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    Cooking tips

    Might be a good idea to sticky a thread like this to the top of the subreddit. Kind of like an FAQ? I have been cooking for around 10 years now and I've got the basics down pat, but unfortunately I didn't have a very good resource for learning cooking and I had to learn pretty much everything from trial and error, so I thought it would be nice to list some of the basics that I see newbies mess up, so they can progress a little faster than I did. Please post any other tips you've picked up over the years, or anything else you think I missed! First thing, the most common mistake I see: A higher temperature does NOT mean it cooks faster. A higher temperature means it BURNS faster, or ends up cold on the inside. Until you're more experienced, always err on the side of low heat and a slow cook, because it doesn't matter how fast you cook it, if it ends up burned or raw inside. Second, all the flavor is in the spice/herbs. When I started cooking I thought you could just put in the main ingredients and produce something that tasted right, without having to fiddle with all those fancy spices. Boy was I wrong. Do NOT try and make a pizza without any herb/spices... Honestly as long as you aren't using anything super strong, like garlic or actual jalapeno, you can usually go wild with those spices. When I started cooking, I was never able to put in enough herbs/spices and everything turned out bland until I just started putting a shit-ton in and toning it down from there. Three. Follow the recipe. Every time. You are not going to be the next Michelangelo of cooking instantly. It takes a long time to know how to properly alter a recipe, so trust that the original author knew what they were doing. Cooking is chemistry. You wouldn't mess around in a chemistry lab, so don't mess around here. If you want to get really accurate, cook like a pro and get yourself a scale and measure by mass rather than measuring by volume all the time. Those were my biggest three. What else have you guys learned over the years????
  2. The mask part is the part I have the biggest issue with. I can sort of understand “play dates” (for the kids’ mental health, which is important) and “travel” (would need more information, could be done safely) mean.... but the “I don’t mask out” is totally unforgivable. I can appreciate that we are all trying to learn something new (or some people are just in a RUSH to deny it’s a problem)... like practicing social distancing, adjust to mask usage when we needed to... it has been quite a year. But seriously, I am sick of anti-maskers and their disgusting hubris.
  3. All Ex-Habs Team Vanek-Galchenyuk - Radulov Cammaleri-Desharnais -Andrighetto Pouliot -Plekanec - Kassian Bournival-Eller - DSP McDonagh-sergachev Emelin-Subban Jerabek -Markov Halak Budaj.
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