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  1. How much worse can it honestly get? We have 12 goals in our last 8 games and 1 in the last 2 games! We need any offense we can get, even if that means using a 20 Y.O. undersized rookie and burning our last callup in the process! We can't sit back and keep trying the same things over and over again and expecting different results.
  2. And it is especially frustrating when it turns out to be the turning point in the game!
  3. Ok so we need a goal with 1:30 left and Staal is out
  4. Can we please put our best offensive players together please!
  5. That never should have been icing as the oiler player picked Byron at center so that he couldn't get to the puck. Montreal should have been on the PP for interference
  6. How is that icing when the Edmonton player stopped Byron from getting up ice
  7. Romanov had is back to Kassian who came flying into the pile to hit him from behind of course that was a legal hit cause the guy being checked is wearing a Habs jersey
  8. Kassian should be gone and now a couple of Oilers as well
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