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  1. exactly - we have given them some good open looks on Price so far
  2. nice pass by Drouin on Armia's 2nd goal - Like the way JD is playing tonight - perhaps His ex-Mooseheads coach will unleash his offensive side a little more
  3. Jake Evans is a healthy scratch - Byron down the middle - we shall see. I am disappointed he kept Weber and Chiarot intact
  4. I am curious to see the lines in practice update - certainly hoping that the D pairs change
  5. Man, I hope so, and I think Ducharme will play his youth vs. CJ drooled over the veteran players, so let's hope Romanov responds and elevates his game with some rushes. AR is not an offensive dynamo but he is a better skater than he has shown on the back end in the last 10 games
  6. Presser - Ducharme was asked what would he do different vs Julien - he was evasive on the first part saying that the difference will be in the on ice results. but in a subsequent question, he said he loved offense, and that the team needs to play fast. He wants the puck carrier to have more options, and to spend less time in our defensive zone. I suspect he may play the 4th line perhaps a little less than Julien. By his answer, I expect him to want more puck movers from the defense. Ducharme's primary coaching responsibilities were as the pre-game scout on tendencies and strategies. So if
  7. Burrows is bilingual but has limited assistant coaching in Laval. He would bring some familiarity with those Laval players - most likely Poehling. He was a 25 goal scorer in his playing days. Sometimes the best coaches are those that had to work for everything and he may be that fit (unlike Gretzky or Orr or many other stars that did not know how to teach vs. natural ability or expected too much too soon. I hope he turns out to be a good teacher at this level.
  8. Presser - DD says Luke Richardson will continue to advise on the PK (hasn't been terrible, we just take a lot of penalties), but Alex Burrows will run the PP
  9. Dominic D is going to follow MB's presser in a couple of minutes on TSN site. MB says DD will answer the question on changes he may make.
  10. We are not out of the playoffs with Vancouver, and Ottawa floundering. I've been saying we should go after Dunn in an earlier post to give up Chiarot and even toss in one of our 2nd round to 4th round draft choices to make it work and can live with Mete for 14 days, as he alone won't be responsible for a further slide. I like the Carolina option for Jake Bean - they have a plethora of LD players and have the cap room for Chiarot with a bit of salary retention. We are not getting the others IMO due to their long term contracts and cap space. I would love Evan Bouchard but I don't see Edmonton a
  11. I don't feel much sympathy for CJ - as much as he loves coaching and his unfortunate heart incident in last year's post season run, he has $5 million of next year's salary plus the remainder of this year's salary to help promote healing. A coach has to win to be successful and even though his career record with the habs and without is solid, it is about what have you done for me lately.
  12. That's a good summary of the predicament - the club was floundering and that week off had no corrective measures. I wonder if Price's heart is not in it at this time re; COVID or just realizing this team is not good enough and he's tired from continually being the back bone. If Price doesn't turn it around, MB is going down with him.
  13. Clearly MB had to make a move - he doesn't want to go down without throwing a life preserver out there with Ducharme. Funny how a couple of weeks ago, there was talk of MB being extended for another block of years. Now if this team continues to struggle, and as a minimum not make the playoffs or at least challenge in the first round, it is his line that gets cut. MB has made 3 great moves in Anderson, Toffoli, Allen - 1 moderate faux paux in duplication of Edmundson to Chiarot - quasi clone. We have 9 picks in the first 4 rounds of next year's draft but with substantially reduced junior/c
  14. I am not that far off with you on your thoughts. I just think Chiarot brings a little more trade value especially for a team like St. Louis who will suffer with Parayko's day to day back issues and the loss of Gunnarson. Just seemed like a good trade partner as trading within our current division - there's not much out there that I think can make a difference. My main point is break up Chiarot and Weber and let's see if we are worse off.
  15. The good news is that Ducharme has seen a significant portion of our roster and their playing habits. He has some solid Junior experience with Halifax Mooseheads and Drummondville - he's won at several levels (Memorial Cup, Team Canada juniors) - He has paid his dues and deserves a chance so I don't think this is the peter principle of promoting to your highest level of incompetence. I do expect him to be more flexible on his pairings.
  16. Because Chiarot is damn slow. Just because he drops the gloves is no reason to keep him. I would take Mete for 14 days if it meant waiting for Dunn. We have plenty of defensemen that can lay the body with the exception of Mete. Chiarot cannot keep up to puck possession teams in our own zone and stands around. The Chiarot - Weber pairing does not work and CJ was so inflexible to changing these pairings so I hope that changes with Ducharme.
  17. LD Gunnarson just went down for the Blues - gone for the season at $1.75 cap hit. Places extra pressure on a player like LD Vince Dunn. MB needs to dump Chiarot and the blues might want someone of his nature as they play a heavier game.
  18. Another +1 for me on that - I like Dano and Chiarot being pushed down in the lineup - We need to see if KK elevates his game with Tatar and Gallagher vs. Armia
  19. I expect Weber has just got stale - he can no longer carry a methodical player like Chiarot - indeed Weber and Mete had a reasonable run in the past. It might be better for Romanov to play with Weber. The one thing we do know about Weber is he is a beast in the gym so the strength is still there however the speed is eroding. They simply need to break up this Chiarot pairing and see if Weber's play improves as a result.
  20. I am not so sure about Gallant. I had always thought Ducharme was the coach in waiting trainee. Time to think about going after RFA LD Vince Dunn ($1.875M) who had fallen out of favour in St. Louis who are up against the cap. I would love to dump Chiarot and retain salary. I would dump Mete and a 2nd rounder in a heartbeat and have St. Louis retain salary. Not so sure I would do a Kulak for Dunn as their salaries are about even.
  21. You have that right - Edmundson is marginally better than Chiarot and that isn't saying much. This team is better from the games that I saw with Kulak in the lineup - at least he applies some effort.. So disappointed with Dano and Tatar - their magic has just disappeared. Time to put Frolik in the lineup as most of the forwards with the exception of Anderson, Suzuki and Gallagher / Toffoli, flat out stunk
  22. I would like to see Frolik in the lineup at some point - Do you sit Lehkonen or push Frolik to his off wing and sit Armia ?
  23. Hoping they drop Mete and put Kulak back in the lineup. One of these Ottawa games would be a good time to see what Frolik could do even though Byron stepped up. Sit Armia for a game?
  24. Good assessment - I thought Drouin was same as Suzuki - both have hit a wall and need some confidence - I liked KK carrying the puck and using his reach with some speed to go around guys. Toffoli was just so so. I am scared of some passengers on this team again. I would prefer Kulak back in the lineup as Mete took 2 stupid penalties - he has to stick check because of his size so of course he will be prone to trips, hooks and holds.
  25. I thought Chiarot was far worse than Weber but whole heartedly agree on this - Edmundson other than that gamble press in the 3rd wasn't as bad
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