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  1. Next to the gameday threads, this is my fave thread in the entire forum. I've not been to a game since the Forum, but I'll try to take pics of the Pens game on the 12th and figure out how to share them here. Look forward to seeing all the pretty snapshots of our boys again this year!
  2. And welcome Jeff Halpern to the team with the fans that do nothing BUT breathe hockey. Well, mostly.
  3. Apparently he's being interviewed on the Team 990 today, though I missed it. I'm also all happy 'cause I scored an autographed Mad Max ball cap! He played golf at my Dad's course this summer, and while Dad is a Sens fan (I know! I know!) he did cave and hook me up. Max is a swell guy, putting up with a lot of Habs fans constantly interrupting his golf game to sign autographs. If he brings half the effort and zeal of the playoffs to the regular season, I'll be happy with Lappy.
  4. Yeah I saw that one too and liked it, and I'm not into dreary downer movies, so that's saying something. Robin Hood w/Russell Crowe - can't stand Crowe, but I actually liked this movie. Blanchett was superb, as always, and I liked that they put some logic behind the legend for a change. Was worth the $6 admission I paid. Predators - no reason to see this other than a really buff and beautiful Adrien Brody. It references the original Ah-nold flick, but if all you're looking for is the predators slaughtering people who are trying to fight back, you might enjoy it.
  5. Agree. Not a Gauthier fan by any means, but I have to give the guy props. He's getting it done this summer. Also glad to see more of Mad Max. I know he can be a pest, but he's my fave pest in the NHL, and I'd rather have him making chicken faces at the other teams. Besides, I'm a sucker for a homegrown talent. I just hope he takes it as an opportunity to prove his value to this team long term. Otherwise, not even the homegrown thingy will make me want to keep him around.
  6. Twitter pundits saying Max did not file arbitration. Hopefully they get a deal locked down this week. If he didn't file, does that mean they're close at least?
  7. Saw the latest Shrek movie - Shrek 4? Was funny - especially Puss in Boots (won't spoil you if you haven't seen it) - but truthfully I thought $14 was overpayment for this movie. Wait until it comes out on DVD or else do a matinee (my local theatres does $5.99 on Tuesdays). It's worth that at least. Still, was fun overall. Give it 6.5 stars out of 10. Saw The Wolfman with Benicio del Toro. I'm a big fan of horror movies, especially wolves and vampires, but they've all been done before and it's rare to find one that offers something new. This one didn't really offer much new - was more of a wolf/human character study for the most part. It started off slow - with the typical "make you jump" - buildups, but I liked all the actors and they were effective. Del Toro's typical understated acting worked here for the most part, and Hopkins is always solid. Thought the wolf effects were a bit disappointing tho, and the obvious lapse in judgment at the end with the "will there or won't there be a sequel" cliffhanger had me rolling my eyes. Again, worth a DVD rental, but not the movie theatre admission price. 6 out of 10.
  8. Hi CRB. Been lurking for a while now and just wanted to say thanks for taking the time and trouble to share your amazing photos. They have often brought a smile to my face. I miss Markov!
  9. Hello all, and nice to finally meet you. I have to admit I've been lurking awhile now, and quite enjoyed your discussions and insight, but selfishly did not decide to participate. I'm not really sure why, and I have no good excuse. That said, I hope to participate more in the conversations regarding the best team in the NHL. When I was a child, my father took me to games at the old Forum, where I fell in love with Larry Robinson. I've been a Habs fan ever since, as has my whole family. Rooting for any other team is considered blasphemy in this house, and is punishable by silent disdain and prolonged condescension, along with grave concern for the deluded party's mental well-being. That said, hi all! I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I have unfortunately had Sid the Kid rammed down my throat since he was coming up through the QMJHL. While I admit he is a truly talented player, with a skill set that is pretty much second to none, I dislike being force fed, so I cannot like him, unlike 99% of the rest of the province. That said, I do love my underdogs, so I suppose long time family affiliation or not, the Habs are therefore the perfect team for me. Go Habs Go!
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