agree about the Flyers but have also been looking at teams at the bottom of the standings that could use Byron and have a couple of surplus LHD. I have listed them in order of who I believe would be the best fit. Chicago Gustafsson - Byron, Juulsen or Fleury + 2nd (Chicago) Philadelphia Gostisbehere - Byron, Mete + 2nd Dallas Lindell - Byron, Mete, Juulsen + 3rd (this one to me is the most interesting as Lindell is currently their top guy and is only 25 but Heiskanen is on the rise) Dallas Heiskanen - Byron, Mete, Juulsen + 1st or 2nd Dallas Harley + 2021 1st or 2nd - Byron + Juulsen I agree I would also hate losing Mete but for the good of the team he would be my choice over Kulak as Kulak-Petry are better than Mete-Petry
  8. Columbus vs Toronto: Toronto Vegas vs Philadelphia: Vegas Ottawa vs Dallas: Dallas
  9. What is Petry doing tonight? Giveaway in front of the net then hits Kinkade
  10. That didn't take too long and they still have 2 minutes to go
  11. Now if Weal was only moved back and Suzuki up
  12. Looks like Hartman will be ok though but Ek is out a week