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  1. If Gally goes on LITR How about Armeia for Palmeiri with NJ Retaining some salary. Also Mete for Gubranson with Ottawa retainking some salary. Gally comes back for playoffs and we still have a scoring RW in Palmeirit and Gubranson will slot in nicely on right side with Romanov. Stil should have cap room to manager roster comfortably.
  2. How about the Habs trade Kulak to Ottawa for Gubranson. Ottawa retains difference in salary to make Cap work. Habs could add a third if necessary to get it done. Gubranson would pair on the right side with Romanov.
  3. Well most likely he will be staying put so if that is the case hopefully he comes in and lights it up for us.
  4. I would do it but Price has a no move and no way he will go to Buffalo.
  5. Maybe So. Or could be like Filip Zadeno ( supposed can't miss Sniper ) , Higher Draft pick than CC (6 in 2018 ) lit up the Q and World Juniors. Still under development.
  6. Ok Fair Enough. No question the Kid is a great Prospect but he is a Prospect and it could be years before he develops into a good Pro. If you have to include him as a corner piece in a deal to get Eichel I think they should do it.
  7. Well he certainly has a big time release and shot. Really small though and when he stepped up in competition ( twice at World Juniors ) he looked kinda ordinary. The question is whether or not in the Pro Ranks if he will go to the net . Tough to score conistently at the highest levels if you are going to hang on the perimeter. Honestly I haven't seen him play enough to know if has any of Brengan Gallaghers kind of toughness. He will need at least some of it.
  8. Crosby is too old. Eichel is a 24 year old franchise type center. Only a few in the whole league. Habs haven't had a center as good in forever. Tatar and Danault will be UFA's and Byron is overpaid by aboout 2 Million per year. Prospects and Draft Picks are always a gamble. Forget Eichel performance this year. Burffalo is a mess.
  9. If they are going to wear those new Jerseys they should at least get pants that match color.  Looks bush league. 

  10. Well maybe but 50 goal scorers are rare and given his small stature he may end up being more of a situational type guy.
  11. How about the Habs send Byron , Danault and Tatar ( To make the Cap work ) and Caufield, Guhle and a First to Buffalo for Eichel, Habs new first line would be Toffoli, Eichel, Gallagher. Burffalo gets some nice pieces to begin rebuild.
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