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  1. So, looks like Norlinder finished the game with 3 points. On paper, that sounds good, but from the little I watched, he was having trouble with the bigger Sens, and subsequently, took a penalty. I know it's just one game, and all rookies at that, but I strongly believe he'll need to go back to Sweden and develop some strength, work on his D, and dominate. Can't have another KK fiasco.
  2. That it is. It will just be disappointing, as Ylonen does have some upside. Hopefully, it does not become another player loss.
  3. Looks like Ylonen doesn't want to get vaccinated! This will definitely hurt his chances of a recall to the big club. Doesn't say he can't, just says he won't. I really don't know what to think about this. Or maybe, I just don't want to say.
  4. Watched a bit of the rookies play this afternoon. Wasn't really impressed, as baby Habs were taking penalty after penalty. The only player, from what little I watched, to catch my eye, was Mysak. Winning faceoffs and making nice passes. JM scored the 3rd goal to puts baby Habs up by 1, 3-2, but short lived. Don't know who scored the first 2 goals for baby Habs. Baby Sens won the game 4-3. Looks like Trudeau & Norlinder got the others.
  5. Kinda what I was hinting at. All the more reason losing Joel Bouchard was a huge loss.
  6. Yes. That's him. A Finnish player that played in the KHL, and put up good numbers. Kinda like Wideman, a Canadian player that played in the KHL. What teams do put players in a position to succeed. Certainly not the Habs. And where is Lehtonen now?
  7. I think the Habs had CC stay an extra year in school to work on various aspects of his game, and get stronger. Looks like CC took it to heart, because he led his school all season, as a multidimensional player, culminating in the Hobey Baker award. CC is definitely fun to watch, and I certainly am looking forward to this season. We STILL NEED a PMD! If we are real lucky, Norlinder could be that guy., because it doesn't look like bergebin is doing much about it. Lotta pressure, but we need some LUCK sometime. So, fingers crossed.
  8. For sure. Who was it last year? I remember that we were in on him, and he ultimately signed with the Leafs. & they needed D, but that guy didn't play much, and subsequently, got traded. See. I can't even remember his name, still. Couldn't have had much of an impact. So, support for your POV.
  9. True. But as a RFA, maybe his agent was talking to other teams, about trying to get KK out of Montreal. Maybe it wasn't about money, but more about how KK perceived he was treated. I agree, that you can't make a deal that doesn't make sense. That's probably why bergebin was waiting, almost expecting an OS. It was just higher than he expected. You don't want to keep a player that doesn't want to be here. Could bergebin have traded KK for more than a first & third? We'll never know, but, I doubt it. After the OS bergebin did the best he could in a short period of time. At least give him credit for that. He is learning from past mistakes, or is he?
  10. For sure. KK had his get out of jail free card & was going to make sure he used it. I guess he took his development personally. Whatever the reasons, it's still a major disappointment. bergevin tried to rectify a messy situation. He was already trying to get DVo to replace Danault. Which brings us to Poehling, as the wild card, since there are no more desirable UFA's. Maybe the moral of this saga is, get your RFA's locked up early.
  11. No problem. It's just that that actual quote wasn't mine. But understood. BigTed3 has always got great info and his perspective is usually spot on. Not that others don't, but he usually backs up his views with stats. 👍
  12. Drama started as soon as we traded for him. Put in an unfavorable position.
  13. When you put it all down in front of us, it is quite the eye opener. It is rather depressing. We are definitely weaker, and, instead of being proactive, bergebin is being reactive and that is always a disadvantage. On an optimistic note, if he can steal a #2 or #3 PMD, he could salvage this off season. Hopefully, bergebin is not putting all his marbles in the Norlinder basket. We could be in for another long season.
  14. Although I feel that Savatd will be a direct replacement for Weber, it was a spent Weber he is replacing. The problem is, the defence was and is still one dimensional. They're slow and they can't get the puck out. They're really no worse, as they were already bad. bergebin failing to address a #2 or #3 PMD is going to hurt us. Like some have said, playoffs are a different animal. If you don't make the playoffs, what good are 3 sloths on defence. You can't play them 25-28 minutes a game during the regular season.
  15. I don't think so either. If we can't get it out of our end, we will be in trouble. Weber & Chiarot had trouble many times, and CP bailed them out. That's what people forget.
  16. Yes. Yes he would have. But like maas_art said, resigned with Blues. Missed opportunity?
  17. Hard to say about the Kraken being a good trade partner, as they could have grabbed JD for free. Maybe they look at Lehkonen & Chiarot? Although, I really like Lehkonen. 110% every game, every season. Tough to give him up. As long as you know what his strengths are, and don't expect 30 goals, the man is dependable.
  18. That was the original plan, DVo to replace Danault. Just became more urgent with the loss of KK, as the Yotes wanted a first, and the KK loss made it easier. So yes. We lost a top 3 pick, that should not have been a top 3 pick. Poehling should be able to replace KK. But again, we lost a 21 yo. top 3 pick that should never have been a top 3 pick.
  19. Value is in the cap. Time to move on.
  20. Either way, JD on LTIR or traded means increased cap space. I take a flyer on Galchenyuk @ min. Used properly, could be a plus. No risk high rewards. & he doesn't have to deal with Therrien, the talent buster. Just look at the Flyers.
  21. That looks very close to my lineup. I think I had Ylonen for Perreault, but maybe Ylonen is the first call up. Drouin & Chiarot ++ for PMD.
  22. Plus he has the NHL size (which you can't teach) and is a strong skater (which you can or can not improve on). Sure, Zadina thought the Habs would pick him, but Brady was more physically ready than most. Plus his pedigree. So, not really surprised he's doing well. Plus, he's a pest that will continually remind the Habs of their oversight. All I remember, is saying WTH?
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