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  1. If we get first pick be best thing happen to this franchise in long time. But 87% chance we draft 9th also.
  2. He's never helped teams before. At 10 million a year, I would pass. He has only had 1 good year in 10. Be bad contract.
  3. Hoping for Rossi, Perfetti or Holtz. Likely in that order. Our 2nd round picks could get interesting. Usually somebody slides. Cormier be a good pick at 39. Nickelbah is a wild card. Worth a chance with Blues pick. I think chance Bergs trades a 2nd for a big contract player.
  4. Precisely why not to sign him. He's point a game, 10 million a year and never helped his teams win. It will be a Duchene or Karlsdon type mistake. That kind of money, needs to be no inegatives tied to him
  5. Too many injuries and not a goal scorer. Rossi or Perfetti, I think we draft. Lesser chance Holtz. Unless we beat Pitt.
  6. Going to be difficult for NHL to pull this off
  7. One year and then he quickly collapsed again. What about the other 9 years? Never take the outliner and use it as the norm
  8. I agree, they got to expect a few cases. NHL taking quite the chance playing an indoor, high contact sport in a refrigerated building. Ideal spreading environment for a virus.
  9. Hall be a ton of money and never really helped the Oilers, Devils nor Coyotes. Doubt he is a wise decision
  10. That is a lot of money to take on.
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