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  1. I don't think Carey will be in their head, no matter how well he plays, if Tampa wins. They will only see the W, at least a good coach should frame it that way. And Cooper is a good coach. On the other hand, if they lose, with a big shot total, and an 0 for 5 on the PP ......
  2. You've been around for 18, not 17. Same as me. Go Habs Go
  3. I concur 100 percent. Kulak/Weber, Romanov/Chiarot, and Petry/Edmundsen on D. Perry sits but is first in at any sign of trouble. Staal/Merrill/Gust can warm the press box.
  4. Yeah pretty predictable from Toronto Sports Network. That why I subscribe to the ASN, the Alternate Sports Network. The following are predictions from their very learned team of hockey experts. Bart Simpsons - Habs in 5 Ralph Kramden - Habs in 6 Thomas Magnum - Habs in 5 Georges St. Pierre - Les Glorieux en 7 Gally's Mom - Habs in 5, and Brendan, please don't get hurt Monica from Friends - Habs in 7 Harry Potter - Habs in 9 and 3/4 Stormy Daniels - No number of games, but she did say the Habs would blow them out of the water Youppi - Habs in 4 Kamala Harris - Habs in 6 Daenerys Targaryen - Habs in 6 Mr. Spock - Habs in 5 Meghan Markle - Habs in 5 And finally, The Pope - Peace in our time and Habs in 4
  5. I like this line up. Play Kulak with Weber, Romanov with Chiarot, and Petry/Edmundsen as pairing # 1. We win in 6, provided Carey and/or Jake are good.
  6. 3rd person ever to score their first 2 NHL goals in OT. Someone in 1930 (didn't catch the name), and Brent Seabrook in 2005
  7. Thanks Gentlemen. With that being the case, and with what I think are more than adequate replacements for both of them, perhaps our management can entice the Kraken into drafting one of them (and trade for the other ?).
  8. Couple of questions. 1. If we leave Weber unprotected, and the Kraken take him, does the Cap hit that currently rests with the Preds regarding Weber retiring early, move to us, or does it stay with them. Or does it go to Seattle. 2. Is there a similar situation with Price, should he waive his no trade clause, and goes to Seattle. Are we on the hook for his 10 mil AAV if say he retires 3 years early
  9. Thank you Mr. BigTed3. I, like you, would assume Tatar's return would send Frolik to the pressbox. Will be interesting to see what happens if Byron returns. Suggest that his UBI or LBI needs to keep lingering until season is complete, as don't see how we can sit Evans or Caufield right now.
  10. Can someone explain our cap situation. Does Drouin need to stay on LTIR until season end for Caufield and Evans to sray on roster. What happens when Tatar returns, Frolic to Taxi Squad with no return rights ? Same with Byron return ? I have tried to follow as best I can however, just too confusing, although I probably know more than Habs Management as I read about the mess we're in.
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