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  1. Ice time leaders 1. Price 2. Chiarot 3. Weber 4. Danault Anyone wonder why we lost.
  2. I guess Price doesn't like this coach either.......if they have a players only meeting would Price attend or is he considered management?
  3. I think that using birthplace to insinuate opinions about a person's ability to do their job fairly is at its' best disingenuous and at its' worst something else entirely. The refs and the disciplinary panel may be biased or incompetent but I don't think birthplace has anything to do with either their incompetence or biases and thinking it does may indicate a form of paranoia. In 1970 I worked in a province where birth place meant almost everything and mine was not the correct one. Not being born there meant I was perceived to be biased against their aspirations and as a result I was ofte
  4. I don't understand why where you were born determines whether or not you are competent or an idiot. On first reading it I thought Rejean Tremblay would probably understand the birthplace inference but I don't. There are Montreal Canadien fans that were born everywhere in the world, a lot of them even live outside of Quebec and a lot of them are fair minded, competent individuals. I believe that fans of all teams can also be fair minded and competent regardless of their birthplace. Eight Montreal players were born in Ontario, is that the reason we have losing records against Ottawa a
  5. Agree fully, didn't like the hiring from day one.
  6. Weber was passing to Perry, 1 of only 2 forwards who go to the net.
  7. He is lucky we passed on drafting him, Julien would have coached that smile off his face..
  8. A bit harsh, maybe. I think he is a good #2 or #3 on a lot of teams and on a couple of teams like ours he would look better than that,. I don't put much emphasis on the Norris noise since it is an trophy voted on by the media and can often become a popularity contest. However, I do agree that having his name in the mix is a positive statement on his recent play. He has also been recently mentioned for consideration for the 2022 US Olympic team but most media analysts ( C Button is an exception) are doubtful he would crack the top 10 of US defensemen let alone the top 8 but it would be g
  9. The other coaches are effectively coaching against Julien's system and he has to adapt quickly or he becomes the problem. If he can't change strategy on the fly he shouldn't be surprised if MB's loyalty reaches the breaking point.
  10. 1. Petry: slightly above average top 4 but on this team right now #1 however, his play has faltered the last 3-4 games. 2. Edmundson: helps make Petry a better player 3, Weber: Injured? drop off is amazing 4; Chiarot: most teams # 5/6 5. Romanov: hopefully some upside coming, was better before succumbing to coaching.from our staff. 6. Kulak: because Mete is on the team Kulak gets the coveted # 6 rating, needs coaching on positional play and how to make the safe play. 7; Mete: the little engine that tries, just doesn't have the skill set to compensate for his small
  11. If his father is still the only coach he listens to he may as well start looking for a KHL gig.
  12. Whew........the week won't be so long now!
  13. CJ has done a fine job coaching the "ring the boards out" defense & "dump it in the corner" offense game. He has been able to nullify that silly speed game which gave him heartburn earlier in the season when we played aggressively in all zones. He has been successful in bringing the game back to along the boards and in the corners where he likes it. Let the other team play in the slot and play with the puck all the time, we'll out hit them and force the puck back to the boards and corners. After this game he'll have a week to rein in Anderson & Toffolli who haven't completely got
  14. I was thinking along similar lines. In the first few games we were very aggressive on the PK but in the last few games we have started to collapse back to an old school defensive box and in OT and 4 on 4 situations Julien sends out players better suited for a slower, less fluid, more defensive situation. Agree within a +/- on the majority of your grades with the exception of Kulak but I do agree he is playing better than Mete. I don't think you were too harsh on Price but may have been a little tough on Allen. It is hard to assign Julien an
  15. Just looked it up, Paul got 2 for roughing against Romanov and 2 for roughing against Evans: Evans got 2 for roughing against Paul, Romanov took his normal shift. I also think the reffing has just been inconsistent and bad rather than biased.
  16. Check game sheet & video, Romanov was not penalized, I heard the commentator state that he was while I was watching Romanov on the ice playing.........I guess it was one of those advanced stats things where he was theoretically penalized like you get credit for creating scoring chances that don't result in diddley squat.......sarcasm at its' worst. I think Evans got the penalty
  17. Carey's lack of interest appears to have spread among the team.
  18. Weber still # 1 for me barely over Petry, agree with #s 3 through 6 and your comments.
  19. There is a time to take action and being down 1-0 in a tight game may not be the time to trade Weber for Dube for at least 5 minutes. We play them again.
  20. Drouin spent 2 mins in the penalty box yet he got more ice time than any forward. He got 3 x the ice time given to Armia who annoyed Julien by scoring once and assisting on another goal in his 2 mins 6 seconds of ice time.......... Drouin had 6 mins 18 secs of floating.
  21. OK, I'm 171 kms from Scotia Bank rink. I used to hate the commute to work but if it means I'm outside the Leaf area....bonus.
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