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  1. Staal pulls even with Drouin in goals........think about that for awhile.
  2. 3 seconds left and you shoot the puck over the glass.......great situational awareness.
  3. Used in Northern Ireland as a verb or at times as a noun.....different meanings for each.
  4. Just after I slagged Kulak on another thread he makes a hockey play....his first in two years, good for him.
  5. 49 minutes ago, ramcharger440 said: Sorry, I just don't see Kulak as better than Edmundson I watched Kulak give the puck right to Winnipeg forwards three times in a row on one shift last game they played! Kulak had more potential to be a great Dman but I am pretty sure that will never happen because he is so hard to trust one shift he is brilliant the next he is lost. Edmundson is a far safer player to have in the lineup in my opinion. As for pairings I see something like this Edmundson Petry Merril Webber Chiarot Romanov that being said we will have t
  6. I hope that DD as an "interim" coach doesn't feel he has to pile up wins to secure his position rather than manage the team to be ready for the play-offs. Hopefully MB will sit down with him and give him some guidance on what upper management expects out of the remainder of this season. I actually think MB will do that.
  7. Petry has to be better, clean face-off win by Staal and we turn it over.
  8. Mete playing tonight for Ottawa but hasn't scored yet.
  9. Mete couldn't make it in Montreal and now he has a chance to play, good for him. If he was tradeable he would have been traded and if Boston or Toronto want to sign him next year I hope they do because they are in our division. I think waiving him before the deadline gave MB a better understanding of what cap space he had available to spend at the deadline. Mete should consider joining Sekac, Hudon, and Andrighetto next season in Europe. I hope his hockey career continues as long as he wants to play. At least, he got his wish to get out of Montreal.
  10. With the exception of the Calgary games I'm treating the rest of these regular season games as little more than exhibition contests as we prepare for the the real games to start, maybe, in a month. Treat the Calgary games as play-off qualifiers.....win them and we're in. Home ice means very little in this wretched, travesty of a season. ED, WG, or TO, it doesn't really matter in what order we ruin their Cup aspirations. Play the kids when we can, manage ice time and let Toronto start planning the parade route, we get a higher draft choice and then we try to add to Toronto's history of folding
  11. Kulak rated above Edmundson! I just don't get it. Put Edmundson back with Petry and both of them would perform better. Every time I watch Kulak I see flash but no substance, he's acceptable as a bottom pairing guy but we all see players differently. Romanov does show more promise than Kulak and I see him as a second pairing guy in the future.
  12. I'm very glad we didn't get Hall and other GMs are not as dumb as we may think, Mete for free may be worth it as a space filler but why waste a draft choice on him. Losing Mete makes us better by subtraction and forces us to move on to our prospects. Mete was not an answer to any of our problems on defense. I wish him well in Ottawa.
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