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  1. And the spotlight now begins to fall on Harry Potter as the Gm is also responsible for their players - I love chaos within that organization Mike Commodore the ex player didn’t hold back on his thoughts^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  2. Hard to believe Joel Armia was a 2011 first round pick (ok so was 2013 McCarron) but hopefully he’s a late bloomer who finally uses his size and presence
  3. Let’s get out of the period 1-1 at worse
  4. Re: Gardner stats vs Chiarot- CJ would be pulling his remaining ear hair or nose hair out trying to coach Gardner on defensive responsibility- Chiarot gives us additional defensive toughness despite less mobility in the comparison so after 1/4 of the season I am quite satisfied
  5. IMO only if price or Kincaid are injured - let him develop a solid body of work in the ahl over a full season and that determines in the off season if Kincaid is resigned
  6. Sportsnet is such a homer station - sugarcoat everything in leaf favor
  7. Captain obvious says we are giving up way too many chances! I thought our speed was supposed to counteract their physical play
  8. Waiting on the find that CJ will receive for referee criticism after the philly Montreal game
  9. That’s the laffs battle cry - please refrain!
  10. Dodged one there - flyers pp is deadly on home ice
  11. Yup Lehkonens time to get stapled to the bench
  12. 31 shots already - when our team gets behind by two, I have little faith that we can bounce back - please prove me wrong
  13. Mete serious speed but shoot more!
  14. This team is notorious for giving up a goal in the last minute
  15. Must have been just after your first 10 posts on this forum about 64,500 ago 🤪