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  1. (Can't edit) <--The 48h Highlanders. My arm got tired so I stopped recording after a couple minutes. I wish I had have recorded them do the Maple Leaf Forever as they exited though. Oh well.
  2. <- Pregame warmup. I can't keep a camera steady for the life of me lol
  3. I didn't know you were over there! Nice seats! I've got a video of about 45 seconds of the warmup and some of the highlanders that I'm uploading. Might get them up tomorrow.
  4. I only took photos during the pre-game warmup. I'm hoping CRB got some good ones. http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0251.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0252.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0253.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0254.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0256.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0257.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0258.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0265.JPG http://jurosoft.com/images/habs-oct7/CIMG0266.JPG
  5. I'm going to take my camera with me to the Opener in Toronto, I'm sitting a few seats up from the Montreal end so hopefully I will be able to get some good shots.
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