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  1. LOLtrue but Juulsen isn't a prospect that needs evaluation either he is clearly an NHL dman so Folin should still be either a 7th dman or Laval bound, and that was my point I like the Folin signing IF it was for depth only if he is going to play above Juulsen on a nightly basis it's a bad signing as Juulsen is clearly the better player. Weber-Petry-Juulsen looks miles better then Weber-Petry-Folin IMO anyway.
  2. No IMHO training camp is for evaluation of whether or not they should get a shot the only way to see if they can make it in the NHL is to put them in a game situation. We are not going to agree IMO Folin is a depth Dman at best and Benn isn't really worth resigning cause we are loaded with better options on the right. You feel like experience trumps potential that is not proven which I don't but that's what makes this site interesting is all of the differing views on the same players.
  3. But how do you propose they find out if they don't try the in the NHL? Besides I said rotate them on the 3rd pairing as a tryout. You give Brook say 5-6 games at the beginning of the year and then Fleury same deal see if they hold their own or need the extra year in Laval. Everyone said Kotkaniemi wasn't ready but he proved them wrong who says the others won't as well. Our line up once again after giving Fleury and Brook their shot and if they get sent back down should still be #1-Weber Mete-Petry Kulak-Juulsen Reilly Folin (seeing as Folin is a RHD we don't need to keep him in Montreal as there are higher skilled better options available) only reason you do keep him around after is if your planning on trading one of Weber or Petry then you right side becomes Weber or Petry whoever is still here Juulsen Folin or one of Brook or Fleury I like signing Folin over Benn I think Folin is the better player but I don't think we NEED him as much as MB believes
  4. Yeah but Alzner is also taking up usable cap space and so will the others if they are sent to Laval but at least they will be useful even in Laval unlike Alzner
  5. No one thinks Mete is a true number 1 my point is they are all better suited and our top 8 D men right now than Folin who IMO is better suited to be a depth Dman than on the roster full time.Ideally like everyone else I would prefer something like #1-Weber Mete-Petry Kulak-Juulsen Reilly With Brook and Fleury subbing in occasionally on the right somewhere Folin in Laval or press box
  6. I am not against the Folin signing as long as he is in the press box or in Laval as a depth player we need to give the young guys an opportunity to succeed. Next season for the first 20 we should be icing Mete-Weber Kulak-Petry Reilly-Juulsen/Brook/Fleury
  7. But with Brookes, Reilly, Fleury and Juulsen all available I don't see why we need to resign either of them especially if the plan is to get a #1 LHD this off season
  8. What if the Avs offer Makar for either of them your telling me you balk at that. I wouldn't, every GM has to consider ALL of the trade offers that come along even the ridiculous otherwise he doesn't have the best interest of the team in mind.
  9. I am not big on Edler there has to be someone else younger and more talented out there that is available through trade or an offer sheet.
  10. I agree with your numbers and order of potential UFA signings will add one comment to it though. I think as a GM this year you also have to look at offer sheeting someone. Like say Point 5 years at 8.5 mil or Provorov at 7 years at 6 mil or Hayes, Connor or Chiarot out of Winnipeg at 6 years 6.5 mil (Hayes) 6 years 7.5 mil (Conner) or 7 years at 5.5 for (Chiarot) and only lose a 2-1st 2nd and 3rd pick at the most.
  11. My targets would be Skinner or Duchene and Karlsson but then we would have to free up 2 roster spots and a lot of money so moving out would be Weber, Drouin, Thompson and Hudon. I would then line up Suzuki-Kotkaniemi-Skinner Tatar-Domi-Gallagher Byron-Danault-Lehkonen Weal-Peohling-Armia Shaw, Evans Mete-Karlsson Kulak-Petry Brook-Juulsen Reilly Price Lindgren
  12. I saw the play live I viewed it a little different. In my opinion he was trying to avoid the hit but still caught him in the head cause the player was leaning to the left looking down. I felt it was not intended to be a hit to the head but still the onus is on the checking player so 1 game is deserved.
  13. The problem in he has been suspended 4 times for gits to the head and twice in the last 2 playoffs (if he is suspended for this incedent) so who would want to keep a guy that just doest learn
  14. According to some Kadri will be done as a Leaf because of his repeated suspensions if so they no longer have as big of an issue signing FA's like Gardiner
  15. Brian Burke Kadris former GM says minimum 3 maybe 5 cause he is a repeat offender