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  1. This is the only place he has really found any success. So he may want a chance to prove himself. MB probably would do it cause he likes his reclamation projects. CJ may not want to do it but probably is one of the best coaches for AG to go to cause he already knows AG's limits.
  2. I have a similar question to this. Who would be for bringing back Chucky on a 700k 1 year deal? We would have waive Weal for sure if you did. You would have 2 options 1. It only allows for a 21 man roster but Chucky could get 20 goals again on a line with KK and Taffoli. 2. Trade two of Byron, Kulak and Armia for picks. That would make a possible line up of Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Galchenyuk-Kotkaniemi-Taffoli Lehkonen-Evans-Armia/Byron Belzile-Weal Chiarot-Weber Edmondson-Petry Romanov-Mete Juulsen Would you do it?
  3. Don't you know Voodoo dolls don't work on the soulless
  4. Kinot's portrait
  5. Agreed but Romanov plays a much bigger game than his stature suggests he is capable of.
  6. The one main flaw I see with this is the starting point. A team like Tampa who was one of the highest scoring teams last year who don't have cap room to add players won't have much of an increase next year (even if they could add how many more goals would they realistically be able to add per game?). Where as a team like Detroit who couldn't score to save their lives last year and added a significant number of players will obviously score more this year.
  7. I would say his puck skills surpass Karlsson and Subban. Take a look at his Lacross type shot today. It was stopped but still mad skills. More like a forward with Svechnikov skills on the back end.
  8. All of this is correct plus his contract doesn't count against the 50 contract limit. It also allows him to play for the Habs IF he impresses at rookie and training camps and WJR's
  9. The Montreal Canadiens have locked up an important piece of their future by agreeing to a three-year, entry-level contract with top prospect Kaiden Guhle. Guhle will earn $832,500 with a signing bonus of $92,500 in each year of the contract that he plays in the NHL. The contract also contains Performance “A” bonuses worth a maximum of $420,000 per season. If Guhle plays in the AHL, he will earn a salary of $80,000.
  10. That is usually true except in this case Keith would be better than anything we already have on the LD even at 37.
  11. I think you could make a deal surrounding Lehkonen + Chiarot + 2nd for say Kieth + Ragula or similar prospect. We lose Lehkonen but Yelonen looks ready and is a similar player for less money.
  12. Literally just saw this and was posting lol
  13. Krieder got 7 years at 6.5 Mil at 29 YO, are you saying that Gallagher isn't worth as much as Krieder? Krieder has the size advantage but even still the injuries over the last 4 seasons for Gally have been: 16-17 Broken Hand (Weber) 17-18 Played all 82 games 18-19 Played all 82 games 19-20 concussion (Chiarot kneed him in the head) In conclusion IF our own players stop injuring the guy his injury history wouldn't even be a concern.
  14. I would do as much as 7 Mil x 8 years front loaded with a NMC. Gally is no Jean Beliveau in terms of skill but his value to the organization and his loyalty to the Habs through the years is equal to Beliveau's and if there has been 1 Montreal Canadien over the last 40 years that deserves to retire as a Habit is most definitely Gallagher.
  15. Another important aspect of the contract is no trade protection.