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  1. That is so true. Normally, no one cares about anything.
  2. True, but to be honest in my view no one really cares anymore about a sum of $50mil dollars (and in such a case I guess it even makes sense).
  3. Sound good. Let's see what he can add to the team over time.
  4. Yes I agree with you and many things written here. Just wanted to highlight that I highly value that Habs showed what it means to be a unit in the playoffs and how that helps to be successful. If the guys stay healthy and the younger players develop I also see us in the playoffs.
  5. LenPa

    Cooking tips

    Yeah makes sense. I was just trying to have a little fun.
  6. That is true. But they showed this playoffs what is possible when you act like a team so I hope they will build up on that in the regular season - if they work together and know what the guys next to them are doing it should be possible to reach the playoffs even if it will be a fight.
  7. LenPa

    Cooking tips

    Looks nice! But did you take a photo with a normal camera and then print that photo to take a photo from the photo with your smartphone (wondering about the date at the bottom left)?
  8. I would rather argue that the orange buffoon is a reason why so many bad things happening out there. You will always something which is worse and especially people who do worse things but he was a president supporting that (honestly I do not think that it is too wrong hating that - but I got your point and it is true that no side is or will be perfect and people also should keep that into their mind).
  9. Hi Habs fans,I am currently working on a university research project on how Habs fans perceive the team (e.g. how attached fans feel to the team) and what they think about the sustainability activities of Habs (e.g. cooperation’s with local food suppliers). As I am highly interested into your opinions I would like to hear what you think about the sustainability activities of Habs (or if you know about them?) and I also would like to ask you if you can share some time with me to answer my questionnaire (takes around 10mins but is quite interesting ) under the following link.Data will be treated confidential and anonymized. The questionnaire is not linked to a company but just for a research purpose. I would also like to share my findings with you later (the last think I can do) here in the forum!Thanks in advance and go Habs! Lennart
  10. Outnumbered the whole game but still won it.
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