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  1. It seems like Ek is way off once again. The player tested positive some time ago and has since recovered so there is no reason to delay the start of phase 3.
  2. The NFL has announced that Phase 2 of return to play will begin Monday! If phase 2 lasts from now until the 10th then I can see phase 3 only being 1-2 Weeks with maybe 3 games thrown in.
  3. In other news an undisclosed Penguins player has tested positive for the virus. Some websites (hockeyBuzz) reporting that the NHL has pushed back training camps to August however I have not found any legitimate reports about suspending phase 3 to August
  4. could you maybe go Suzuki + Petry + 1st 2021 + Mete? I just don't see MB willing to move Romanov and I keep coming back to the 2021 pick because I would assume the trade would be made after the draft.
  5. Do you think the Sabres would consider a package of Suzuki + 2021 cond. 1st (1st if we make the playoffs 2nd + 3rd if we don't) + Norlinder?
  6. Yes I agree the length of time to get results back is a huge issue however there is a team in Australia currently working on a better, quicker, less invasive way to test for the virus. They are experimenting using saliva like what they do with SARS which is also a strain of coronavirus. I have not heard whether or not these experiments have been successful or not but hopefully they get the new testing procedure out soon. I know my employer does not want us back in the office for at least another month and we have to do a questionnaire everyday before going into the office and if we answer even 1 question relating to symptoms with a yes we are not allowed to enter the office until either we get a negative test result or we quarantine for at least 14 days.
  7. First off yes all essential workers should be tested everyday to help protect them, however simply put there currently are not enough tests to make this a reality at the moment. The NHL has been told by the public health officials that while right now there are not enough tests to test everyone in late June or early July the number of tests will grow exponentially as more and more everyday companies like 3M are assisting in the manufacturing of these tests. So while you may feel like the NHL and it's players are acting entitled the reality is much simpler, There just are not enough tests at present to allow for testing for everyone but because we are talking about the NHL return in 1-2 months down the road when more tests will be available than the public requires then calling the players or league entitled is a gross injustice IMHO.
  8. Perhaps others feel like that guys like Brook, Juulsen, Leskinen, Ylonen or Hillis are too much of a risk and would rather see guys like Ouellet, Belzile, Luchuk, Blandassini, Lucchini or even Alzner would be better served as an extra. Everyone has their own opinions and that is why I started the thread also to get us all thinking of hockey again rather than the depressing issues in the news like the pandemic or the protests!
  9. The league has said each team can carry 28 skaters and an unlimited amount of Goalies. Let's assume for the time being that everyone is healthy and Domi and Romanov are both eligible to play, also Demchenko is not eligible because he has a starting date of next season. If you want to predict lines feel free or just list your 28 skaters and your Goalies. Let me start: Forwards Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Domi Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia Byron-Evans-Weal Extras Hudon, Poehling, Vejdemo, Ylonen, Hillis Defense Chiarot-Weber Romanov-Petry Mete-Fleury Extras Kulak, Leskinen, Folin, Juulsen, Brook Goalies Price Primeau Lindgren McNiven
  10. I do not understand all the resentment for NHL players wanting to be safe and with fàmily. If they didn't care about their families and just said all we want to do is play hockey then people would be all over them for being parachute dad's. You can't have it both ways! U actually respect the fact that even in this time of crisis they are wanting their families near them and to be as safe as they are. Which IF they are quarantined for 2 months they would be safer than the general public
  11. I feel like he will end next year with 8 goals and 15-20 assists. I think he starts on the third pairing for the play in series IF he is eligible. Then by game 3 or 4 slides in beside Petry to finish the series. After that maybe he stays on the 2nd pairing maybe he gets Weber as a partner doesn't really matter cause both Weber and Petry are capable of teaching the kid the ins and outs of the NHL defenseman
  12. Ok just saw Button the former Canadiens basher say that Romanov will likely be a #2 Dman but the lowest he see him is as a #3. He compared Romanov to Guy Lapointe, high praise for the kid from Button. While I am not sure Romanov can compare to Lapointe IF he is half the Dman Lapointe was he will fill a huge hole on the left side. Also TSN ranks Romanov at 5 on TSN’s ranking of NHL-affiliated prospects. Only Shesterkin, Denisenko, Byram and Kaprizov ranked higher.
  13. Oh I was not saying to trade for him just posted an interesting article.
  14. Buffalo forward Jack Eichel "Fed up" with losing. Possible he requests a trade? Who knows.
  15. To this point I think the NBA is a given as they are going to play at Disney land isolated from the entire world, which would have been ideal for the NHL if they had a similar venue. Even the CFL is looking at playing games in a shortened season in September IF they can get fans in the stands by then because they are a gate driven league unlike any of the other 4 leagues (NHL, NASCAR, NBA & NFL).