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  1. KK getting some good chances - just not going in
  2. He took a good hit from kassian- no worries so let’s not panic on him
  3. That’s an interesting perspective however Danault was quite on record as being dissatisfied with being on the third line believing that his previous performance and history made him deserving to be in the 1,2,spot especially in a contract year. If he gets pushed to the third line this year for any duration, I believe his scoring stats may decline and hurt the chances of him being resigned (so be it - may not be worth his asking price). Nevertheless he’s a pro with a contract and I could care less if he sulks but only re-sign him for reasonable money and term, based on value to the role. Similarly I think Domi would have been dissatisfied with 3rd line ice time and playing partners so he would have sulked. I have to believe Columbus had a choice of Domi and Danault and took the upside of Domi, his term plus the draft pick in the trade. Now with KK you have a kid eager to prove himself, and wants to play, so a third line role for the time being suits his needs until he becomes a larger point producer. The hope I share with you is that KK by performance (rather than by appointment now), does move Danault to 3rd line. The reality is a lot of these guys have egos so a 3rd line Centre role has to fit the player and team. 4th line Centre is usually a checking defensive or developmental role with not as much ice time or scoring pressure so it’s easier to fill that one
  4. Not me - Bergevin has taken enough risks to get this team percolating. How many years has it been before we’ve had our top draft choices succeed in our lineup? There’s no way I would give up KK, Caufield. I don’t deny PLD is a solid Centre 25 goal gritty and big but I like where our offense is headed.
  5. I don't see both of those as long term keepers - Could be a case of Edmundson getting used to playing zone defence again with Petry - they may need some time to gel but Edmundson certainly did not impress. Toffoli had some chances. Read some of the earlier reviews - Great outing by Anderson as he wall papered a few leafs. Most of the forwards did OK except for Lehks. Byron and Danualt had some chances to score and whiffed. Very impressed with Romanov. Kulak was not out of place. The biggest weakness was the mental one of staying out of the penalty box as the only thing the leafs have of significance is their Power Play and goalie Anderson. Jumbo Joe looks out of it on Matthews line - let's hope that weakness stays together as Hyman significantly improves that line.
  6. Wtf was Chiarot doing out there in OT
  7. We can’t keep giving this team pp opportunities
  8. This thread could create a record for most 2021 posts - desperate for hockey analysis!
  9. In Games where we need some additional beef and moxy - Perry but I don't see him playing too many back to back games. I would like to see Poehling be given some degree of starts as preparation for playoff games.
  10. It was a smart timing move by the habs to risk Corey Perry clearing waivers - most of the other teams had locked their rosters up or maybe they pulled in a favour from Ottawa who had plenty of cap room, or Calgary that could have dumped a player to make room for him. Personally I would like to see Poehling challenge Evans a bit as the season progresses vs. playing in Laval but trust the coaches to make the right decision. With a plethora of back to back games, the depth on the taxi squad will be critical for the inevitable injuries that will occur. The centre competition Danualt Suzuki, KK, Evans will be interesting to watch as the season progresses.
  11. That 3 years $21 million is a bargain compared to a few other contracts like Nylanders 6.96m for 4 more years
  12. I totally agree - I hope he gets a good fresh start in Florida but that's the business side of hockey, you cannot always keep the ones you like, and with Fleury and Mete pushing for spots, it was going to be a tough for him to crack the lineup
  13. Anyone watching the live feed scrimmage on RDS? For all those Byron bashers he exploded with speed on a nice short handed goal just blowing by Ouellette and wow is Romanov ever strong and fluid on his skates
  14. I entirely agree with you on Juulsen - I’m hoping no one decides to take that risk on him and he flies below the radar. I’m hoping Noah gets a fair shot on improving his upside.
  15. I agree with that - I’m not a fan of Evans upside and even Visio , and like Poehlings size - imo Byron and lehks can cover any weaknesses in Poehlings game as he improves