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  1. As a fan but also as a realist, I remain optimistic that the Habs will make the playoffs. I have to believe that Ducharme and his communication style and systems will be better than the Julien experience. Turning Caufield and Romanov loose along with Drouin should be positives. There’s many ifs but I expect us to make it.
  2. Yes - I watched much of that game too - Guhle can skate and wasn’t slow or relying upon a poke check like Gill. That comparison is over the top harsh critical. Guhle jumped into the play with power and just as much or more as Norlinder. I wouldn’t give any credit to Flynn’s observations
  3. I have it on good authority from one of his junior roommates that Drouin lives and breathes hockey. I have no doubt that motivation is not an issue - as Aaron Rodgers would say “RELAX”
  4. Mysak is a very interesting and imo an underrated prospect. One of the youngest players in the draft, he had very little on his resume of work and very short experience on North American rinks. He works hard, is a reasonable skater, has good vision, solid defense and a great shot/pair of mitts. His ceiling isn’t high but could be an effective 3rd liner or spare part. Sure we seem to have a number of those and yawn….but he may turn out to be better than Lehkonen/Byron/Evans/Armia - At his pick level, he was good value.
  5. Very good alternative perspective- it is an easy route to be so critical of Habs management when things go awry. Coaches are paid to win and perhaps it was quite the 50-50 coin flip to take Staal’s deficiencies over KK’s weaknesses. KK was going to have tons of chances to play future playoff games, so maybe he was immature impatient? If KK was performing to expectations, there shouldn’t have been any need to obtain Staal - So you could argue KK’s play (regardless of line mates and the so called set me up for success….), was the author of his own misfortune and demise.
  6. There’s been a number of KHL d-men that have had success there but they have not translated to NHL success on their comeback or entry. Wideman despite some NHL experience and his taped critique of the Sens coaching staff prior to his departure, IMO he faces an uphill battle. Virtually certain Romanov is way ahead of him on the depth chart.
  7. And who drops the gloves when teams take liberties or try to run us? Josh - we don’t want him fighting frequently or if at all with his shoulder risk. Edmundson? Unfortunately it’s still part of the game and Chiarot delivers that value for his teammates. I’m not a Chiarot fan and want him traded too, but I’m being realistic on the expectations.
  8. I’ve wanted Chiarot to be on the trade block with one more year remaining on his contract, but he has a 10 team NMC. Irregardless, If there’s any rough old time hockey with a team trying to take liberties and run over us, Chiarot is one of the few players that will drop the gloves. Josh Anderson who we don’t want fighting and Edmundson are the only other 2. In that regard, unless Ben breaks his hand in another fight, the reality is Chiarot is absolutely playing in the lineup - we can only hope that we have Romanov or Petry or someone who can skate and move on the right side of him
  9. Adding Galchenyuk becomes another reclamation great hope bargain by MB which he’s noted for. I see Perreault as the 21-22 Frolik insurance- he’s not likely to play much and is injury backup. Ylonen is a major long shot imo, only has 29 games of nhl ice experience in the ahl and his development is probably best served by another season in Laval where he can demonstrate some stats and leadership. Drouin deserves a chance to succeed and produce - Centre is an interesting debate point for him. That leaves an interesting camp battle between injury prone Evans Poehling, Paquette , Chucky for 3 spots. When Byron comes back later in the year, there’s issues unless injuries happen
  10. I’m hoping we can be more consistent- the heavy defense helps us get thru the playoffs. One question mark is does that D help us get to the playoffs to the same degree? Like you I believe we should have more goal scoring punch which is a plus both 5 on 5 and the PP
  11. Simply put - this team is too heavy on defense with Chiarot / Savard , Edmundson and to some extent Kulak overlapping. Romanov plays a reasonably heavy game. We need some surprise here on Brook , Wideman or Norlinder stepping up. Chiarot is on the last year of his contract and has served us well but he would be my vote to trade. Usually a team has more than 1 rookie (Caufield), crack a lineup but we have a lot of question marks in Drouin, Evans, Paquette and Wideman that make it difficult to go with Ylonen, Poehling, Brook or Norlinder to make the jump
  12. Pretty strong speculation that its performance anxiety depression / mental health for Drouin - regardless I hope he conquers whatever demons he possessed and recovers
  13. I don’t disagree with that assessment- Who becomes the second d-man on the power play unit (assuming they use a forward on the point)? This is where Weber’s absence is missed (even though he disappointed on our PP last year and was mostly a slapper decoy). So I believe Romanov will be pushed into that opportunity. Even though Chiarot is admired as a tough scrapper team mate, I feel he should be shopped for a trade to get something for him now as he will devalue if paired with Savard. I’m not worried about our D long term with an excellent pipeline of prospects but this year worries me. I know you are high on Norlinder - I’m as equally high on Jayden Struble as I believe his talents will translate very well to the pro game
  14. I concur on that strategy and a GM does have to take risks - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but that should be better than waiting too long, being cheap, and risking UFA or OS. It is a question of degree as you need overlaps of term (not key players expiring at the same time), and only doing it with 2-4 players. You have to have a reasonable body of work and faith in your scouts or coaching evaluations. I suspect Suzuki and Caufield would be our top 2 to try to lock in like that. Colorado seems to have done that successfully with MacKinnon and Girard as examples of success. MB has lost so far on his gamble with Drouin as he locked him up for 6 years at $5.5M when the body of work really was not there. As a GM, I would be very careful on term - You would have to be a very special core player to command 6 years in my books. I believe Edmonton will be very sorry for locking up a player like Hyman for 7 years and to think they wanted to do 8 but Dubas screwed them on releasing him earlier.
  15. While not at camp and only prospect evaluation - I will follow Jayden Struble this year - I believe he has game that can translate to the pro level if properly coached and developed. Jayden's physical skills are top of the class but there's a few question marks on his positional play, patience etc. He at #46 overall - 2019 draft is quite a contrast to Jordan Harris at #71 - 2018 draft, with both playing at Northeastern. I wouldn't dismiss either one of them but the LHD pool is long term strong when you add in Norlinder and Guhle. I just hope Harris signs after his college year or he's a lost prospect.
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