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  1. That hit by Romanov on Khaira - I haven't seen a beating like that since someone put a banana in Kinot's shorts and turned the monkey loose
  2. Elite talent, top talent, contending - we are not getting generational eliteness unless we absolutely tank or pull a Pollock trading Backstrom for a #1 pick so that latter isn't happening. We better strike some gems when picking in the #12-20 spot or trading in that range plus selling an asset at their peak like Petry in the next 2 years to fit higher. Plus like I say we need some IF's to come out of our current crop of youngsters. My Points in all of the following "TED" analysis are this - 1) There are teams that finish middle of the pack and can find enough talent with mid-level draft
  3. My replies are in bold to your statements
  4. Petry deserves a chance to win - he may be one of our only tradeable pieces for a future prospect or top draft choice. We need to move on from Danault, and Tatar. Drouin has little trade value at present. Perhaps we should use our cap room to take on someone else's garbage non-tradeable 2 year contracts for prospects while we are in a bit of cap hell. I'm ok with 2nd round draft choices - once we get into 3rd and 4th rounds, the odds diminish.
  5. You've understated hard - with the flat cap, those contracts will be heavy boat anchors! While you feel we may not have pillars / foundations etc. , we have a lot of IF's that we should not give up on just yet, and if the 73-75 Islanders did that, they would never have morphed into contenders. This team needs to make a major commitment to youth and prospects, so I'm in strong favour of your direction.
  6. Is it too early to think about the entry draft given the trade-offs with the Seattle Krakken for them to take Byron vs. Allen etc.? Should the habs trade up and target a player they like or trade down and gamble with multiple selections in lower rounds (the OHL players didn't even play games this year) if I am targeting need for Habs as there isn't much difference in this draft as best available player, I would be trying to package our 2nd round pick with something else to move up from likely 50ish into a top 35 pick, so that we have picks say 19 and pick 35. At first round, I would be ha
  7. As much as I p'd off at tonight's game, Poorly constructed with no true direction is a pretty strong statement so I will disagree on that degree as well The direction has to be for the window of 2022-23 or 2023-24 or 2-3 seasons from now. In a roster of 13 forwards, 7 d, 2 G, we should have a nucleus of at least 11 players to be built around - Goal - Primeau up and comer but who knows what we can do with the Price contract anchor , At D, Petry, Romanov, and three of Norlinder, Guhle, Struble, Harris should be in the lineup- (Edmundson is filler even though signed, I hope he is traded). I
  8. Dorian relaxed and munching potato chips or Doritos up in his box - Bergevin should take one for the team and drop the mitts with him
  9. There’s a whole list of disappointing players this season - we might need a poll. Byron has done nothing to deserve the A on his sweater. Drouin can’t score only assists. Weber is slow. The list is long
  10. Did my eyes just see Staal on our power play?
  11. A reasonable evaluation but I would have the following comments - Romanov B+ (you B-) - I would measure him vs. rookie expectations and he's playing both sides fairly adequately with a great physical presence and seems to make the right pass with poise and patience. He's been getting some point shots - nothing going in other than breaking Gally's hand. Danault C (you B ) - I see nothing of value that makes me want to resign him at least with Tatar I see some desire, intensity and creativity. Lehkonen C- (you C+) - Similar comments as Danault - He's RFA, and defensive forwards can be a dime a d
  12. Certainly hope someone beats the dung out of Brady in this one
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