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  1. Must have been a tough decision for him..............spend 6 weeks living in a hotel to sit on the bench, or more probably in the stands, for a team whose fans don't want him anywhere near the ice versus spending that time with his wife and two young children at the lake. The stress he endured for those 5 or 6 seconds it would take to make that decision must have been terrible.
  2. What a charade. If any games are played some players will show up, go through the motions, then return to their cottages as quickly as possible. Others may opt out while trying to maintain the facade that the whole thing isn't a money grabbing farce. Some may take it seriously if they are in the twilight of their careers and need one more contract or are youngsters trying to impress their employers. There may not be an asterisk placed next to this summer tournament winner's name on the cup but........ I am in the winter of my life so summer days are precious and watching exhibition type hockey games on TV before 10 PM doesn't appeal to me. However, I imagine sport bars, in parts of the country, will be full and that will be good for their owners if not for the patrons. I acknowledge that a lot of Hab fans will enjoy this diversion from the pandemic and hopefully it exceeds their expectations. It would be great if all participants and their families get through the event safely.
  3. I don't think a player would die but a coach might. The whole concept of a "Mickey Mouse" playoff format is just plain stupid. NHL management should grow a pair and move on to planning an abbreviated 20/21 season with the hopes of returning to a full schedule by 21/22. Some teams may fold and everyone should expect a salary reduction but life is always an adventure.
  4. Trudeau goes to the cottage and Scheer takes the last 6 seats on an aircraft to fly his family to Ottawa, both events were non essential travel........a leadership vacuum exists in both of our major parties. I am told not to drive across a provincial border to see my only grandchild from a two meter distance to deliver Easter eggs. I stayed home. I know which one of the three feels like a fool and which two feel privileged.
  5. Subban to host an NHL sponsored trivia game show to lighten the Coronavirus gloom and help fans suffering from hockey withdrawal. Lundqvist and Toews donate $100,000 from their foundations to food banks and to help fight Coronavirus.
  6. I am disappointed in the majority of the player's response to this crisis. Many team owners have taken steps to help employees laid off etc. The players say they want to be in a partnership with the owners and the league, this would be a good time to make more small gestures to show they understand what that curtails. Price stepped up and arranged for his charitable foundation to donate an amount equaling .0048 % of his annual salary to help feed children in need. It would be nice to see other players do something similar as they remain on full salary at home. Yesterday I tried to "walk the walk" by visiting my local food bank and matching Carey's donation ( percentage wise of course LOL ) I encourage all others, if circumstances permit, to do what they can to help us all get through this difficult time.
  7. With no disrespect intended I disagree with your comment. Without being consulted I was once considered the property of a team that I had no desire to play for in an area that I really disliked but in my case a natural lack of talent took care of the situation before it became a problem but I remember being very p'd off and feeling helpless about my future. I don't think any player's decision to try to play/work where he wants to is a negative reflection on his integrity or desire, fans may feel slighted but I think a young player is actually brave in risking injury, financial security etc over a 3 year period in order to gain some very limited control over where he wishes to work and possibly start a family. If Mr Caufield was asked prior to the draft "Will you sign a contract, if offered, with us if we draft you?" and he answered "Yes" then I might be disappointed if he later changed his mind but it is his life and he must decide what is best option for him given the little control he has over his future as a hockey player. Again, I mean no disrespect to other fans who may feel differently.
  8. He may have begun his divorce proceedings from the Montreal Canadiens by choosing to return to school..
  9. Ohio shutting down fan attendance at all sporting events.
  10. Ii my opinion JK should not have played in the NHL last year nor this year because I felt he wasn't physically ready to play against men possessing NHL talent and speed.. I feel the same way about Caufield. Division I is good hockey but the vast majority of its' players lack the speed and strength of the average 4th liner in the NHL. Caufield's career could be over in a flash if he is thrown to the wolves this year or next. But, as my wife always reminds me, I have been wrong before.
  11. PK Subban awarded Norris trophy by a media vote during lock-out season after a gig on SN. Ryan Suter the best NHL defenseman that year deemed a poor interview choice. PK Subban - a brand S. Weber - a hockey player Subban makes play-offs as 3rd ranked defenseman on team, yes that is very important. I will give you your claim that PK SUbban is a great hockey player but as a Montreal Canadien fan I am glad that he is a great player in NJ I agree to disagree with your dismissal of Weber., the Olympic gold may not mean much to NHL GMs but it means something to me as a Canadian hockey fan. I'm done out to support my local JR team.
  12. Weber won two Olympic Gold medals by playing top minutes in all situations while PK Subban was given an Olympic Gold medal for attendance.
  13. "Price drank MB’s Koolaid of being a competitive team to the tune of $10.5 million for the next 7 years" I think MB drank Price's kool-aid.
  14. Cousins for a 4th, Barclay Goodrow for a 1st?
  15. I would give up one of our second round draft choices to have Subban go to Toronto.