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  1. Didn't realize the game was last night lol so now his totals are 4-4-8 in 6 games as he also had a goal on Monday night.
  2. A place to discuss Caufield's college career
  3. There is another scenario where we get to keep everyone. There are reports of large market teams being allowed a luxury tax over the cap as compensation for more profit sharing through the pandemic. This is to allow some of the smaller market teams to stay afloat if we have to go through 1 more season of no fans. IF that happens for this season I can see Danault and everyone being resigned on one or 2 year deals for their fair value then sorting it all out down the road. There were no reports on how much this luxury tax could be so it might work but it also might not.
  4. Actually it is Caufield who told the Habs and Badgers that he wants to work on other aspects of his game. He specifically asked to be put in more situations where he can work on his defensive game. So I would imagine that he also asked if he could work on other areas. It is nice to see a prospect that takes initiative and asks to be put into other situations instead of the team forcing them to work on their game.
  5. Apologies I missed updating Thursday and Friday. Caufield had another 2 assists this week against the Wolverines. Both games were losses for the Badgers. 5-2 on Thursday and 2-1 in O.T. on Friday. Totals so far for the young Habs prospect are 0-4-4 in 4 games.