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  1. Players coming back from injuries will be similar to us being buyers only cheaper.
  2. The Montreal Canadiens do not "tank" ! That is a strategy for teams with silly uniforms and silly names.
  3. Some rebound control by Carey would help the the defence.
  4. OK...... Weber is playing better than Subban and has played better overall since the trade but we lost the trade because Subban was the better player and we traded him before he started his decline. I think I'll go to my quiet space and think about this for awhile.
  5. I agree with your premise on line "resets"
  6. I guess my sarcasm was missed.......I was just parroting what a lot of forum posters say about Weber who I consider to be one of the best all around players on this team. However I don't even remotely consider JK to be a scorer yet.
  7. Maybe we should admit that we need a sniper rather then another top 4 D, the kids are OK and may become scorers but right now Druoin is our only hope. We should consider that an old slow defence man is our second highest scorer..................duh!!!
  8. This could be the season for us.
  9. I would have preferred a call up over Hudon. He has already shown that he has little to contribute at the NHL level.
  10. I thought Subban for Weber was a good trade made at the right time. I watched Subban for years and my wife had an insightful comment when we were driving home from one of his games........she said "Wouldn't it be great if PK played for all the visiting teams, that way we would get all the excitement without the downsides"
  11. Subban 2G 3A -12.........................maybe we could get trade Weber straight up for him or maybe Weber + a second rounder would get the deal done.