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  1. shame petry sucks this year i would much prefer trading petry over chiarot.
  2. he has not been our best this year dude is as soft as cotton.
  3. i agree 100% it makes no sense.
  4. if he signs for cheap id be happy to have him.
  5. i dont get comparing trump and roy. people need to get over donald trump. this is hockey not american politics.
  6. i really do not understand why we need to hire anyone based on language genitals or skin color, what a crazy world.
  7. As for Roy and what happened in colorado he wanted duchene out and sakic wanted to keep him and look at what ended up happening Roy was right. i think Roy would be fantastic for the organization.
  8. when do people get fired for this type of failure?
  9. real bad idea bringing caufield back up. habs management is garbage.
  10. i hope Dvorak finds his game soon he is really letting me down.
  11. DD is signed for 3 years even though the gm has no deal.. molson must be getting concerned!
  12. comment withdrawn the quote did not work.
  13. No thanks. We have the best doctor in the league Dr Mulder, maybe we know Eichel wont ever be good again.
  14. i dont like it one bit. this can get very dangerous.
  15. Very happy we locked him up was hoping for a little less of a cap hit though... lets hope he becomes a point per game player.
  16. it is going to be a long year. We really need a Puck moving defense.
  17. i dont get why someone not wanting a vaccine makes them an anti vaxxer, the wording is unjust. I am sure he can care less if others get the vaccine which would not make him an anti vaxxer... the politics involved in this is sickening, the vaccine could literally kill the guy if he has myocarditis...
  18. was hoping we would grab fleury.
  19. 1.7 per for Evans starting next season is perfect. well done glad to have him for 4 more years.
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