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  1. So is saying that people are ignorant and unintelligent because they have a different view on a subject than you do. (not you specifically just you as in a general person)
  2. I wasn't the one who started the debate just responding to it. Maybe you should tell the ones who started the debate the same thing.
  3. Wow what a bunch of dictatorship views there are above! Get the vaccine or be excluded from society, seriously Hitler types of statements. Everyone has a right to their own views and opinions but to say that the unvaccinated are ignorant, selfish or unintelligent is ridiculous antisemitism at its finest. Let's just throw the constitution out the window and pass all over it.
  4. Agreed with all of this, like I said I thought you were just lumping everyone together my bad lol
  5. Seriously! Do we even know why he isn't vaccinated yet? Or are you just saying that everyone should be vaccinated no matter what even if it means the government can come in and hold you down and vaccinate you against your will? What happened to our rights and freedoms? The way you are talking makes you sound no better than the EDIT (in this case they are against mass vaccinations so lets trade them). Come on people, lets slow the role and maybe wait until we find out what the circumstances are behind his decision.
  6. I have delayed in getting vaccinated due to these concerns but I have already had my first shot and fully intend on getting the second. I am just saying that others out there may be mor concerned about the potential side effects as well.
  7. Sorry, I read this line "If you chose not to be vaccinated then your also agreeing to the consequences as far as i'm concerned" to mean literally what it says. My apologies for the misunderstanding
  8. I disagree my family has a history of heart conditions, 3 really close family members have passed away before the age of 65 due to massive heart attacks (my father, Grandmother and an aunt all on my father's side). Since one of the major side effects is a heart condition and we do not know the long term effects the vaccines have on the body, for me this COULD potentially mean I have less than 20 years of my life left. I am not anti vaccine not even close but to suggest that everyone not vaccinated deserves the conciquences without actually knowing why they are not vaccinated is irresponsible and discriminatory. There is a small portion of the population who simply choose not to get vaccinated and are anti vaccine and you comparing an experimental vaccine to alcohol is ridiculous. Everyone knows what the short and long term affects alcohol has on the body but we are STILL just finding out what the short term effects are for the vaccine and won't even know one long term effect for 5-10 more years. I am not saying don't get vaccinated, I am just saying try to understand why some people might not want to be vaccinated before lumping every unvaccinated person together and say they deserve the consequences.
  9. From what I understand Niku wanted to control where he goes and the Jets agreed to let him. Niku shoots left but plays RD as a preference.
  10. look at his AHL stats, looks like a player who is on the cusp of breaking into the NHL if given a regular spot. Too good for the AHL and too far down the depth chart for Winnipeg's D chart. Since it is just a PTO why not see what he can do with our Defensive D men. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=176929
  11. Niku placed on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract. Montreal should definitely look at at least a PTO IMO.
  12. Mysak for me is very underrated even by Habs fans. In 22 OHL games at 17 he had 25 points. Even before that he put up good points. I don't think he will ever be a top line player but a good middle six guy wouldn't surprise me. I see him putting up 40-50 points a year easily.
  13. Lehtonen, but he was a Finnish player and the Leafs didn't put him in the best position to succeed. He would have been best served to play along side Romanov on our 3rd pairing to provide some offense from the backend.
  14. Oh sorry, meant are we sure he wasn't recycling the story not you lol. I can't seem to find the story though. Basically it said many of the same things you outlined but also said he no longer holds any hard feelings toward MB or the organization. He realizes that the onus was on him to produce and he failed at that.
  15. Ted I saw a similar report last offseason (almost exactly, right down to the GF and daughter living in Montreal) are we sure this is a new rumor and not just a recycled one? I don't really mind the idea of bringing back Chucky, even to play center on the 3rd line (his issues were never offense anyway and we could really use a good offensive center)
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