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  1. I don't mind either way an offer or not. I will say this though MB has tried really hard this year to land some big names Duchene, Aho and Gardiner and there were even rumblings of Karlsson so it wouldn't surprise me if he was after Hall and making a serious push.
  2. New Jersey vs Colorado: Colorado
  3. My oh my how things change in a hurry in the NHL. Calgary was losing 2-1 after 2 periods. Now it's 4-2 for the flames 3 minutes into the third.
  4. Right, we will give you so and so if you give us the right to take your pick in 2020 if it ends up higher than ours. LMAO how do you even justify that in the lottery era? You trade say Lehkonen + a second to Ottawa for the right to swap picks this year and they win the lottery then the Habs get the #1 pick. That is sort of what Montreal did when the traded for Colorado's first rounder 4 years early they totally won that one.
  5. Here is an article written in 2015 when McDavid was being drafted. While there has never been a 1st over all pick traded since the implementation of the cap there are a number of interesting 1sts on the list most notably Marc-andre Fleury, Rick Nash and while he was traded after the draft Eric Lindros. I thìnk the Lindros price would be about equal to what someone would have to give up for Lafrenier but it would have to be done once the lottery had taken place.
  6. I wasn't saying it wouldn't take more or even that MB should do it I was saying that I can see MB trying some kind of package like that especially with Lafrenier being French and the draft in Montreal.
  7. It's all just speculation anyway besides the French part would just be a bonus to MB the kid is actually really good.
  8. Quite honestly I like Poehling too however he is a guy I can see MB moving along with our 1st and a 2nd at the draft to get the 1st OVA pick and take Lafrenier. We already have JK NS MD and PD down the middle and PD is only what like 26 and the oldest making RP or PD expendable to get that 1st OVA
  9. yeah I realized that after I wrote it out LOL
  10. There may be a logical reason for sending him down which is simply to extend his waiver exemption window. If we keep him for more than 10 games or 30 days from when he was called up on the 10th that means that he would need to pass through waivers if not sent back down before the 2nd of Jan. when he would play his 10th game against the Lightening. By sending him down now we increase his window to the 6th if he misses the Detroit game. I also see them calling him back up on the 17th for the Vancouver game and sending him back down after that so that they don't have to waste days off during the Christmas roster freeze.
  11. I think after watching last night the team already addressed it in the locker room. They showed that by going after Tkachuk for poking at Primeau
  12. Nashville vs Buffalo: Tie Boston vs Tampa Bay: Boston NY Islanders vs Florida: Islanders Columbus vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Winnipeg vs Detroit: Winnipeg Toronto vs Calgary: Calgary Carolina vs Vancouver: Carolina NY Rangers vs San Jose: Rangers
  13. Not me I actually like the idea. I wish someone would just one day pound the piss out of Marchand even if he doesn't fight back just put the boots to him
  14. Boston vs Washington: Washington Ottawa vs Montreal: Montreal Philadelphia vs Colorado: Colorado
  15. Tampa Bay vs Florida: Florida Montreal vs Pittsburgh: Tie St Louis vs Buffalo: St Louis Detroit vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg New Jersey vs Dallas: Dallas Carolina vs Edmonton: Edmonton Toronto vs Vancouver: Vancouver NY Rangers vs Los Angeles: Ranger