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  1. If you’re not a 1-3 round pick, you better have a pretty good progression in the year after your draft and the year after. McShane had only minor progression- Fonstad and Houde did squat so none of them warranted any contract. If you’re a round 1-3 pick teams can accept a minor setback in one of the two post-draft years since you have a body of work
  2. For a $1.5m -$2m one year contract (since he’s not entry level) and hasn’t proven himself in the nhl, use the #%{*€ cap room to sign him and save the embarrassing and likely rejected offer sheet for Sergachev. it’s not a bad gamble for the $ - he’s gambled and lost worse - hello Kinkaid, Alzner
  3. That means next year’s team will determine his stay or go - Gally is a heart and soul character leader and mgmt should make strong efforts to keep him. He will depart if we aren’t competitive in the playoffs next year and who could blame him for that outlook
  4. Very good Thoughts - thx for the added value - Domi I hate to trade as I believe he is a character effort team guy (despite some stupid temper penalties now and then yet he’s not quite in Gally’s leadership mold). Drouin the jury is still out on him and maximum value might not be obtained at present. I agree with you on Mete so I’m not sure who the other forward could be - gotta be careful that I don’t over value the player perhaps Danualt as an alternative - it’s gotta be a pretty good LD im totally onside with you on BAP but I’m desperate for a scorer - it’s been ages since we have had one at levels beyond a Tatar or Gally. In the past ev1 wanted Zadina or Lavoie who haven’t progressed to the large degree expected so I hope I can trust our scouting and Risk assessments to find one.
  5. Agree - it’s easy to complain and criticize without adding any value
  6. I am not as pessimistic as this - 1) Romanov is an imminent signing - he's unlikely to be a 1/2 pairing and will start in 5, 6, and will likely progress into the 3,4 pairing in 2 years 2) Cale Fleury , Victor Mete, Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble give me hope for the #5/6 pairing. 3) I can live with Chiarot for another year - Kulak is just bondo filler Have you looked at the draft for a #1 elite LD? It's a forward Heavy draft! - I've spent hours poring thru - The top LD is Jake Sanderson - committed to U of North Dakota and his stats are below last year's darling of Cam York - not electrifying besides, Buffalo ranked ahead of us is known for picking USA players, Jeremie Poirier out of the QMJHL ranked #18 in NA skaters by Central scouting and most boards have him as a first rounder in pick area 21-25. - Remember our last LD man from that same league with similar stats was Nathan Beaulieu! Kaiden Guhle from the WHL is another LD (ranked #8 NA skater by Central Scouting) who will fall into this similar range. Not sure they have that potential for #1, #2 So that leaves us with either waiting for next year's draft or targeting a Free Agent (Alzner Round 2) like Krug,Brodie, Edmondson, Offer Sheet to cap strapped Lightening for Sergachev or trade - Gostisbere What's your recommendation? This draft year, we need to take advantage of picking a scorer in round 1 - if we stay at pick 8, I would love Holz or Perfetti to fall to us - Marco Rossi is on the small side and could be this year's falling Caufield. Quality falls off IMO just around our 2nd round picks of #39,40. I would love Bergevin to consider trading pick 8 and 39 for Minny Wild's #11 and #25 or the Rangers #16, #21. That would provide options of targeting Jack Quinn / Jacob Perrault / seth Jarivs / Tyson Foerster, and one of the above defenceman, or swinging for the fences without all your eggs in one basket on Hendrix Lapierre Thoughts?
  7. Cleaning? Doesn’t she know you’re gonna put a brown paper bag over it and drink it on a park bench? 🤪
  8. Jesse Ylonen signs entry level contract - nice!
  9. Sadly, my only interest is looking at the draft rankings wondering what pick we will get - currently number 8 and who we may pick vs the consensus. Would have liked to see more junior hockey but I’ve already moved on to next year.
  10. That’s a fair statement - I am just ok with our drafting since 2017 - could we have drafted better - absolutely but if you look at the Consensus boards at the time of the draft there haven’t been too many reaches - the draft is always a roll of the dice. We all want that steal or home run
  11. Interesting contact interpretation- is he contracted to represent the team even though the league is not playing and thus bound until contract expiry - e.g. May 31st or does he have that freedom to walk exit and negotiate a contract now as you have assumed above I hope the latter and that we know soon
  12. Carrot top will trade a few elderly lives for $ every day of the week - an absolute leader embarrassment compared to history and other state or world leaders
  13. That pick makes me nervous - injuries with apparently back to back concussions conjures up Brett Lindros visions and a wasted pick. He doesn’t have a consistent proven body of work at this junior level but only a couple of mercurial events. I’d gamble maybe one of our 2nd round picks if he happened to fall but not trading down pick #8. IMO the draft experts are rating him too high much like they did with Raphael Lavoie last year.
  14. Totally agree - Any top pick that shuns the Canadiens or any marquee team - i seriously have to challenge their desire and integrity
  15. I’ve commented on Rossi and several other potential picks under state of the Habs. While he’s interesting and somewhat small, he’s playing with a rather stacked Ottawa 67s team which may make his stats better than comparables- while still a good pick, and I love the ohl for its quality, I prefer Perfetti or Drysdale or a few of the Euros (Holtz, Raymond, Lundell) if they fall to our level. Jake Sanderson could rise up on some boards. No way Stuzle falls to 8. In the 2nd round, I hope Tyson Foerster or Ryan O’Rourke fit into our pick spots. I doubt Jacob Perrault falls here