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  1. It's "let's get Krack'n" come on guys get it right LOL
  2. No they couldn't have, the contract IF traded could be discussed ONLY if Montreal allows Carolina to talk to him about it, which they did not because they did not accept the trade offer. After that ONLY the terms of the OS can be discussed, since that term was 1 year at 6.1 Mil nothing else could be discussed. We can go round and round all we want but the CBA is clear on this. anything discussed outside of the terms of the OS is player tampering, just like if Montreal had extended KK and then discussed his next deal. Waddell himself said the OS was drawn up by his side and KK's side had no input on the term or value of the OS. It was himself, Dundon and the PR team.
  3. Actually since the Habs held his rights the only thing the Canes could discuss is an OS nothing past that. Even the Habs couldn't have discussed KK's next contract only his extension. Future contracts can not be discussed until the final year of the current contract and since the OS is only 1 year in length then the Canes can't discuss an extension until Jan 1st.
  4. The problem with this is that Carolina couldn't have had an extension in place or even drafted since KK was still part of the Montreal organization. The only way they could have talked to KK is IF Montreal had agreed as part of a trade being finalized and since Montreal never agreed to a trade then Carolina was probably never given permission. Then the OS came and the rules regarding an extension change as well. Since the OS is only for 1 year that means Carolina can't talk about an extension until Jan 1st 2022, if they do that is player tampering and can result in significant penalties. The only thing that Carolina could have discussed prior to the OS is the OS itself. I doubt that MB would have turned down Suzuki + 1st + 3rd and more likely like was stated above the offer was more like Suzuki + 3rd or something similar. Remember these 2 ownership/management groups don't like each other very much so the Canes aren't likely to offer more to avoid an OS and in fact might try to strongarm MB into taking less for fear of the OS.
  5. Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo: TampaWashington vs. Ottawa: WashingtonArizona vs. Florida: FloridaCalgary vs. NY Rangers: CalgaryToronto vs. Carolina: TieDallas vs. Columbus: Dalas
  6. I don't think anyone is undervaluing Marner (except maybe Leafs fans who want to waive him or terminate his contract then resign him to league minimum LMAO. Check out capfriendly to see all the ridiculous Leafs fans going off lol). All that aside what is "the right package" to you. That is really all we are doing in this exercise anyway.
  7. I agree Marner isn't likely to be moved until at least the summer but like you said it is a fun game to play lol.
  8. I am glad to see Perrault stepped up and took hold of the 3C spot but I will wait until the end of the season before passing judgement on any of the players gained or lost over the summer.
  9. Yes I agree he is soft and seems entitled, those things can be coached though look at Drouin, the same things were said about him a few years back and now he actually plays a pretty physical game. Besides that if you are getting Marner it's for his elite playmaking not his shot or physical play. We have one player on our current roster capable of setting up plays similar to Marner and that is the aforementioned Drouin. IMO we could use one more.
  10. Man are Leafs fans mad at Marner! They are calling for his contract to be terminated, him traded or him put on waivers lol. So I will pose a question, what would you give up in a Marner trade? The Leafs need bottom 6, defensive and top 6 wing help. I thought something like Toffoli + Lehkonen + Chiarot/Savard + Tuch + 2nd for Marner + 4th. I think the value is a bit low but it helps solidify their lineup and gives Montreal another setup guy for the top 6. Outside of Drouin all our forwards are shooters first.
  11. He has the same number of goals as Matthews, Marner, Tavares and Nylander combined while making 39.7 Mil less
  12. If my math is correct that would be about the earliest that Price could return as well.
  13. Eddy's BACK!!! https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2021/10/montreal-canadiens-defenseman-joel.html
  14. Nice win! Great team effort and Niku should stay in and Wideman out
  15. He should stick to being the defensive force and let the puck movers move the puck lol
  16. Chiarot is still trying to stretch the ice but keeps turning it over
  17. Perrault now the scoring leader for the Habs LOL
  18. Definitely not Me too, Edmundson can't come back quick enough lol
  19. Ok, how was that interference on Toffoli? He was sitting on the boards and was pushed backwards by the wings player.
  20. For his first game in a Habs jersey Niku has been great. I know he has had limited minutes vs lesser competition but he is exactly what our D has been missing so far.
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