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  1. i think people just like to take dumps on the habs organization whether it be bergevin molson or the crest itself.
  2. His dad literally said if you think mathew is good brady is gonna be even better. Also brady was captain of team usa. Quite a few people knew he was the one we should pick. He also told MB he would play center if they wanted him to.
  3. You are not comparing it properly suzuki had tougher match ups. and way more faceoffs taken. KK was sheltered suzuki was not. Dvorak was on a real garbage team so using his stats of plus minus is moot. Dvorak played almost 19 minutes a game and did rather well on a poor team. Montreal needed a faceoff guy who could win faceoffs in the defensive end. Dvorak is at this point in time greater than KK. Also KK spent a lot of time falling down, Dvorak is a strong skater. Dvorak plays Bumper on the power play that was another need montreal was looking for. the trade is done its time to move on. let time tell who ended up winning the trade.
  4. After Tampa bay won the cup Suzuki went and got dressed then came back out to the bench to watch the lightning celebrate with the cup to fuel his passion to win a cup. I think Suzuki will take a massive step forward this season.
  5. idk why people assume dvorak is done at 25... common guys a little faith.
  6. No chance we tank. We are going to surprise a lot of people.
  7. Yea people that have not watched him just dont get it. I do not get all the complaints this trade makes us better than we were yesterday in more ways than one. This guy is a great #2 center and signed at 4.5 for 4 years!!
  8. Really like this trade well done MB.
  9. People need to lay off Logan, what he did was not all that bad. "no nudity she was an adult not a minor only his team mates saw the photo not millions of people ect" not saying what he did was good but He paid the time for the crime its time to let him live. People that act like they are better than a 17 year old need to take a breather. we all make mistakes its time to move on. Imagine all the stuff kids do that are not reported on, this is way out of control. we got a really good player out of it lets just support our prospect. Molson also probably saw this to be blown way out of whack and the montreal canadiens did the right move in picking a really good D prospect. Just read the report it really was not all that malicious. Molson knows better than us fans what's good for the team.
  10. Fingers crossed we let him walk. We should have drafted Tkachuk and we would not be in this pickle.
  11. Just want to say as my first comment i hope the habs let KK walk take the picks and make a deal for Dvorak.
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