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  1. TV games with no fans is still far off. January 2021 earliest. More likely October 2021. 20,000 fans stuffed into tiny seats sitting one inch apart. History.
  2. Daly is an absolute head in the sand idiot. "A few players testing positive for Covid would not shut the whole thing down"????? . Trump logic.
  3. The Canadiens are ready to miss the play offs for the 4th time in the last 5 years if the season were to return. Price, Gallagher, Weber, and Petry have all won a total of TWO play off games in the last FIVE seasons. They lead the team in that category.
  4. And if a player tests positive for Covid during the so called "play offs" Do his team mates, opposing players , refs, trainers, and coaches, get quarantined for 14 days? And if not why not?
  5. Give it up. No fans. Quarantined players. One players test positive league shuts down again. Besides, THREE months off with no training camp is no path to "play off hockey" It would be gimmick hockey at best.
  6. - LeClair, Bellows, Damphouse, Muller, Savard, Carbeaneau, A better top six than many gave that team credit for. Bottom six included, Keane, Leeman, Dionne, Lebeau brothers, Di Pietro
  7. Bruins were by far the best team in the league. And for the first time in a long time were heading onto the play offs extremely healthy. Their fans are likely the most disappointed of all.
  8. Yea, as opposed to teams like the Canadiens where the cancelling of a season and play offs was more of a mercy kill.
  9. How did that work out. Mt prediction was must closer. "Bergebvin built team missing the play offs for the 4th time in 5 years. 3 straight.
  10. Thats an old song . Heard similar comments in 016 and 017 and 018 and 019. Bergevin and Molson have sabotaged this team. Lowered the bar. They are a celler dwelling team who wont see play offs for years. As for Bergevin. The last play off series of his career will remain the first round loss to the New York Rangers in 2017. Mark my words. (I called that in 2018).
  11. The season is done. There will be no play offs.
  12. Apologies! Completely missed the date on that post. My bad.
  13. Hall dragged Jersey into the play offs practically by himself. Won the Hart Trophy for league MVP for doing so. But I agree that Montreal would be another team he misses the play offs with. Super star or not.......nobody is going to the play offs with that D.
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