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  1. Clearly we don’t think he’s any better than Weal, Poehling or Evans in terms of potential - Gally had some talent but it’s largely been wasted and time to move on to other projects - Ottawa is a good wasteland for him
  2. Article by the hockey writers on which defensemen to protect in the Kraken ED next year. Speculation that Kulak could be traded for cap room / roster space although I think for this coming season, Kulak provides additional depth for us. Writers think Edmundson is a preferred depth piece to be protected over Chiarot. Winnipeg is in dire need of some better LHD and have LTIR injury cap relief as Bryan Little is unlikely to come back this season. There is no rush to make a deal, but I could see something happening here. I am almost certain, that RHD Travis Hamonic is going to want to play with virtually his home town Jets, so Kulak for their cap reasons is likely a better fit.
  3. I would expect that if we don't play in an All Cdn division, 1) we will not lose to teams like New Jersey, Detroit or Ottawa with our compete level much higher and fewer1 goal loss games 2) Buffalo should be slightly better, Toronto IMO worse, Tampa Bay and Boston about the same
  4. Norlinder plays on a strong Frolinda team this year so his development is worth watching to see if he holds his own. I’m more excited about Struble who has all the required physical tools but whether his hockey sense/knowledge can be developed is the missing link. Guhle is strong enough in skill level to play the right side so having him multi faceted like Romanov is a nice bonus
  5. Where do you hear of positive thoughts on Poehling? I keep hearing he has a USA college prima Dona complex and that he simply needs to work harder to improve his skill level and compete. I hope that he isn’t a draft bust.
  6. If you look at Danualt's development history, he has never been a scorer in junior or his pro seasons - he tops out at 15 goals, and is a setup man and shutdown centre. For even Phillip to suggest he is worthy of a #1 line position and that he's not happy with 3rd line status, is ego chest-thumping, posturing for a new contract etc. We like loyal soldiers and the french media will likely be all over MB if he lets Danualt go to UFA. MB has had to overpay in the Quebec tax market for Josh Anderson, and Joel Edmundson (IMO), just to bring them here, and has put a lot of risk in their TBD performance. if Danualt wants north of $5M and a term longer than 4 years, I suspect he and his agent are over valuing his results.
  7. I believe you’re correct on these points but might add having a balanced depth relative to your cap is important. If you’re payroll heavy on your first or 2nd lines, and have to roll out some rookies or cheap geezers on your 3rd and 4th lines, that dangerous plan should catch up to you
  8. Exactly my point in another post - what message does Thornton and Spezza and Simmonds send to the rest of the team? IMO it’s clearly Tavares, Muzzin, Reilly, and Newly acquired Brodie who are veterans - “you guys are incapable of any mentoring / leadership / locker room presence so we needed to add more qualified veterans”! I can understand maybe adding one of those 3 players but 3 retreads is ridiculous. For similar reasons I’d take a pass on someone like Kovalchuk now.
  9. Agree that it’s way too early to give up on Drouin until most of next season plays out. Bergevin and Julien give a lot of rope on a player before he hangs himself such as the Galchenyuk experience and if Drouin doesn’t perform next year, it’s adios muchacho trade or buyout. Drouin could push Tatar off the roster UFA next year or vice-versa. On Danualt resigning, it depends on the above rivalry, and the performance of Suzuki and KK’s contract bridge request. I’m not sure there’s cap value in being able pay that much for Danualt as a 2nd line / 3rd line Centre. I do like the dynamics of players performance playing for next years contracts Danualt, Tatar, Armia, or to stay - Drouin, Poehling, Evans, Byron. With flat cap, its a sure thing that we will start to see youth in the lineup like Caufield Ylonen, Brook, Fleury. Paying older vets like Spezza, Thornton or Simmonds is insane IMO as you either have that leadership on your roster or you don’t. Side note - I’m guessing Tavares or Muzzin, Brodie or Reilly with their years of veteran experience are incapable of leadership thus the team needs this “presence”
  10. You mean Samsonov- holtby has moved on to Vancouver - probably will play 25% of capitals games
  11. This is so funny - signs Pierre Engvall for $1.5M per year for 2 year contract and now they roster him to the Marlies to make room for Jumbo
  12. Drouin has had a # of injuries and from that trade was appointed as a saviour/ leader. I wouldn’t sell him low at all yet- he deserves further chances in this coming season to be a strong support team member. The pressure has shifted from him to Anderson, Toffoli and Edmundson. Surround Jude with some better line mates and let’s see how he skates and scores. From watching him in shootouts he’s got an awesome set of mitts. Is he overpaid vs the cap- so far absolutely but that’s not his fault or cause enough to hate him. I could see a 22 man roster 13 fwds 7 d, 2 g - extra d as I forsee a schedule with more back to back games with rest or therapy days for Weber and Petry. If we go 23 man roster it’s probably 8 d-men. I can see Weal clearing Waivers easily and if he’s claimed no big loss, but there’s probably a training camp battle between him, Evans and Poehling. On Byron he has value on the PK and actually he’s pretty good on shootouts with his speed. He’s had two injury filled seasons and if you look at his stats he’s capable of being a 20 goal scorer with a full schedule. is he somewhat overpaid- yes by about a $million. Look at Armia’s stats by comparison to Byron and you “cap managers” should start slapping Armia around just as much as Byron. I wouldn’t sell Byron low as I bet he’s valuable with Lehkonen, and worth the risk of playing most of this upcoming season before throwing him under the bus right now.
  13. Chalk me up too as being positive for a potential season. I have some anxiety over Danault’s future beyond this year and whether MB will resign him. Perhaps the plan is waiting on further performance of Suzuki and KK as does he want to overpay for a player that may not want 3rd line centre, vs how much will MB have to pay for KK at end of his ELC. I’m not worried about Armia vs. Wait and see if Caufield is ready. If Tatar isn’t reasonable then I could see a scoring LW trade / free agent next year being added for a draft pick package or cap $ as I can’t see Lehkonen aspiring to a scoring LW, and we don’t have much LW in the prospect pool yet vs. Toffoli crossover. LD upgrade depends on who is claimed vs. Romanov performance . Needs for next year are likely 3rd line C, LW and LD.
  14. Agree not bad at all. I like the Toffoli deal in my bias a tad better but factually - cheaper, younger, cup pedigree, both play off wing, TT slightly bigger. Dadaonov has better history of results though, but I like TT’s upside.
  15. Ouellette was moved off the roster to the minors - swung about 800k