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  1. Last night he played 12:50 of ice time had 1 assist and 3 shots on goal according to NHL.com. Also was 50.0% in the faceoff circle compared to Suzuki (27.3%) and Evans(12.5%) Danault was our best at (64.7). Sure he was a -1 but still was one of our best if not the best forward last night.
  2. Don't see how you can say KK was lost on the ice last night when it was clear that he was our best forward by a landslide! Think you are being overly critical of him IMO.
  3. Very well said Ted! I agree KK was the right choice, even today. You can see the way he is developing that he will clearly be a much better player than what he has shown to date. KK is getting better and even a blind man can see the skill, shot, speed, and physical improvements he has made over the last 2 and a half years are paying off. Alexander Barkov had a similar trajectory to his career (I am not saying that KK will be Barkov just that patients is required to see just how is career will play out).
  4. Very well put, one other pick I think a lot of people will overlook is Mysak. I feel like he is going to be a really great pickup, when he came over to Hamilton last season his game transferred to NA very well and his point totals were outstanding he had 15 goals, 10 assists for 25 points in 22 games.
  5. Here is the link to the Price trade rumour https://coloradohockeynow.com/2021/02/28/otr-kings-avs-trade-partners-teams-called-carey-price-chn/
  6. No idea LOL, It certainly is a headscratcher lol. On a side note according to ColHockeyNow two teams (Colorado and Edmonton) called on Price's availability heading into the draft last season and were told he is not available. Have to think that if things don't change soon for the Habs that this could change heading into this years draft.
  7. Great article on Sportsnet this morning regarding why Ducharme is using both Danault and Price the way he is. Basically it says that Ducharme knows how important the two of them are to this teams success and wants to give them the chance to turn their seasons around but he can't wait too long to make changes if they can't turn it around quickly enough. I think Ducharme feels like with the changes he made to the system he can get them back on track quite quickly. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canadiens-notebook-ducharme-living-dream-price-danaults-usage/
  8. I think it all depends on when the Badgers season ends, if it is a first round exit and we are in the top 3 in the division then I can see him doing the 14 day quarantine and getting a couple games with the Habs maybe as part of a rotation. If the Badgers win the Championship and we are sitting 4th or just outside the playoffs then I think he serves his quarantine then I see him going to Laval as they will only be about halfway through their season
  9. Yes and PK needs the Markov/Weber type of player to be successful and Weber needs the Subban type of player as well, hence the reason I could see this being an interesting pairing but like I said at the same time PK's ego may be too big to overcome any positive he would bring back.
  10. Both sides of this argument are valid Weber has been good with the Habs but is not as good as he was with Nashville same goes for Subban. If you ask me I think both players were expendable for Nashville for different reasons. Part of me wonders what our D could look like if we were to reacquire PK (half retained). We could potentially line up today Subban-Weber Edmundson-Petry Kulak-Romanov Then we can take our time with the upcoming LHD prospects and we still have PK to help ease the transition from Weber to Fleury and Brook (plus whatever other RHD we draft in the future)
  11. It is just sooo frustrating, we out played them the entire game and deserved the win but cause of a poor player selection in OT we lose. I get what you are saying but I don't think Danault was all that great in the circle tonight (I don't have the stats though). It seemed like Evans was the best again.
  12. We should have fired the entire coaching staff. We won't get the vet loving mindset out unless we start from scratch.
  13. Well it didn't matter who was in net again cause the coaching lost the game in OT again!
  14. Looks like Ehlers-Scheifele-Pionk for the Jets and Danault-Armia-Petry
  15. OK I will take that both teams played a good game now we need the win
  16. Yes we desperately need 2 points on the Jets
  17. Every line is buzzing right now! Danault's line even looks like they should lol
  18. Montreal looks like they are building more and more confidence
  19. We could use a BIG breakout period to get out of our slump
  20. Hoping for a couple of quick Habs goals to start the third! Need at least 2 maybe 3!
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