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  1. k I n o t ` 2 , you bet , and don't think they even get into playoffs without him, especially with Gally going down for so long,
  2. Could not have said that any 'better RAM.... He wants to play for the HABS so take advantage of that..... SIGN HIM !!!
  3. There is no DOUBT Perry has one more good year left in him maybe two, he does love to prove the doubters wrong..... But if the Habs don't sign him him whoever does maybe OTTAWA or even NASHVILLE will be right back here in the fight for the cup next year. He is that valuable to any team. Had Toronto pulled the trigger on Perry instead of Simmons ,Thornton, or even Spezza (think he is better than all 3) they would be playing Vegas right now, and getting cheated.... imo. Totally Agee with R.C we should move on from Stall, but too late now
  4. So funny to hear people still rip on Perry ..... You can look at the last 3 games and make the argument he was key to us winning ALL of them including the game winner last night.... Sit him ? really, so less of everything that got us here and NO ONE like him in front of the net ? Not only has Perry probably saved the head coach and the GM'S jobs, MONTREAL should resign him and give him a raise.......... just sayin
  5. Perry was such a great sign. What a player and leader. Winning wherever he goes. Good luck COREY. Hopefully he sees a lot of ice time as he is a 'beast on the power play. GO HABS GO
  6. No matter how you look at it signing Corey Perry was a 'great move for Montreal ! His character ? Give me a break. You mean, Winning, Leadership, Loyalty ? Perry was a beast in front of the net for Dallas and he will be for Montreal. Lets hope he plays early and often because he is a WINNER..... GO HABS GO
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