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  1. Face it the Habs lost out on prime draft picks by going too the finals. Habs finish in the bottom 2 or 3 in the League & we can take top tier talent. Building for the future as we stock-up on young talent. Go Habs Go
  2. Yes I feel that Bergevin will not match the offer sheet . KK has not put up the numbers nor has he been consistant .
  3. Habs are on the clock ! , seven days too make offer, Bergevin has some pondering too do . 1st. & 3rd. Round picks for compensation, what will our GM do ?
  4. KK is an up & coming Star in the League, fact is KK has not proven himself yet too the Habw as per numbers & performance on the ice . 1st. Round & 3rd. Round pick for compensation, Bergevin has 7 days,the clock is ticking .
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